14 Quiet Pets for Your Apartment Living

Pets are wonderful creatures and most households own one or two. It is okay to say human beings love their feathered or furry companions. A pet is a companion especially if you’re an introvert. 

However, if you live in an apartment you will want quiet pets that wouldn’t cause your neighbors to develop hatred against you and can be happy without regular garden access. This article is for you, stick around as we help you discover some of the quietest pets you can keep in your apartment. 

Some of the quietest pets for your apartment living are; parakeets, fish, hamsters, snakes, rats, cats, etc.

In this, we will discuss this in detail and a few other pets to help you make the right choice for your apartment.

Quiet Pets

Some Quiet Pets for Your Apartment 

1. Fish 

Even though fish is not the most exciting pet it is the quietest pet you can have. Fish are the best bet if you want to create a beautiful centerpiece. A properly designed aquarium with few fishes inside it is a sure way to keep your kids excited and your visitor’s entertained.

For most people, watching a fish swim in the tank is therapeutic. This is because all the fish activities occur silently hence making it a perfect choice for those who want quiet pets.

It is easy to maintain a fish as long as you have a great filter and you can enjoy the aesthetic beauty of your fish in silence. Ensure to clean up the fish tank regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt which can result in a noisy filter. Although fish is a quiet pet, you still need the quietest aquarium filter for everything to run smoothly and quietly.

2. Hamsters

Another quiet pet for your apartment is a hamster. Even though some landlords don’t allow pets most of them do not have problems with hamsters. These little creatures are very easy to train and they are the best for children learning to take care of pets. The hamsters are known to spend their nighttime running on their exercise wheel. However, if your hamster wheel is noisy you will get distracted at night.

Fortunately, there are several quiet hamster wheels available in the market. So you don’t need to worry about noise much as long as you purchase the right wheel.

3. Snakes

Even though snakes are not the most social pets, most find them pleasantly entertaining. These creatures are very cheap to maintain as they can be fed once a week. You can even travel and leave the snake in the house without worrying about it going hungry. 

Snakes do not require much space and this makes them a perfect choice for your small apartment. Occasionally, you will hear a hissing noise from your snake cage, but that noise is usually not loud enough to be heard by your neighbors. 

However, snakes do not like loud noises so they are ideal for a largely quiet environment. Ensure not to put your snake crate very close to the TV.

5. Geckos

A gecko can be your ideal pet if you are looking for a lifelong companion. A  gecko can live for about 10 to 20 years and has become popular in recent years.  Geckos are easy to maintain and that makes the best bet if you do not like a demanding pet.

Geckos are not quiet but as a rule of thumb, they are fairly quiet as they often make an unusual noise. However, the noise is not loud enough to be heard by your neighbors and it’s less likely to wake your kids up

There are many types of geckos,  here are on types of geckos you can have as a pet 

  • Crested gecko
  • Common House Gecko
  • African fat-tailed gecko
  • Today gecko
  • Leopard gecko 

6. Turtles

Turtles are another great pet you can keep in your apartment as they are rarely vocal. Turtles can live for decades with box turtles and terrapins having a life expectancy of about 35 years on average. They can be your companion through the several stages of your life. So getting a turtle is a long-term commitment.

Turtles are quiet almost all the time as they don’t run around any exercise wheels or jump-off pieces of furniture. Turtles require large areas where they can crawl throughout the day.  These creatures are best suited for large apartments with properly secured balconies or those that have access to the floor garden. 

One of the things you will need as a turtle pet owner is to feed it properly with enough for it to roam around and you are good to go.

7. Cats

Most cats are fairly quiet as they spend most of their time sleeping.  A well-fed cat will be excited to spend most of it’s time indoors and will never want to go outdoors in search of food.

Apart from the occasional meowing cats,   cats also make noise when they jump from high furniture, cats can be a little bit noisy when they play too much.  If these random noises can disturb your neighbors then you need to prevent your cat from entering a room with high furniture or things that can easily slip and fall.

8. Mice 

Mice are tiny and soft-footed animals that barely make noise running around. The only time you will hear noise from your mice in the cage making noise is when they are playing or enjoying some food and that noise isn’t loud enough to disturb your neighbors or kids at night. 

It’s easy to maintain mice as they are clean animals and barely need to be entertained.  All you need to do is to feed your mice a few times daily and clean up their living area to avoid the smell and you are good to go.

9. Rats

Similar to mice, rats are very quiet and friendly. They also enjoy playing with kids making them the best bet for home with kids. You will be surprised at how smart they are and the kind of joy they will bring into your home.

In most cases, rats make squeaky noises when they are in pain or scared. So you need to put away anything that can scare or injure them. However, rats make occasional thuds when they fall off their rope or when they play on the wheel.

10. Hedgehogs

These are very quiet creatures and usually spend most of their time sleeping.  They usually wake up in the evening so you can play with them a little bit before you go to bed. Most hedgehogs are overweight due to the lack of opportunity to exercise. So getting your hedgehogs an exercise wheel for your pet is important as it will help them stay in shape.

However the exercise wheel is the only thing that may make noise, so ensure to keep it lubricated most of the time.  We recommend not keeping your hedgehogs in the bedroom. Hedgehogs are fairly quiet pets as they only make grunting and snuffling noises when they are up and doing. But this noise is not loud enough to be heard by your neighbors. 

Hedgehogs are extremely solitary animals and should not be housed alone as it can make it difficult for you to bond with them.  We recommend you get hedgehogs when they are still young and handle them regularly to build a good relationship with them.

11. Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are another quiet pet you keep in your apartment as they usually go about their activities noiselessly. The only time guinea pigs make noises is when you bring in some food that they let out an excited squeal.

Even though the squealing noise is pitched but it is not loud enough to be heard by those in other rooms unless your walls are extremely thin.

Guinea pigs only require small space and don’t need to play outdoors which makes them ideal for small apartments.

Quiet Bird Pets You can Keep in Your Apartment 

12. Doves

Doves are gentle and fairly quiet animals. Doves are easygoing sweet and will barely need your attention. Their gentle cooing can be calming for most bird lovers. However, the cooing is not loud enough to hear neighbors find it irritating. 

Bear in mind that the dove’s cooing never stops as they are awake. You will need enough space to keep your birds, for you need total quietness in your home.

13. Parakeets

Parakeets are just like parrots but they are smaller in size.  They have the same verbal abilities as parrots and can sometimes be a bit chatty with their owners.  The parakeets are very intelligent and can easily be trained to interact with humans, making them ideal for people looking for social pets.

Even though parakeets are pretty chatty and very active in the morning and evening. Their noise levels cannot be compared to parrots.   The Bourke’s parakeet is one of the quietest birds in this group and will play silently as long as they have enough toys to keep them busy.  Ensure to get your parakeets a roomy cage where if fly and explore even when you are not at home.

Other bird’s pets include;

  • Senegal parrots 
  • Cockatiel
  • Canaries


Having a pet will help you handle depression and loneliness by giving you companionship.  All the mentioned animals are the best quiet pets for your apartment living. All you need to do is elect your favorite and enjoy a quiet home. Pets can also bathe bet especially if you have a baby in your home.


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