How to Fix TV Makes a Popping Sound then Turns Off

Hearing a popping sound when you turn off your television can be worrisome. Especially when you fiddle with your TV and still can’t figure out why it makes that popping sound. 

However, if you are experiencing this problem there is no need to worry too much as the popping sound is normal and won’t affect the functionality of your TV in any way.

Here are some of the effective ways to get rid of the popping sound from your TV; proper connection of cables, position, and placement of your TV, giving your TV a break, and don’t over-tighten the screws.

In this article, we will discuss this in detail and a few other approaches to help you prevent the popping sound from your TV.

What Causes the Popping Noise in Your TV

In most cases, a  combination of metals and plastic materials is used in the construction of your television. These materials usually expand and contract due to temperature changes within your television. Anytime these changes occur you will possibly hear popping sounds from your television. 

It is important to bear in mind that this popping sound is harmless and will not cause any damage or affect the operations of your television. 

You will experience a popping sound from your television due to issues with the power supply external speakers or problems with the input devices.

Loosen Connections

The popping noise from your TV may be due to insecure connections between input devices. To remedy this problem you need to carefully inspect the connections of all input devices for damage. If you realize that some wires are worn-out or damaged then you need to replace them with a  higher shielding alternative. 

Bad Power Supply 

Most modern televisions use a power system that charges and discharges the capacitors. In the process of charging and discharging the capacitors can create a popping sound when they are overcharged.

In the worst scenario, this may lead to hardware failure and you may question why your TV switches off by itself. But if your TV won’t switch on again, then there is likely a problem with the power board.

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Wrong Audio Settings 

Depending upon the model of TV you are using, it may have advanced audio settings and that could be the reason behind the popping sound. This may happen if they are poorly connected. 

Blown Speakers 

At times you may hear popping bursts from your TV speakers. Blown speakers can also induce a popping sound in your TV. 

Make Space for Ventilation 

If there is no adequate space for air intake or exhale. The temperature within the TV may rise and induce a popping sound. It is advisable to put your TV in a place it can easily get ventilated.

It is also better not to place your TV closer to other electronic devices. Inadequate ventilation around your TV may cause the plastic materials to expand beyond their regular limit and this may result in a popping sound.

How to Fix the Popping Sound in Your TV then Turns Off

Give Your TV a Break 

It is ideal to give your television a little break after several hours of use every time. You can decide to switch it off for about 5 to 15 minutes after every eight hours of continuous live streaming.

This will help prevent overheating of your television and also protect all the plastic and metal materials from expanding in the metal chassis and other parts of your television.

This is certainly one of the simplest yet most effective ways to handle the popping sound issue in your television.

Don’t Overnight the Screws 

Sometimes when you mount your television on the wall, you may use some metal brackets that go inside your TV. These screws may cause popping noises in your TV if they are tightened harder than necessary. 

To remedy this problem all you need to do is to ensure you do not overtighten the screws and leave a little room for expansion and contraction. This will help you get rid of the popping sound. 

Proper Connection of Cables

Always ensure that HDMI cable, coaxial inputs devices, and all other composite cables linking to your TV  are securely plugged. a loose internet connection can cause buffering on your TV. Also, loose cable connections can make your television appear black and white. This point out that a loose connection will not only cause popping noise but it will also contribute to other issues in your television.

Position and Placement of TV

Ensure that any platform you want to place your TV on is flat and level. Slanting the screen of your TV can intensify the effect of the pop sound. 

No Heating or Air Conditioning Vent should Point at Your TV

Ensure that no heating or air conditioning is pointing directly toward the TV. A sudden temperature change can cause the TV  to expand and contract which may bring about a popping sound.


Why Does My Television make a Popping Sound?

The popping sound you hear after switching on your TV is caused by various components within the television that contract after it cools down. The noise can also be induced by the thermal expansion that the metal frames of the television go through during heating the phase. This popping sound from your TV is normal and usually happens in different environments. 

Is the Popping Sound Harmful to My TV?

It is very important to note the popping sound from your television is harmless and will not damage or affect the operations of your TV.

My TV Stopped Working After a Loud Pop Sound 

The loud pop from your TV  signal a blown capacitor or fuse. To remedy this problem you need to open up the TV and visually look out for blown fuses, burned spots swollen capacitors. Use a multimeter for anything suspicious. 

Can Damaged Input Devices Cause a Pop Sound on My TV?

In some instances, improper connections of input devices can contribute to popping noise in your television. Carefully inspect all the cables connected to your input devices and TV for wear out or damage.

Why Does My Television Make a Popping Sound When It Off?

A popping sound from your television is normal. This usually happens as a result of the slight expansion and contraction of components within your TV due to temperature changes. Poor ventilation can also induce popping in your television. 


Hearing a popping sound anytime you switch off or after turning on your TV for a while can be annoying even though it does not harm your television in any way. Luckily enough we have discussed some of the best procedures to help get rid of the popping sound from your TV. Read the article clearly and stick to the procedures above to help you achieve better results. 


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