11 Proven Tips to Game Quietly at Night 

If you’re a game lover you must know how important it is to keep the volume of the game high while playing so that you can feel all the sound effects, the voices, and the music to become fully immersed in the game.

The easiest way to quietly game at night without troubling anyone is to lower the volume while playing. You can also use headphones to block out the sound and enjoy your game with the sound immersive to you alone.

However, if you share your apartment with a partner, roommate or parents your loud game playing may become a nuisance for them. Particularly if you stay up late-night hours to play your game.

 If you love to game at night and also want to spare your loved ones a  good night’s sleep. Without disturbing them with noise. But don’t know how to go about it…

Then this article is for you, we will give you simple tips and tricks to quietly game at night without being a pain in the ass to someone. 

game quietly at night

Tips to Game Quietly at Night

1. Use a Headphone

Your headphones will help you enjoy a better gaming experience. As it enhances single-player and multiple players and blocks out background sound. So with this, you have a  scale up your game with high volumes without disturbing anyone. 

2. Use a Quieter Mouse

This type of computer mouse uses soft rubber dampers on its button switches, which cushions them and reduces noise whenever you click on them. It doesn’t stop the noise but it reduces a large amount of the noise when you click on the buttons.

3. Acquire a Quieter Keyboard

Gaming keyboards are very loud due to the plastic used in making them, the noisy keyboard doesn’t mean efficiency and with the saturation of quiet keyboards on the market, you have no excuse for using a noisy keyboard to disturb those close to you.

The quiet keyboard works by dampening the sound of each keystroke to let down the sound turnout hence making your keyboard a  sneaky ninja.

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4. Soundproof the Door

Doors that are not made of solid wood have higher chances of sound passing through them to other rooms. The thickness and heaviness of the door determine how effective it will be at blocking sound. You can make the room more solid by reinforcing it.

The door is the place where sound can leak to other rooms. Bolstering the door of the pane by covering it with soundproof panels or an audio mute barrier sheet. However, setting up an adhesive strip and door draft stopper will also do the trick.

5. Make Your Soundproof Box

If you are someone who likes fixing stuff around the house then this might be a pleasant project for you. The only materials you will need are an OSB board or plywood. 

When you have any of these woods in your possession, you then measure all the sides of the computer. Put the pieces of wood together and make a box that the computer can fit in. Ensure to leave some space in the front where the screen is.

The wooden box will put a stop to the sound coming out. With this method, the only issue that may arise is the echoing of sound from the box. To solve this problem just put pieces of acoustic foam on the inside walls of the box.

6. Soundproof the Gaming Room Walls

If you share your apartment with your loved ones and don’t want to disturb their sleep you must try the obvious option. That’s soundproofing the walls. There are two ways to go about this, fiberglass insulation and spray foam insulation.

With the fiberglass approach, you first have to measure the walls of the room. when the measurements are wrong the entire work will also be wrong.

You need to get a sharp knife and a staple gun. Inhaling the fiberglass is dangerous for your lungs, so you need to wear a nose mask and long sleeves when working with fiberglass. Cut the fiberglass according to the measurement of the wall.  Then set up the fiberglass on the wall and cover it with any protective material available. 

Most people use the vapor-retarder as their protective material because it protects the wall from water and other bluffs.

Another way to insulate your wall is to use spray foam. 

To use the spray foam you need to measure the walls of your room. The foam expands a little in size when it hardens, so you need to be mindful when taking the measurement. 

7. Make the Game Console Quieter

In most instances, the game console will be loud when there is an accumulation of dust in the fans. When this happens you need to unscrew and open the console to clean the fans.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner to draw out the dust through its vents. when using a vacuum cleaner ensure to put it on a lower suction power setting to avoid dismantling some parts of the console. To keep the dust down on future days, you can cover your game console with a dust cover.

Another way to make your console quieter is to put an anti-vibration rubber pad beneath it. This will also help absorb some of the sound vibrations which might have been amplified by the hard surface. It can also better the game’s console performance and cut down fan noise due to the passage of more air through the vent, Hence decreasing their need to spin faster to avoid overheating. 

8. Make Your Gaming Laptop or PC Quieter

Just like the game console your PC or laptop might make noise due to the accumulation of dust and dirt in the cooling fans and vents.

It is advisable to get a professional to clean them thoroughly for you, as you might damage some components of your laptop trying to clean it yourself. You will experience a significant noise reduction and an increased performance of your laptop. 

In case you notice an abrupt sound increase in your gaming laptop then may have a malware problem that needs to be solved. 

9. Game with the Volume Low

Try not to make too much sound while playing your game at night, it is easy to not realize the loudness of the sound when you are vested in the game. Even headphones can be blaring when the volume is high. So always lower the volume while playing to avoid disturbing someone during his good night’s sleep. 

10. Change a Chair

It can be that your chair is creaky which makes a lot of noise while gaming at night. 

If your chair is a swivel type it can make a creaking noise when you try to turn or lean back. It is advisable to get a regular chair or stool to help you play quietly at night. 

11 . Regular Gamepad Maintenance

Your gamepad can make squeaky or mechanical noise if you preon the buttons too hard. This may be noticeable to those around. Ds dirt and small parasitic insects can get stuck in the buttons and cause difficult movement of the mechanism. 

Metal springs in the gamepad may squeak when they are not lubricated for long. 

Use a dry toothbrush to remove dust, dirt, and debris from the casing buttons of the controller. Clean the surface areas and buttons of the various parts of the controller. Use the brush to clean the charging ports and outer space of the joystick. 

Use spray oil to lubricate the metal parts of the controller to be noise-free smooth and noise-free when gaming.

Final Thoughts

All together gaming doesn’t have to be loud and become a pain in the neck to someone. Gaming can be done quietly without troubling anyone if you do the right things. With these tips, you can now game at night without disturbing anyone.


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