How to Fix LG TV Making a High-Pitched Noise

Television is one of the alternatives we normally think of when we want to relax and have quality time with our families while at home.

However, you won’t enjoy watching your TV If you are constantly distracted by weird noises coming from your television especially if it makes high-pitched noise. 

Some of the simple ways to get rid of the high-pitched noise in your TV are; Replace the power supply board, hard reset your TV and inspect your home theatre systems.

In this article, we will discuss this in detail and a few other procedures to help you stop the high-pitched noise on your TV. 

Why is My LG TV Making High Pitched Noise

If your television is making noise, numerous determining factors can cause the noise. 

In most cases, high-frequency electric current may induce vibrations in some components of your television. These components include;

  • Ferrite beads within the horizontal 
  • The deflection circuit 
  • The deflection of the horizontal flyback transformers
  • Magnetic field beside the sheet metal.
  • The coil
  • The choke

These components don’t make noise when they are in excellent condition. However, they may begin to vibrate due to extended and persistent voltage fluctuations and incorrect connection in the deflection of current. 

Causes of the High-Pitched Noise in Your TV

Third-Party Connections

If you have third-party devices and components connected to your television, is possible they are the cause of the noise. In most cases taking out the third-party components and devices will help stop the noise since t isn’t coming from the TV.

Position and Location of Your TV

Sometimes the position and location of your television may induce vibrations. Check if your TV is on a glass panel, wood, or metal sheets as this these amplify the vibrations from your television. 

Also, inspect your TV rack and look out for loose frames.

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Loud Speakers Intrusion

When trying to figure out the speakers causing the noise, it’s advisable to carefully spot where the sound is coming from .listen very attentively to the loudspeakers. 

However, if the noise is coming from the speakers, then the cause is not mechanical but rather caused by the signal intrusion.

How to Fix the High-Pitched Noise Issue in Your TV

Inspect Your Home Theatre Systems

If you use a  home theatre system or soundbar which is connected to your television, the high-pitched noise gets louder when you increase the volume. 

To remedy this you need to inspect your connections, including the HDMI or RCA for physical damages or faults. However, if you notice any wear and tear, then you need to replace them with more modern ones.

Replace the Power  Supply Board

A high-pitched noise is common on TVs when the board inside it has failed. To remedy this problem you need to replace the power supply board. The power supply board is simple to replace as it is “plug and play”.This means that it doesn’t require any soldering or special tools to replace it. You only need a screwdriver and a little time to replace it.

Hard Reset Your TV

One of the essential things you can do to get rid of the high-pitched noise from your TV is to hard reset it. Sometimes the processor in your television can be locked up.

First, unplug your TV from the wall outlet.

Next press and hold the power button on your television itself (not the remote) for about 10 seconds and release it.

Connect your television set back in and ensure the power cord is tightly connected to the TV.

Press the power button on the TV itself and find out if your television Powers up normally.

Try this procedure about 2 times and observe whether the high-pitched noise has stopped. 

If you have tried all the above procedures and you are unable to quiet down the high-pitched noise. There may be a problem with an internal hardware component. If this is the case you can try fixing the resolution on your television. But if it fails to get rid of the problem then it is important to contact the manufacturer on your warranty status for assistance. 


What Causes the  High-Pitched Noise in My Television

There are numerous causes of which your TV makes high-pitched noise. The different components inside your television are what usually induce the noise. These components may include yoke deflection, horizontal flyback transformers horizontal deflection circuits, and many other components.

Does the High-Pitched Noise from My TV Mean a Hardware Failure?

A high-pitched noise from your television may not necessarily indicate faulty or damaged hardware in your television. However, the high pitch from your television may mean a hardware malfunction.

Can Worn-Out Cables Cause High-Pitched Noise in My TV?

Yes. Worn-out TV  cables can lead to signal problems, hence causing strange buzzing, popping, and high-pitched noise. 

Why Does My TV Make Internal Noise?

Normally all televisions make little that could be heard in a quiet room with your ear close to the unit. But this is nothing to worry about.

Why Do I Hear High-Pitched Noises from My Old TV?

This is usually caused by the flyback circuit which is responsible for generating the high voltage needed to drive the CRT screens. It makes a noise that sounds like the buzz from a neon lighter transformer but at a  high frequency.

Procedures to Help You Fix the High-Pitched Noise Issue in Your TV

A high-pitched noise from your television may not certainly indicate a hardware problem in your television.

Here are a few steps to help you fix the high-pitched noise in your TV.

Reset your television by disconnecting it from the wall outlet. Then wait for about three seconds and plug it back in.

Change TV channel or video input.

Ensure the audio or video parts are properly connected to your television. 

Unplug all third-party audio or video peripheral devices. 

Take away not flammable sound-absorbing materials close to your TV.

Put your television at distance away from the corner.

Put your television on a flat floor 

In case the noise persists after doing this, you can try out these steps as well.

Use a dry wooden stick to prod suspected components 

With the help of a cardboard tube listen to the components whilst prodding them.

If the noise keeps on changing, that component is plausibly the cause of the noise.

With the help of a wooden wedge, a toothpick readjusts the components.

If your television is old, you can coat the flyback transformer. However, if the noise persists, then you need to replace the flyback transformer.


Having noise is can be very annoying but the good news about strange noises can be fixed with simple DIY methods and at a lower cost. The above will help you just do that. Read the article clearly and stick to the procedures to achieve better results. 


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