What is a Sound Blanket? Everything You Need to Know

If you are looking for solutions to control noise in any space, there are several materials that you can turn to that will end up making a huge difference. 

One of the many-sided ways you can control sound in any type of space is to use a sound blanket. Many people may have heard about this, but only a handful of people know how valuable the sound blanket can be at controlling noise in any type of setup.

Sound blankets are better known as noise barriers or acoustic fences, they are types of soundproofing materials used to reduce or lessen the impact of noise pollution. Soundproof is usually made of dense materials and is used to block out noises. The acoustic blanket can help reduce vibrations and reflection of sounds, hence making them the best bet for use in studio recording and other sensitive environments. 

You may be wondering what exactly makes a sound blanket different from the normal blanket we all know, such as the standard blanket used for warmth and comfort.

In this article, we will help you discover anything that there is to know about sound blankets. 

What is a Sound Blanket?

Unlike normal blankets, the sound blanket is made with materials that help lessen external noise within your room. However sound blankets are better known as acoustic warps, noise covers, and noise blankets. 

You can use these sound blankets to cover up your walls, ceilings and even floors to get rid of the unwanted noise in your room. You can also customize it in your room or go for the universally available sizes.

In most cases, the amount of noise controlled by these sound blankets usually depends on the following;

  • The type of material used to make the sound blanket 
  • The intensity of the  noise 
  • The type of noise 
  • The thickness of the sound blanket 
  • The way the sound blanket is sewn up
  • The number of air blocks on the blanket. 

Why are Sound Blankets So Popular?

Sound blankets continue to be one of the most popular ways to get rid of e in any type of space. However people may not see anything that makes the sound blankets too special but once they are set up and you realize the difference,  it will become evident why they are so popular these days.

Easy to Use 

Every sound blanket can be easily moved around at any time.  There is whatsoever and they easily drape over the curtain areas in a couple of seconds. 

This makes the sound blankets not only removable but also long-lasting as they are reusable. Since installing the sound blanket is not a tedious and time-consuming process you can still go about your daily activities shortly after placing them at the right.

Some Sound Blankets can be Inexpensive 

A sound blanket may cost a little more than a normal blanket, such as the run-off-the-mill blankets found in stores. But this may be an expensive solution for all.

  • Sound blankets  can easily blend in 
  • They are  portable 
  • They require zero installation 

Sound Blanket Alternatives

Most of the sound blanket alternatives look similar to it but they are mostly designed to be more durable. Soundproofing curtains can be put up just like normal curtains and they will still act the same way as ordinary curtains. In most cases, they, are made with the same materials which can be switched out any

One of the advantages of using curtains instead of blankets is that curtains look more aesthetically pleasing than the blanket. This is not to say that a soundproof blanket cannot be used near the window, it can be used but it may not look good in the long run.

How Do I Use a Sound Blanket?

 Sound blankets are better known as acoustic blankets sound barriers, they are also a type of soundproofing material. These blankets have been specifically designed to lessen any unwanted noise by absorbing the sound wave. Hence stopping the noise from bouncing back or amplifying. 

Sound blankets are used in various settings such as recording studios, homes, offices, and performance venues. Sound blankets can also be hung on the walls and ceilings wrapped around pipes and can be overlaid on equipment to absorb the noise. However sound blankets can also be used to make temporary walls or partitions in a given space.

How Effective is a Soundproofing Blanket Against Noise?

The acoustic blanket helps block outside noise and improves the sound quality inside your room. This blanket works the same way as the acoustic panels. 

The inside walls of recording booths are padded with acoustic panels, apart from the other soundproofing tools such as mass-loaded vinyl, acoustic panels, and acoustic foams. This composition is intended to dampen the sound.  However, the effectiveness of the acoustic blanket depends on the soundproofing element built on them.

The percentage of noise that the acoustic blanket can block depends on the quality of the materials. The effectiveness of the acoustic blanket also depends on its STC ratings.

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When Can I Use a Soundproofing Blanket?

Noise is one of the annoying elements of the environment. Even if you cannot get rid of the noise completely, you can control noise coming into your room from outside.

Most people in the city use soundproofing blankets as temporary solutions since it is effective at blocking outside noise.

Many cities are filled with apartments and shared house units such as condominiums. The only thing separating most of these housing units is a tenant wall. All kinds of noise may be heard within an earshot.

To achieve better results, you need to use better soundproofing materials, depending on your needs. For instance, if you want to soundproof your room, you need to know the difference between sound absorption and sound blocking.

Even though they both work in the same principle of noise reduction. They are designed to operate differently. 

Sound-absorbing blankets are usually soft, light, fluffy, and lightweight.

On the other hand, sound-blocking blankets are mostly made of heavy and dense materials. 

Sound-Absorbing Blankets vs Sound-Blocking Blankets 

Block and absorb sound are completely two different when it comes to soundproofing or controlling sound.

Different soundproofing products play different roles. You can buy soundproofing products that will get rid of noise transmission. You can also use noise-absorbing materials to help improve the quality of sound inside your room.  The sound-absorbing materials are the best bet for low-frequency sounds since they create a lot of vibrations that need to be absorbed. 

For instance, when a room is empty and a sound is created in it, the sound bounces back and causes an echo effect. Installing sound blankets such as acoustic curtains and blankets will absorb the sound and remove the bouncing effect through furniture and walls.

What to Consider When Choosing a Sound Blanket

  • The materials used for the sound blanket 
  • The color 
  • The warranty 
  • The price
  • The number of pounds per blanket
  • The dimensions 
  • The purpose 
  • The STC ratings 

Is a Sound Blanket Worth It?

One good thing is that sound blankets are very effective at reducing unwanted noises. The sound blanket absorbs the sound waves, hence lessening the overall volume of noise in a given space. the sound blanket helps reduce echoes in your room and improves the sound quality in your room.

However sound blankets can also block out outside noise hence making it easier for you to concentrate in a busy environment. With all these good sides there are a few downsides to using sound blankets. One thing is that sound blankets can be expensive especially if you need several them of them to cover up a large space. 

Sound needs to be replaced periodically to maintain its effectiveness. 

It is up to you to decide whether or not sound blankets are worth it. If you are looking for the best solution to reduce the noise in your home or office, a sound blanket might be worth your investment. But if you are concerned about the claustrophobic effect of the sound blanket I have you should look better you look for other alternatives. 


If you are a busy hands-on mom or a professional worker that requires silence in your home office or a musician who can’t concentrate due to noise then it’s worth investing in sound blankets.

You don’t have to rethink using a sound blanket for noise deadening if the noise is unbearable. The article has covered everything you need to know about sound blankets. Now the choices are up to you to use a sound blanket or go for other alternatives to control the noise.  


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