How to Quiet Noisy Tires-Tire Noise Diagnosis

Noisy tires on the road are a nuisance to all drivers. Not only do they disturb your peace but they also affect other users of the road. You may be wondering how to quiet noisy tires and how to do tire noise diagnosis.

Your car engine and exhaust making noise while you drive are already giving you headache enough. You don’t wish to have your car tires compounding it. I recently wrote articles on car sound deadening mats for the money. You may check it out.

That was just on the side. Let’s continue with how to reduce our tires’ noise.

How to Quiet Noisy Tires,Tire Noise Diagnosis

Well, tire noise can be a result of different reasons. Sometimes, the type of tires you are using could be the reason your tires are making noise while you are driving.

Car tires manufacturers are endless always looking for ways to make quiet tires. But as usual in any product, there are some trade-offs that have to be made.

Here, you will find some of the common tire noise causes and recommendations on how to reduce excessive road noise from tires or fix them permanently.

Types of Tire Noise and How to Reduce Tire Noise

Even though you might hear different tire noises, there are four common types of tire noise that I will discuss below and recommend some common fixes to them and hopefully, there will fix your excessive road noise from tires problems.

1 . Humming Tires

Humming sound from tires is likely due to faulty wheel bearings or uneven wearing of the tires. Well, if these are the culprits of your tire noises,  the fixes are not that easily done by you unless you are a professional or a mechanic.

Faulty Wheel bearings and uneven wear in tires can cause humming noise. At the mechanic shop, they will be able to check to see if the wheel bearing is the problem or is uneven tires.

If it is the wheel bearing fault, the mechanic will fix it and if it is uneven wear in your tires, the mechanic might rotate them for you.

Or, better still depending on how worn out the tires are, he might recommend you buy brand new tires. In that case, you may want to get quiet tires.

2. Squealing Tires

If your car tires are squealing, there could be a number of possible causes. It could be because your tires are misaligned or the tires are underinflated. So, these two problems could be the ones causing your tires to have a problem gripping the road,

Until you fix these problems you will continue to hear the squeal noises.

Luckily, the fixes to these problems are straight forward unlike the first humming tires problem. Some drivers have tires alignment equipment and tire inflators onboard. If you already have these equipment, then just go ahead and align the car tires or inflate the deflated tires.

If for any reason you don’t have these equipment, every mechanic workshop has them. They will be glad to align and inflate your car tires.

Another cause of squealing tires is stopping fast or starting fast. Like if you suddenly break your car, the tires will make a squealing noise because of the massive friction the tires have to make with the floor to stop the car.

In the case of the deflated tires, if its a puncture, it is always best to change the tire completely.

How to Quiet Noisy Tires,Tire Noise Diagnosis

3. Unusual Car Tires Noise

You might hear unusual noise once in a while from the tires. it could be any of the above mentioned noises, you can always take the car to the mechanic if you feel the noise is so unusual.

If you are hearing unusual tire noise, worn-out suspension part could be helping in creating the problem. It is also best to take the car for a safety inspection.

if your tires are also overinflated, they can also make noise on the road. Use a tire gauge to assist you to find the problem those that are easy to fix by you, then go ahead and fix them.

But if the problem is beyond you, I recommend you see a professional on it.

4. Popping/Droning Noise

At slow speeds this noise sounds a bit like your car is driving over bubble wrap, at faster speeds, it sounds like a low drone. It happens when compressed air is trapped under the tire in the gaps between the tread pattern.

As the air escapes from the tread it causes the popping noise.

The worst tires for this type of noise are tires with big tread blocks, off-road tires are particularly bad for creating this sort of noise.

Loud Tire Noise at Highway Speeds

It is also worth knowing that many tires will make noise at high speeds. If you are driving at high speed on the highway and hear your tires making noise. It is possible because of the speed you are driving at.

Not many tires can be quiet at high speed. Many of them will tend to make noise.

Well, if you are a fast driver and this is a concern for you, then you should probably change your tires and get quiet tires that can remain quiet at high speeds on the highway.

When checking for your quiet tires, take your time and cross-check to ensure that your quiet tires will still remain quiet when you drive at high speed because not all quiet tires at low speed will be quiet at high speed.

Get Quiet Tires for Your Car

Quiet tires can be expensive. But if you have a budget that can cover some decent quiet car tires, they are definitely worth the investment. Tire noises are irritating not only to you but also to those around you.

especially driving in a quiet neighborhood with noisy tires is not fun at all.

There are different types of quiet tires in the market today. Some are affordable and can work well to curb the road noise. Depending on your pocket. You can get quiet tires that suit your needs.

The more you are willing to invest in your tires, the better you will enjoy quiet drives. This can be accomplished better by soundproofing your car as well with a car sound deadening material or mat.

There many of them in the market. You can check out these comparisons and Kilmat review.

Noico vs Kilmat : which is a better car sound deadening mat!

Dynamat vs Kilmat comparison.

Final Words on How to Quiet Noisy Tires

I am sure by now you would have found the cause of your tire noise and probably figured out to fix it.

When it comes to tire noise, it can be a bit tricky figuring out where exactly the problem is coming from if it is not an obvious one like the uninflated or overinflated tires, the tires misalignment, the noisy tires on the highway at high speed drives.

The other problems are not so easy to figure out. If you have tried to fix the problem and it still persists, then it is best to seek professional work.

Taking your car for regular service will also be one of the best things you can do to your car. This will help the mechanics correct many of these potential problems before they even start.


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