LG TV Making a Buzzing Noise – How to Fix It

On average, Americans watch TV for more than four hours each day. There is no doubt that televisions are the most common source of entertainment in our homes today.

However, if you hear a buzzing noise in the course of watching your TV, then you should be concerned as it indicates something wrong with your LG TV. 

Some of the effective ways to fix the buzzing noise issues in your television are; to inspect the speakers, check your TV cooling fan, lower your TV volume and reduce the Tv brightness.

In this article, we will discuss this in detail and other approaches to help you fix the buzzing noise in your LG TV.

LG TVs are one of the best in the market today, due to their extended warranties, quality sound, and sharp color output.LG TVs are usually free from fault but if you notice minor issues like the buzzing noise, you can fix it on your own.

How to Fix Buzzing Noise in LG TV

Check Your TV Back-Light Setting 

Anytime your television’s backlight is lower than 100% your LG television will make a buzzing noise. This is the primary cause of the buzzing noise among 80% of LG television users. To remedy this problem, simply increase your LG TV backlight to 100%.  If the buzzing noise stops then you have found the solution.

However, adjusting your TV backlight will help overcome the buzzing noise. Here are a few steps to adjust it.

Hit on the home button of your television’s remote.

  • Go into settings.
  • Pick out picture settings.
  • Next select back-light settings.
  • Adjust the settings to 100%.

Balance the  Audio Volume 

Your LG TV can make a buzzing noise if you use a  cable box or digital receiver with different volume controls.

However, if your TV volume is greater than the receiver or cable box your TV may make a buzzing noise. Contrarily your cable box may also make a buzzing noise when the volume is too high due to the imbalance. 

To remedy this problem try turning down your TV volume while increasing the volume of your digital receiver. Always ensure the volume of both your devices is not either too high or too low. Make sure all your audio cables are in the appropriate outputs and input lines.

Inspect Speakers

All televisions come along with internal built-in speakers. Just like any other electronic parts these speakers can get damaged due to excess moisture or physical wear out. These damaged speakers can create buzzing noise when they are not properly fixed.

Check out if the buzzing noise is coming from your television by muting the volume. If the buzzing noise disappears then it means the issue is audio-related. 

To solve this problem, simply connect your television to an external audio system.  Connecting your TV to an external speaker will automatically incapacitate the internal and stop the buzzing noise. You can also replace your speakers with new parts from the nearest LG TV store. 

You can also call up LG TV customer service to help you fix the problem. 

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Check Out the Cooling Fan 

Most televisions, especially the bigger models are designed with cooling fans and vents that help stop overheating. It also maintains a favorable working temperature for your television. 

However,  any blockage in the vents and fans can cause your LG television to overheat and bring about a buzzing noise. The best way to remedy this problem is to clear out the fans and cooling vents regularly.

Dusting up the fans will ensure consistent airflow and put a stop to heating. It is also better to make sure there is sufficient space around your television to promote good airflow. 

Install an Attenuator 

Almost all digital television have an RF modulator and your LG TV is no exception to this. The RF modulator is a device that transforms video and audio from peripheral devices such as DVD players, VCR satellite receivers, and cable boxes into TV signals.

However, when the signal becomes too much for the modulator to handle, it leads to overmodulation and causes video and sound contortion.  This may cause your LG television to become overpowered and induce a buzzing noise in response. 

To remedy this problem, you need to install an attenuator between your TV receiver and the audio box. This approach works best if you are using a cable box or satellite tuner. The Attenuator will help cut down the signal strength and prevent the buzzing noise. 

However, you can also try replacing your satellite turner or cable box with a more current one.

Replace Damaged Audio Capacitors 

Over time the audio capacitors of your LG TV can become damaged due to overheating or moisture in the air. To remedy this problem, you can take your television back to the manufacturer to fix it for you.

You can only do so if you have some warranty left on your LG TV. When problems like this occur do not take your television to the technician during the warranty period.

Lower Your TV Volume 

Watching your TV with the volume too high can cause buzzing noise in the speakers. Turn down the volume of your television and observe to see if the buzzing noise goes away. However, if the buzzing disappears then it indicates you need to decrease the volume settings of your LG TV.

Keep Your TV Away from the Wall

If your LG is placed so close to the wall, it can induce a buzzing noise. This usually occurs when your TV becomes overheated. To remedy this problem, you need to make sure the space between the back of your TV and the wall is about  10 centimeters apart.

Here are a few steps to help you remedy this problem, 

If your LG is already mounted on the wall, all you need to do is to adjust the screws at the back. loose the screws a bit to allow space between your LG TV and the wall.

If your TV is not mounted on the wall but placed on a shelf or a small table, make sure to keep it a few inches away from the wall. You can also put your television in a cool spot to prevent it from overheating. 

Moreover, you can try amping up the air conditioning to keep the area around your TV  cool. Once you have kept your LG TV at a distance away from the wall. Switch it on to find out if the buzzing noise has stopped. 

Inspect Your TV Box Connection

Most people use TV boxes. However, these TV boxes tend to give out frequencies that can mess up your television’s volume.  Hence this causes buzzing noise on your TV. 

To mitigate this problem, check out the cable connection box and ensure they are properly secured and your TV box is also at a safe distance. 

Replace Your TV 

If you just purchased a brand new LG TV and it makes a buzzing noise, it is likely you bought a malfunctioning model.  The LG TV LM620T model was diagnosed with buzzing noise issues in 2012. However, if you were not aware of this problem, you can consider replacing your TV with a modern one. 

Factory Reset Your Television 

Restituting your TV to factory settings helps fix numerous problems in your TV including the buzzing noise. However, bear in mind that doing a factory reset will wipe out all your downloaded apps and programs. 

Step to reset your TV 

  • Switch on your TV 
  • Press the “Home button” of your television’s original remote.
  • Move into your TV settings 
  • Then pick out “device preference” or storage and reset.
  • Finally, select the “factory reset “

Power Cycle the Television

Power cycling your television can help mitigate several picture and audio problems in your TV, including the buzzing noise. 

Here are a few steps to help you power recycle your TV

Turn off your TV and disconnect the plugs from the wall outlet. Hit and hold onto the power button on your TV for just about 30 to 60 seconds, to help exhaust the residual power.

Connect your TV plugs back in. Switch on your TV and find out if you still hear unusual sounds. 

Reduce the Brightness Level

If the brightness level is too high your LG TV will begin to make a buzzing noise. You can adjust the brightness of your television by following these few steps.

  • Hit on the “smart” button of your TV’s original remote.
  • Go into ” settings “
  • Press on the “picture tab”
  • Next, choose “picture mode”
  • Navigate to the “brightness “settings 
  • Finally, adjust the volume until the buzzing noise stops.

Ensure to check out all the brightness levels and keep your TV on “mute” while changing settings. Once the buzzing disappears when you reach the maximum brightness level, you have solved the noise issue in your LG TV. 


Buzzing noise emanating from your LG TV in the course of watching your favorite shows can be annoying and distracting. Sometimes the buzzing noise may be caused by small issues such as brightness and volume levels.

Simply setting these things low may stop the buzzing noise. However, that’s not always the case. We discussed several procedures in the above article to help you fix the buzzing noise issue in your LG TV. Read them clearly and stick to the procedures to achieve better results. 


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