Laptop Charger Making a Buzzing Noise (Causes & Fixes)

Your laptop charger is as important as the battery itself. Hearing loud noise from your charger can drive you crazy especially if it goes on for a long time. Some people can’t just plug in their laptop chargers without hearing the noise.

Hearing noise from your laptop charger isn’t only irritating but it also indicates an underlying problem with your charger that needs to be addressed immediately. 

Some of the simplest ways to fix noise in your laptop charger are; to examine your charger for damage, run an adapter test and replace your charger.

We will talk more about this and a few other doable methods to help you get rid of the noise in your laptop charger.

Causes of the Noise in Your Laptop Charger 

High-Frequency Noise 

First of all bear in mind that your laptop’s chargers transmit electricity and electricity is usually not silent. Your laptop charger may induce a crackling or hissing noise when they are connected to the wall outlet. You don’t need to panic when this occurs as this high-frequency sound is purely normal. 

You will realize a little temperature rise when you touch the adapter. This is also perfectly normal and should concern you.  Normally electricity encounters resistance as it moves through a conductor and this resistance is what causes the heat. 

You shouldn’t allow a warm charger to make a hissing noise to distract you. This should only worry you when the noise becomes louder. However, most people often don’t realize their chargers make noise, as the noise is sometimes not loud enough for them to hear.  But if your charger makes a loud hissing or crackling it should be given the needed attention immediately. 

 Loose Connections Within Your Charger

One of the reasons for the noise in your laptop charger is loose connections. The components inside your charger can become loose over time due to wear and tear. Hence it could be the cause of the noise in your laptop charger.

A Faulty Outlet

A damaged wall outlet can be the cause of noise in your laptop charger. Your outlet may make loud hissing or crackling when your outlet is damaged. 

A Defective Charger 

Sometimes a faulty charger will stop working completely. But other times the charger will continue to work normally, but they will become noisy. The best line of action is to inspect your charger and look out for cracks, breakages, and burn marks. You can also pay attention to the temperature of your charger. 

Chargers usually become warm when they are connected to a power source. But they should not be so hot that you can barely hold them. This is often due to a short circuit in the adapter.

In some instances, a hot environment can also cause your charger to overheat, hence damaging the Internal components.  For example, putting your charger close to a heat pump’s vent or in direct sunlight will also cause your charger to overheat. 

Some chargers may make a beeping sound to indicate that something is wrong with them.

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How to Fix the Noise on Your Laptop Charger 

Unplug Your Charger 

It is not advisable to examine your charger while it is plugged in. The best line of action is to unplug your charger before you look out for what is causing the noise but trying to figure out the cause of the problem while your charger is plugged in can be very dangerous. 

All it takes is one finger to slip out the charger and some electrical issues can be avoided. This also applies to anything that plugs into an outlet. It  Will be a good idea to leave that to a professional? Because messing around with wires while everything is plugged in is not the way to go.

Examine Your Charger for Damage 

One of the common causes of the noise in your laptop charger is a fault or damage. Take your time and inspect your charger and ensure that everything is working as it should.

However if your charger begins to make noise all of a sudden, your laptop may be physically damaged. This is a result of dropping your charger, dragging it on the floor for whatever reason or mishandling it 

Most people don’t even realize their charger is damaged until some days after the damage is done or when it begins to make a noise. Make sure to inspect the problematic areas of your as well.

Your charger will begin to show some wear and tear close to the endpoints as that area often frays a bit. There can also be some cracks and dents in the plastic even though those things aren’t a big deal, staying intact matters.

Run an Adapter Test

Many companies now have diagnostic tools to help you know if your components are working as they should on your computer. This is very helpful for your charger and the steps to do this are pretty simple.

Once you run the test, the diagnostic tools will split out the details so far as efficiency is concerned. However, if your device is not working as it should, the problem will be listed below in the recommendation metrics.

With this type of proof, you can easily return your charger and get a replacement or your money back if your laptop charger is covered under a warranty. In some cases, an adapter will determine whether the issue is repairable or it needs a replacement.

Replace Your Charger 

If your charger is making a loud buzzing and irregular noise then you need to replace the charger. Especially if it has marks of burns on it.  You don’t need to take chances with a potentially defective charger. You can return the charger and get a new one especially if you have bought it.

Change a Different Outlet 

In some instances, your outlet can be the cause of the noise. A simple way to figure this out is to try a different outlet. Doing this will help you save a lot of time and energy in finding the source of the problem. Sometimes the problem could be that your outlet is overpowered or underpowered. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Does Your Laptop Charger Make a Hum or Whine Noise?

A hum or whine noise from your laptop charger is relatively normal.  It is similar to the by-product of a transformer using electromagnetic plates to convert the current. However, a crackle or sparking noise from your laptop charger is plausibly an indication of a failing transformer or a possible fire hazard. 

How Do I Know if My Laptop Charger is Spoiled?

If you plug your computer into an outlet but realize it is not charging or your laptop suddenly shuts itself down while it is plugged in.  This may be due to a defective AC adapter. To remedy this problem try plugging your AC adapter into a different outlet to find out if your laptop charges.

Can a Defective Charger Damage a Laptop?

If you are fond of the ger with the wrong voltage rating it can damage your laptop.  This is a result of the high voltage.  But using a charger with a high current to charge your laptop won’t damage it in any way. On the contrary, using a charger with a low current will distort the power supply but not your laptop.


A defective charger is like a ticking time bomb as it is a threat to anyone in your house. You need to diagnose your charger immediately to ensure it’s harmless before it gets worse. We have discussed some of the potential causes and possible solutions to help you fix the noise in your laptop charger. Read the article clearly and stick to procedures to help you achieve better results. 


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