TV Making a Crackling Sound When Off/On Possible Causes and Fixes

Do you hear crackling from your television? You may notice a crackling noise when watching any program on your tv, while changing a channel or when your tv is shut down. This noise can be very annoying as it can distract you from enjoying your favorite tv show or program. 

The crackling noise from your television is normal and it’s usually due to temperature variations. You don’t need to panic when you hear this noise as it is completely harmless. However, this noise can become worse if ignored. 

Some of the simplest and quickest ways to get rid of the crackling noise in your TV include; adjusting the settings of your TV, updating your TV to its latest version, cleaning up in-built speakers in your TV, and properly mounting your TV on the wall.

Possible Cause of the Crackling Noise in Your TV

Before we move on to the fixes,  let’s figure out some reasons why your TV makes a crackling noise.

  • Dirt collected over your speaker
  • Incorrect replacement of your television 
  • Damaged ports and other peripherals 
  • Outdated television software 
  • A noisy tv channel 
  • Overheating your television 
  • Improper tv sound settings 

How to Fix the Crackling Noise in Your TV 

Properly Mount Your Television on the Wall

Your tv can induce crackling noise if it’s wrongly mounted on the wall. If your tv is tilted,  with the speakers facing the wall the sound will probably bounce off the wall and distort the sound. The best line of action is to mount your television forward so that the speakers will face the room.

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Clean Up the In-Built Speakers in Your TV

Sometimes dust may accumulate on your speaker grills hence causing a crackling noise. Clean up your speaker grill with a soft cloth to take out the dust and debris. If there is an air conditioner installed directly above your television wall it can also cause noise. Sometimes an air conditioner can leak water on your wall and cause damping. The damping can badly affect your television speakers and distort the sound produced. To remedy this problem you need to change the position of the TV in the room if that’s the case.

Maintain Proper Airflow Around Your TV in the Room

It is common for electric components inside your television to heat up after long periods of usage. However, these components tend to expand when the temperature of your room is high or rising. This is possibly the reason why you hear a crackling noise when your TV is shut off, as a result of the contraction of the components from the expansion due to a decrease in temperature. 

For instance, if you are a motorbike rider you might have noticed a tic-tic and crackling noise from the exhaust pipe when off the engine. This is the same case as your television. 

To get rid of the problem, you need to give your TV a rest in-between watching. Make sure there is proper airflow around the TV in your room.  Also, make sure there is no heating equipment such as a heater in your room placed very close to your TV or facing it. You can also clean up the air vent properly as it might be blocked by dust and debris to promote proper airflow. 

Try Changing Your TV Channels 

One way to fix the crackling noise in your TV is to change the channel. Sometimes the channel you’re watching may create crackling itself and you might misinterpret that as a problem with the TV. Likewise, the volume of your TV may be too high hence creating a distorted and crackling noise.


To get rid of the crackling noise, simply change the channel and see if the noise persists. However, you can also mute your TV to find out if the TV channel is the culprit. Also, try lowering the volume of your television to see if the noise stops. 

Check Out the Ports, Cables, and Peripherals 

The cables connected to your television may wear out over time. When this happens the signals do not pass through the cables properly due to the breakage or wear out. If this is the case then you need to consider replacing the broken or worn-out cables.

Likewise, foreign substances and dust can get attached to your television ports and prevent the connector from properly connecting to your TV. To mitigate this issue, simply clean up the ports with earbuds to remove any dust collected over there. 

However, the external speakers connected to your television can also be the cause of the noise. You can also swap external speakers with other speakers to see if the noise stops. 

Adjust the Settings of Your Television 

Most smart televisions have sound modes to improve their hearing quality. However, if your TV is making crackling then it’s likely the mode set for your TV  is not compatible with your speakers or the program you’re watching on your television. Simply adjust the settings to a suitable mode.

Based on the brand of TV you are using there are different ways to get at the sound settings. Here are a few TV models below and their sound settings. 

Android  One Plus Smart TV

  • Select the settings icon on top of your TV screen.
  • Next move to the ‘device preferences sound’
  • Choose the formats that are compatible with your TV speakers 
  • Set down the levels of the trebles and the bass. Make changes per your need to see if the crackling noise will stop.
  • In case you think  you have messed up the settings, simply select ‘reset to default’


Steps to adjust sound settings on Sony Bravia TV 

  • Press on the ‘home button on your TV remote to load the menu
  • Next, scroll down and select ‘settings’
  • Select the ‘preferences’ of your preferred sound.
  • Resetting your sound settings is the best line of action if you have misconfigured the sound settings and your TV is making crackling noise
  • Finally, select the ‘reset option ‘ and press on ‘ok’

Update and Install the Latest Software on Your TV 

Sometimes getting the latest update installed on your is the last method you can apply to fix the crackling noise issue. If you are using an older version of the software on your TV, it can affect the sound quality of your TV, hence causing crackling noise. Most television users reported that updating their TV to the latest version helped stop the crackling noise. You can consider updating your TV to its latest version to see if the crackling noise will disappear. 

Here are a few  steps to help you update your TV

  • Navigate to your  TV settings 
  • Next, choose support software update
  • Finally, choose auto-update

Consult a Technician 

If you have tried all the approaches above and still can’t figure out the issue then it’s time to contact a certified technician. Is it possible there is a serious hardware problem with your television that needs to be repaired? However, you can get the problem fixed free at the TV company’s technical support for free if it’s still within the warranty period. You can also consider calling up a certified technician for a quick fix.

 Does Every TV Make Crackling Noise?

Yes, the crackling noise can be a problem in every TV model and type. Whether your TV is CRT, LCD or LED crackling can be common you will encounter. In this instance, a CRT TV can create a static discharge which may induce a crackling noise. While in an LCD or LED the temperature difference of the components makes a crackling noise when it cools down.


Being distracted from your favorite program or TV show due to the crackling noise from your TV can be very irritating. As it prevents you from enjoying the program as you should. However, you don’t need to take chances when you can easily get rid of this problem with the right approach. Fortunately, we have discussed some best techniques to help you solve this problem. Read the article and stick around to achieve better results. 


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