Kilmat vs Dynamat-Which Automotive Sound Deadener is Better?

Kilmat sound deadener and Dynamat sound deadener are some of the popular sound insulation and deadening materials for cars on the market.

Today we look at a comparison of Kilmat vs Dynamat sound-deadening mats. Which one should you choose?

Kilmat vs Dynamat

Listening to music in the car is what many drivers do to wild afar time while on the road. But how can you possibly enjoy your music with a lot of noise from your engine roaring or the other cars around you?

This calls for soundproofing your car with an automotive sound deadening material. So that you can enjoy the soothing music or blast yourself out in your car without disturbing others on the road.

In my recent article, I compared Kilmat vs Noico sound deadening mats. You can also check it out. If you are looking for a budget-friendly sound deadener for your car.

The answer to the question as to which sound deadener is better when you compare Dynamat and Kilmat is, Dynamat is superior in quality and durability compared to Kilmat sound deadener. Although Dynamat is pricey, it is the best option if you have the cash to invest in it.

Read on to understand why.

Dynamat Review

Dynamat is a privately held corporation located in Hamilton, Ohio, USA. Established in 1989, the company markets acoustic environmental solutions for a broad range of industries.

Dynamat is one of the leading brands when it comes to sound-deadening materials. It is probably the best in the market. Many users can attest to that.

When we say Dynamat in this contest means the Dynamat sound deadener for cars. These sound-deadening materials are used to help keep unwanted road noise out of your car and reduce vibrations as well.

Kilmat vs Dynamat, dynamat sound deadener

How Dynamat mat does it is that the Dynamat pads absorb the sounds and vibrations and soap them up. Dynamat products can be used for your car or truck rear decks, doors, floors, trunk floors, trunk lids, roofs, quarter panels, and under-hood installations.

The range of sound-deadening materials by Dynamat are; Dynamat Xtreme, Dynamat Hoodliner, Dynamat Dynaliner, and Dynapad. All their products are compatible. They can work together to give you the desired results.

All Dynamat’s products are odorless. They don’t get are smell all even in hot weather. Another added bonus of Dynamat is that they prevent heat from your car interior and elements from escaping.

With Dynamat, you really have a feeling like you are driving in an expensive, luxury vehicle.

Dynamat is made of butyl material which is an aluminum foil.

Kilmat Review

Kilmat is a less popular brand but it has also made a name for itself in recent years. Although I could get a lot of information about the company, what matters is that their products are good sound deadeners for cars especially they are a Dynamat alternative for those who can’t afford a Dynamat.

Kilmat has about three sound-deadening mats in the market. These include; Kilmat 80 mil 36sqft car sound deadener, Kilmat 80 mil 25 sqft car sound deadener, Kilmat 50 mil 50 sqft car sound deadening mat.

kilmat sound deadener

According to Kilmat on Amazon, their sound-deadening mats are made of butyl rubber which is a foil and has some sort of metal backing.


Dynamat is a premium and high-end product. It is made of expensive materials. This includes the backing material, which helps make it more tear resistant and easy to use.

That is one of the reasons why it is a little bit harder to cut Dynamat into pieces.

Kilmat, on the other hand, is a good product as well but not as compared to the Dynamat. Dynamat outperforms almost all car sound-deadening brands.

When a Dynamat is properly installed on cars, the quality of soundproofing is on the next level, and it’s very durable. It can last you for years.

While both Dynamat and Kilmat use butyl rubber, one of the biggest differences is the thickness of the product.

Both come in a range of thicknesses, but Dynamat produces a thicker product all around. Obviously, the thicker the rubber, the better the sound-deadening properties.


Comparing the prices of both Dynamat and Kilmat, Dynamat is on the higher end. This is because Dynamat products are known to be premium. And like they say, every good thing comes at a cost.

Dynamat can go to as close as $5 per Sqft while Kilmat is about $2 per Sqft.

Kilmat products, on the other hand, are affordable and very budget-friendly. If you are on a tight budget and still want to soundproof your car, Kilmat or the other Dynamat alternatives might be the best option for you.

They work fine but the quality is not the same as Dynamat.

However, if money is not the issue here, I will say you should invest in Dynamat instead. As it is of higher quality and durable. It is worth every penny.

Installation and Ease of Use

With regard to ease of use, Kilmat is beginner-friendly and easy to install. It comes with an indicator that guides you will you are installing the product. Kilmat installation is easy.

You simply clean and degrease the surface you are coming to apply the sound deadener on the car.

Use a piece of a knife or a pair of scissors to cut the desired size you wish to install.  Now, gently peel the adhesive and stick it to the surface working it with your hands to expel air bubbles.

After that, you can use a roller to run over it to ensure it’s properly installed.

Dynamat, on the other hand, is not as easy as Kilmat to install. Number, it’s a bit hard to cut and it is not very easy to install like the others. But once you figure it out, you can install it yourself with an expert.

However, you won’t have to go through all the struggle of cutting the Dynamat, Dynamat has different sizes already pre-cut, for the various parts of your car.

When it comes to ease of installation Kilmat is the winner.

Final Words on Kilmat vs Dynamat Comparison

In a nutshell, After this comparison, it is clear that Dynamat is the winner of the two brands. Dynamat is super in every way to Kilmat. The only downsides are the price and the installation process.

Dynamat sound deadener is a great investment and a good value for the money. If money is not a concern to you, you should go for the Dynamat.

On the other hand, Kilmat is budget-friendly and easy to install. Plus, it’s one of the best Dynamat alternatives. Users who have it installed on their cars said it works well for them.

Now, here you have it. The choice will be yours.

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