How to Make a Hair Dryer Quieter

Looking for how to make a hair dryer quieter?. Great, in this guide, you can expect to learn the following:

  • Why are hair dryers loud?
  • How to reduce hair dryer noise
  • And more…

Imagine you just popped out of the shower feeling all refreshed and just when you are about to turn on your hair dryer, the sound goes like ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!.

How to Make a Hair Dryer Quieter

That type of noise can easily interrupt any peaceful mind. Some hair dryers can generate a ridiculous amount of noise when it’s in operation. The noise levels of hair dryers can be dangerous to human hearing if exposed constantly can affect one’s hearing.

Why are Hair Dryers Loud?

Today’s hair dryers are generally made of electric heating coils and a small fan powered by a universal motor. The universal motors are made to have high starting torques that enable them to run at high speed and are generally lightweight and compact.

Or you can simply see it this way, in order for hair dryers to a lot of air fast, they need some sort of fan and to keep the hair dryer small and portable, this fan has to be small and with a small fan spinning really fast to move a ton of air means louder noise. That combined with the noise from the airflow in general.

The disadvantage of this resilience is that it makes the hair dryer noisy as it generates the movement of air at a very rapid speed in a very condensed area. According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association measures sounds in decibels (dB).

Noise levels that fall from 80 dB and above are classified as sounds that can cause permanent hearing loss. unfortunately, noisy hair dryers fall into the extremely loud category at  80 dB – 90 dB; which is classified as sounds that can cause permanent hearing loss.

So if you are using a noisy hair dryer, you are exposing yourself to extremely loud noise which is the same category as motorcycle engines.

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How to Reduce Hair Dryer Noise

If you find yourself with a noisy hair dryer, there not many ways to reduce the noise of a hair dryer without simply investing in a quieter hair dryer.

But one of the ways to cut noise down is by attaching a diffuser to the end of your noisy hair dryer. Diffusers are mostly used by women with curly hair to keep the frizz out of it. You can use it but sparingly.

Another way of reducing the noise coming from a hair dryer is to if possibly find a bigger room than the bathroom, where tight spaces cause noise to reverberate. This way, the sound waves will travel far before bouncing back, that way, the intensity in the energy of the sound waves will reduce creating less noise to the hearing.

Alternatively, you can simply purchase a new quiet hair dryer to replace the noisy one if you have the bucks. The good thing is these days, you can get a quiet hair dryer for less than $100.

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