How to Chew Quietly While Eating-Effective Tips

While noisy chewing might not bother you if you eat alone,  it can be pretty off-putting in front of others at parties, social gatherings, and other occasions. It can infuriate other people when you sit at the table and chew loudly like you are grinding cement inside your mouth.

If you or people around you, are sensitive to the noise caused while chewing then you need to learn how to chew quietly. Here are a few methods to help you chew quietly so that you and those around can enjoy a quiet meal.

Some of the simplest ways to chew quietly while eating are; to chew slowly, with your mouth closed, be mindful of people around you, and don’t take alcohol while eating. 

How to Chew Quietly While Eating

What is Chewing Quietly While Eating? 

This is ensuring that no sound comes out of your mouth while you are eating. Chewing quietly helps you enjoy your meal without disrupting the peace of those around you. As most people hate to hear other people chew.

How to Chew Quietly 

Eat with Your Mouth Closed

This is the first rule of thumb, as it is an important table manner that you were undoubtedly taught as a child. You need to keep your mouth closed when chewing any kind of food so that the sound will not come out of your mouth. This might be a  very difficult thing to do at first but you will get over it with constant practice. Here are a few steps to help you get started 

Anytime you take a bite, don’t talk or take a sip of water.

Make sure your mouth stays closed and your lips sealed whenever there is food in your mouth and simply allow your jaws to do the work.

Chew Slowly 

What comes to your mind when someone is describing an annoying loud chewer?  To most individuals, Is a person who constantly stuffs their face and crams for the next bite before he even swallows the previous one.

If you do this while at home alone, we can empathize with it to some degree. Maybe you had a hard day at work and you’re overtired and as hungry as a schoolboy. Naturally, the moment you see the food you will devour it like an animal. It’s been observed most fast eaters make a lot of noise while eating. But when you are with other people,  you need to chew slowly as it will help you enjoy every taste of your meal.

To prevent the stare of everyone when eating your crunchy meal we advise you to eat slowly instead. Eating slowly will not only make less noise while chewing but it will help in digestion and lower the chances of overheating. 

Apart from the health benefits and less noise,  chewing slowly also helps you impress your partner on your first date.

Eat Food in Smaller Bites 

When you start eating slowly, you need to follow it up by eating your food in smaller bites.  Giving yourself bite-sized portions will prevent you from opening your mouth wide to chew the food. Cutting your food into smaller portions makes chewing easy and allows you to take your time while chewing. It also allows you to move the food around your mouth to feel the savor flavors and texture of every bite.

You will notice, you get full faster than when you eat a large bite quickly. This is another excellent benefit especially if you tend to overeat. If you consider losing weight, this approach is key.

Be Mindful of the People Around 

In most cases being mindful will help you chew quietly. When you’ve had a stressful day at work and are very hungry you can easily forget and stuff your face with food at the first opportunity you get-regardless of who is around.

Make your meal time a mindful experience so that you can focus on the food as you eat. Try to focus on the food in front of you and stop everything else. Scrolling through your phone, chatting with your friends, or flipping through the channels, doing can make you easily forget and start stuffing your face without even giving a second thought about it.

Swallow the Previous Food Before you Bite Again 

You should not put food in your mouth before you swallow the previous food completely. This will add up to the food in your mouth and may be the reason why you open your mouth while chewing, hence causing the sound that might come out of your mouth.

Ensure to finish everything in your mouth before taking another bite for quieter chewing. 

Try to Eat Less Crunchy Food Items

Crispy food and snacks such as carrots, apples, crackers, and biscuits and so many foods out there are just noisy. This kind tends to make more noise than the softer items when you chew them.  Most people will notice the famous bite of an apple. 

While you may not stop eating crunchy foods altogether, you can simply avoid them as much as possible when you are in the company of other people. Alternatively, you can also cut crunchy and Crispy foods such as raw carrots, apples, and crackers into pieces and consume them like them.

Don’t Take Alcohol While Eating 

Whether are you at a social gathering or at at at home alone try your possible best to avoid alcohol before and during your meal. As you may know, alcohol can make you lose your senses and make you start devouring your meal like an animal. Hence making you eat loudly.

Block Out Surrounding or Outside Noises

Similar to being mindful, noise is a huge distraction during your meal time. whether music,  conversation at the table, or background in a busy restaurant. These noises can make you chew loudly as it can take your mind and focus off the food hence making you eat loudly. 

As the saying goes noise begets more noise, you may unconsciously make noise while eating.  So if you find yourself in a public area such as a cafeteria, meeting room any other occasion, try as much as possible to avoid loud noises around you or shut out every other noise as you eat.

However, you can also use noise-canceling devices such as white noise or noise-canceling headphones. 

Eat Fewer Snacks

As we mentioned earlier snacks fall under the category of it’s”  rather loud”.From salty foods such as potato chips to sweets like wafers and many other snack items out there are just noisy. In most instances these foods will make you chew loudly even if you are a quiet chewer, nibbling on these food items can get on ppeople’snerves

The first step to help you get rid of noise is to eat fewer snacks and more healthy foods. But if you can’t help but munch on your chips,  then you need to chew one chip at a time and slowly as well. Just like any other food your snacks need to be savored.

However, most snacks come in packages that are very noisy to open in a public setting. To prevent this from happening, put your snacks in a Ziploc bag before you go out.  These are easy to open and don’t make any noise.


How to Chew Your Chips Quietly?

Snacks are noisy food items, even if you are qua chewer you will probably make some noise while munching on your chips.

To chew your chips quietly,  chew one chip at a time and ensure to chew it slowly as well.

How Do I Chew with My Mouth Closed?

Start with small-sized portions of your food.  First, you can begin with soft foods such as ice cream and yogurt. Put the smaller bite into your mouth and close it. Now begin chewing the food with your back teeth and chew slowly as it will help keep your mouth closed. 

How Do I Chew Properly?

The best way to chew properly is not to overload your spoon or fork. Make sure your tongue moves from side to side and your jaws should also move slightly. Chewing slowly will make less noise.


Most people chew loudly, they usually chomp up and smack down their lips making an annoying dinner experience. It can be very difficult to chew quietly when you are alone but you can learn to do so with constant practice. To chew quietly pay focus on the food and chew slowly.

Eating slowly and taking smaller bites allows you to enjoy your meal more and also reduces the chances of cooking your food. Read the article clearly and use the methods discussed above to help you chew more quietly. 


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