Honda Accord Wheel Bearing Noise (Causes, Symptoms & Fixes)

It’s always bad news when your vehicle begins to make an unusual noise. The noise could denote a wheel bearing problem or something else. It may be a wheel bearing issue if your Honda Accord makes high-pitched noise.

The wheel bearings on your Honda Accord are one of the most important and stressed-out components of the vehicle. It facilitates the turning of wheels and also soaks up high radial and axial forces.

It is very dangerous to drive a vehicle with bad wheel bearings. It can cause your wheel to stop while driving and leave you skidding on a 65MPH   traffic road. So it is crucial to replace it immediately for your safety and comfort while driving your Accord on the road.

Honda Accord Wheel Bearing Noise

Honda Accord Wheel Bearing Noise Causes and Symptoms

Humming Noise 

The obvious identifiable symptoms of a bad wheel bearing are the hearable sounds it produces. However, the humming noise may be confusing as it may represent different problems. For instance, the humming noise may be linked to CV joints and tire issues. 

Uneven Tire Wear 

If one of your Accord tires wears out faster than others then it could mean that the wheel bearings are worn out. It could also be that the tires are improperly aligned. Over or under-inflated tire air pressure can also result in this.

Vibrations of the Steering Wheel 

Vibrations of the Accord’s steering wheel can be due to bad wheel bearings. Particularly if the front wheel bearings are affected. The vibrations are more observable under the seat only when the rear wheel bearings are faulty. A typical steering wheel vibration is caused by unbalanced wheels. So the next time you hear humming or grinding sounds alongside the vibrations you can regard that as faulty wheel bearings.

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Steering of Your Vehicle Feels Loose

Another way to detect bad wheel bearing is when you notice unreasonable play in the steering of your vehicle. Such that the steering becomes less precise and less responsive than usual. Worn-out bearings could bring about this problem. This sign could also mean that the vehicle needs a wheel alignment. 

Contamination in Oil or Grease Around the Wheel Bearings

The wheel bearings of your Honda Accord need oil to rotate smoothly. The wheel bearings often begin to make noise when they are not able to turn freely due to high friction. This is normally caused by contamination in the oil or grease. It is therefore important to always keep internal components of the wheel bearing lubricated and free from contaminants. It is advisable to lubricate it with factory-specific lubricants such as grease or oil to avoid overheating. 

The Honda Accord Wheel Bearings are made in such a way that they are completely maintenance-free. This can be attained with regular replenishing of grease in rolling elements within the wheel bearings. The wheel bearings are made of seals to ensure neither dirt nor water can enter the wheel bearings. However, it is only when the seal fails that water and dirt can get into the wheel bearings and contaminate the lubricant. These contaminants move around the grease and between the races and bearings hence speeding up the wear-out rate.

Debris in the Engine 

When debris accumulates in the engine’s rotating parts it can induce noise and poor performance. Regular clean-up of the engine will help remove debris accumulated and bring down wheel bearing noise. In some instances, you may have to replace part of the engine or the entire assembly as a result of the debris buildup in the engine. 

Vehicle Tilt to One Side

A bad wheel bearing may cause your vehicle to pull left or right when driving in a straight line. This can negatively affect the alignment of the vehicle. When this happens to handle your vehicle feels flukey while cornering.

Dust Within the Brake

This is one of the common causes of Honda Accord wheel bearing noise. If the noise fluctuates then you need to replace your vehicle’s bearing assembly. The buildup of brake dust over time can cause serious damage to your vehicle. So your need to service your vehicle before soon.

Wrong Installation 

The use of unsuitable tools such as a hammer or impact wrench can bring about damage to the exterior or interior end of the wheel bearing hence causing the wheel bearing to fail prematurely. 

Easy Ways to Fix Honda Accord Noise Problems

Check Out Your Fuel

This is one of the first steps you will need to perform to solve your wheel-bearing noise. The most cause of wheel bearing noise is usually caused by contaminated oil. When your vehicle is experiencing this problem, you need to change the oil sooner or later. If you don’t experience this problem in the future then you have the solution. Changing the oil can be a bit tricky, so it is advisable to follow instructions or get a mechanic to do it for you.

Use Honda Accord Compatible Engine Oil

If you change fuel and still face the problem then you need to change the engine oil. The engine oil should be suitable for your car to keep it healthy. Most Honda Accord owners use Bosch 3323 Premium which is suitable for the vehicle’s health. 

Correct Assembly of Car Wheel Section

When changing any part of your wheel section you have to ensure all the parts are assembled correctly. When the parts are not assembled properly you will hear a noise under the seat. It is better to get a mechanic to assemble it properly for you.

The wheel bearing is located inside the wheel hub and it is responsible for linking the wheel to the automobile. You can drive a vehicle with bad wheel bearings for a few months. If your vehicle has bad wheel bearings you might experience your vehicle pulling to one side or loose steering. This is dangerous and can leave you skidding on the road when the wheel locks up while driving. 


How Long will a Wheel Bearing Begin to Make Noise?

External and internal factors can cause the wheel bearings to wear out. Normally a method was about 100,000 miles. The wheel bearings are long-lasting and don’t require much care. However, pay heed to noise from the wheel bearings after driving  100,000 miles. Early detection and repair of the wheel bearings will your ride safer. Your vehicle can travel between 1000-1,500 miles depending on the distance after the wheel bearings make than usual noise. 

What Does a Bad Wheel Bearing Noise Sound Like in a Honda Accord? 

Humming and grinding noise are the early signs of a bad wheel bearing. The noise becomes louder when you drive faster. The grinding or humming noise is usually within the cabin from the direction of the affected wheel. The re-utilization of old accessories such as nuts splits pins, circlips, bolts, and seals rather than replacing them with new ones can cause the wheel bearing to operate abnormally and may lead to accidents.

What Causes a Wheel Bearing to Fail?

If you often drive through water, mud and salt can cause the wheel bearing to fail. Mud, water and other contaminants such as dust, and road salt can get over the seal, enter the wheel bearing and pollute the grease which may eventually lead to the wear out of the wheel bearing. The lubricants around the wheel bearing can get washed off if the bearing is exposed to too much water Exposure to water decreases lubrication in the system and Increases friction. 

How Much Will It Cost to Replace a Wheel Bearing on a Honda Accord?

There are different brand names for wheel bearing and each has its quality standard. So the prices of the wheel bearings vary according to the brand name and quality standards. 

The average cost to replace a Honda Accord Wheel Bearing is approximately $296 to $412.The cost of labor may range between $190 and $239, while the price of the parts might cost around $107 and $163.

Can You Replace Your Wheel Bearing Yourself? 

Replacing a wheel bearing is considered an intermediate job, which means it requires a lot of expertise to do it. There are a lot of moving parts within the wheel bearing. This makes it hard to replace it yourself. It is best to get a professional mechanic to help you out.

Final Thoughts

As the saying goes “knowing the problem is half the solution “.You need to take your time to inspect and observe the symptoms and causes of your Honda Accord wheel bearing noise, this will help identify what needs to be done first. When you try your best and still can’t solve the problems, consult a mechanic who is abreast with these issues. Always keep an eye out for warning signs like humming noise to avoid making huge repair cost in the future day.



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