How To Make A Yamaha Rhino Quieter

The noise from your Yamaha Rhino can frustrate and ruin your off-road adventure. It can cut short your cruising enjoyment. But since you bought it for enjoyment, it’s normal to look out for ways to make your Yamaha Rhino quieter.

The best way to make your Rhino Yamaha quieter is to soundproof the engine chamber with a sound-deadening material You can also wear noise-canceling headphones to block out the noise.

We’ve got you covered, in this article, we will give you time-tested solutions to make your Yamaha Rhino quieter. 

Tips to Make a Yamaha Rhino Quieter

1). Silence the Exhaust System with a Copper Pot Scrubbing Pad

This is a less expensive method but it is only a temporary fix.

  1. Get a couple of copper pot-scrubbing pads at any dollar store of your choice. The copper pot-scrubbing pads are usually doughnut-shaped and bound in the middle. 
  2. Pull out the end cap of your muffler, look within and you will find a big cavity.
  3. Stuff in the pad. Insert about one to six pads.   But don’t cram them in. A small slop is necessary to allow for easy movement. 
  4. place the end cap back on.

The pads serve as a loose roadblock for gasses to get through however, they also take out heat from the exhaust, which makes it slow and expand. Thus removing energy that would otherwise resort to noise. 

Potential Drawback 

Choking up the pads in the muffler can lead to bad performance due to the decrease in the exhaust flow which lessens the efficiency of the motor. For instance, the back pressure could be jeopardized. It can also bring about backfiring and stalling. So it is always advisable to use a maximum of four pads. Another disadvantage of this method is that the pads may shrink or burn out over time. 

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2). Install a Rhino Exhaust Silencer

One of the best ways to quiet your exhaust noise is to install the silent rider ATV silencer. the ATV silencer was formerly known as the Benz Rhino silencer and  Rhino owners can attest to the fact that it made a huge difference. It works perfectly on these models. 

The Yamaha 450(06-09)

The Yamaha 660(04-07)

How to Set Up an ATV Silencer on Your Yamaha 

The silencer uses a bolt-on adapter. The tailpipe beside the stock muffler is not properly fixed which makes it necessary to use an adapter. Remove the bolts at your exhaust opening and replace the exhaust tip with a silent rider bolt on the adapter. The adapter will remain attached to your factory muffler and actively serve as the tailpipe. The adapter is safe to use since it doesn’t cause damage to your engine or the flow of the exhaust. 

The good thing about the silencer is that it can break off the noise when your Rhino is idle or at full speed. It cut down the noise from the engine and exhaust pipe when you’re driving. 

3). Soundproof Engine Chamber

The engine makes the most noise in your Rhino. That’s why many Rhino owners put sound-deadening mats beneath the engine cover to block out the sound before it finds its way outside. 

4). Wear Noise Concealing Headphones 

This is one of the easiest and cheapest options to block out annoying noise from your Rhino. Wearing noise-canceling headphones such as ear muffs will help put a stop to the noise you hear when driving. 

5). Reduce the Cabin Noise 

There are three main approaches to help cut down the noise coming into the Rhino cabin.

  • Use a rooftop 
  • Use a sturdy windshield 
  • Use a sound-deadening mat on the floor

The last option will help cut down both road and engine noise. Dynamat and Noico are good sound-deadening material user can use for this purpose. Some Rhino owners use rock wool panels to further cut down the noise 

Final Thoughts 

Yamaha Rhino is a top-notch vehicle for a quality outdoor sports experience in the woods. The only problem is the loudness that the owners of this vehicle complain about. You can make your Yamaha Rhino quieter by simply using the above methods. And enjoy your ride like never before. 


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