How to Stop Wind Noise in AirPods

One of the most interesting parts of having a pair of AirPods is that they are wireless and you can take them along for an outdoor walk or run.  Moreover, you can even use your AirPods in cars such as convertibles, motorcycles, and bicycles. You might probably be asking, what about the wind?. This is … Read more

How to Fix LG TV Making a High-Pitched Noise

Television is one of the alternatives we normally think of when we want to relax and have quality time with our families while at home. However, you won’t enjoy watching your TV If you are constantly distracted by weird noises coming from your television especially if it makes high-pitched noise.  Some of the simple ways … Read more

How to Stop TV Sound Vibration-17 Easy Tips

How to Stop TV Sound Vibration

Hearing terrible sounds from your television can be annoying and distracting especially when you are watching your favorite show. Excessive TV sound vibrations or buzzing noise from your television is abnormal and it is a sign that something is wrong with your television set. Some of the easiest ways to fix your TV sound vibration … Read more

How to Stop Speaker Vibration

You bought top-notch speakers to enable you to enjoy high-quality sounds and give you that home theatre or living room listening experience.  However, it can be very annoying when your high prized speakers vibrate and make dull rattling noises anytime you listen to certain songs.  Some of the simplest ways to stop the vibrations from … Read more