Top 3 Quietest Pellet Stove Picks on the Market

Looking for the quietest pellet stove for your home?. Great, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, you can expect to learn the following:

  • What a pellet stove is
  • How does a pellet stove work?
  • Our top-rated quietest pellet stove picks
  • Factors to consider when choosing a pellet stove
  • And more

quietest pellet stove

Pellet stoves are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. In fact, it’s not hard to see why so many homeowners are deciding to install a pellet stove in their living room.

There are a number of reasons why these types of heating systems have become more popular among consumers.

They’re not only aesthetically appealing, but they’re also easy to use; thanks to the fact that they can be programmed, they have a power modulation, and they also come with automatic ignition.

According to the DOE, “Pellet stoves are more convenient to operate than ordinary wood stoves or fireplaces, and some have much higher combustion and heating efficiencies.”

With a market packed with options, how can you choose a quiet pellet stove that’s best for your home without all the unnecessary noise? This guide can help you narrow down your search. There are several factors involved when picking the best pellet stoves. In the end, they all boil down to three categories: features, cost, and reliability.

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What is a Pellet Stove and How Does It Work?

A pellet stove is a stove that burns compressed wood or biomass pellets to create a source of heat for residential and sometimes industrial spaces. It is set up to steadily feed fuel from a storage container( hopper) into a burn pot area.

The pellet stove is able to produce a constant flame that requires little to no physical adjustments.

The way a pellet stove works is that the pellet fuel is delivered from the storage facility or the dark tank (single stoves) into the combustion chamber. As the heat is generated, the circuit water is heated in the pellet boiler.m

In central heating systems, the hot water then runs through the heating circuit. The heat distribution is the same as other central heating systems. Today’s central heating systems operate with wood pellets as a renewable energy source and they can reach an efficiency factor of even more than 90%.

Best Quiet Pellet Stoves for Heating Your Home with Less Noise

If you are looking for a whisper-quiet pellet stove for your home, then these best pellet stoves will interest you.  If you are looking for a completely quiet pellet stove, I am sure, there is none yet. With these quiet pellet stoves, you will hear a few noises now and then from the thermal cycling, which is what every stove does.

Below are the pellet stoves that operate quietly and dont make a lot of noise.

1). Castle Serenity Stove Wood Pellet with Smart Controller

With this Castle Serenity Pellet Stove, its space-saving and attractive design make it a welcomed addition to any room, and with its smart controller heating system, heating your home has become much easier. Compared to others, it is affordable, stylish, and practical.

If you have limited space, its space-saving shape makes it easy to fit into any home, plus it is energy efficient about 70%  thermal energy efficient. That means using less energy to heat up the room.

Castle Serenity Stove Wood Pellet with Smart Controller

As long as the heating area is 1500 square feet or less, this is a perfect solution for just over $1000. The fact that it is quiet enough to sit in the middle of living areas is enough for people to take a chance at it.

The pellets used by the stove are very soft, so it makes a minimal sound when they drop. The fan, like everything else on the stove, is something that runs very efficiently.

This Serenity stove requires very little assembly compared to other pellet stoves and is designed for convenience and ease. Such that you can easily clean and maintain it without any problems.

2). Comfortbilt HP22-N Pellet Stove

The Comfortbilt HP22 pellet stove has a heating capacity compared to the Castle Serenity. This stove can cover just under 3000 square feet and produces 50000 BTU with an auto-ignition programmable thermostat powerful blower.
Maintaining it is pretty easy and minimal, as there are not a lot of movable parts on it. It is compact with has the largest viewing areas on the market. Also because of the fewer moving parts, it doesn’t make noise with is the reason why many people like it.
Comfortbilt HP22-N Pellet Stove
 It’s one of our most powerful pellet stoves, but on the lowest heat setting can burn for up to 36 hours without needing more pellets, perfect for a basement application. With its superior engineering and attractive bay view window, the HP22-N Black is a pellet stove you will enjoy having in your home for years to come.

3). US Stove Company GW1949 Wiseway Non-Electric Pellet Stove

The US Stove Wiseway pellet stove is non-electric but uses natural gravity feed system that eliminates all the mechanical parts, meaning fewer breakdowns, less maintenance, and less noise.

Of all the pellet stoves in this guide, this is the quietest. With this stove, at first glance, it doesn’t have a large viewing area that makes it very enticing like the others above, but it is very quiet in operation and if you dont want to hear any noise at all, then you should consider it.

US Stove Company GW1949 Wiseway Non-Electric Pellet Stove

You can choose to place it in the middle of the home as a conventional piece or tuck it away if need be. It is also space-efficient and can fit into any home or space, whether small or large.

The Wiseman is easy to start and operate. Simply heat the burn chamber and flue and start the pellet flow with a propane Torch. This stove uses a natural draft that will take over and Ramp the stove up to temperature.

It also has 40,000 BTUs and heats up to 2,000 square feet.

How to Choose the Quietest Pellet Stove for Your Home

If it is our first time shopping for pellet stoves, you may not know the ins and outs of pellet stoves.  That is why I have decided to add a quick buying guide to help you out.

Below are three primary specifications to guide you in your selection process. These include:

  • The pellet stove heating capacity ( measured in BTU)
  • The hopper size
  • Energy efficiency

Pellet Stove Heating Capacity

This parameter is measured in British Thermal Unit (BTU). It is the unit of measurement of any useful heat any HVAC device can generate. The big the stove, the more BTUs it produces and vice versa. This determines how big the pellet stove needs to be for your home.

Generally, pellet stoves have a capacity from 10,000 BTU (smallest pellet stoves) to 90,000 BTU (largest pellet stoves). In practice, most pellet stoves have 40,000-60,000 BTU capacity.

The first thing to figure out when buying a pellet stove is how big it should be. The capacity of the stove is directly proportional to the square footage.

For example, for properly heating a 2,000 sq ft home, you would need a 60,000 BTU pellet stove. Below is a table showing you the most common square footage of modern homes and the pellet stove capacity needed.

Square FootagePellet Stove Capacity
600 sq ft18,000 BTU
800 sq ft24,000 BTU
1,000 sq ft30,000 BTU
1,200 sq ft36,000 BTU
1,400 sq ft42,000 BTU
1,600 sq ft48,000 BTU
1,800 sq ft54,000 BTU
2,000 sq ft60,000 BTU
2,200 sq ft66,000 BTU
2,400 sq ft72,000 BTU

So from the above table, you can see each square footage with its corresponding pellet stove capacity. Stove manufacturers usually tend to list the maximum square footage a pellet stove can heat. Which is not the same as the recommended square footage according to the DOE directives.

Example: You’ll find a 48,000 BTU stove. According to the DOE directive, such a device is appropriate for heating 1,600 sq ft.

If you are using the pellet stove as a secondary heating system, then your primary heating system should produce the majority of the heating energy and you dont need to go strickly with the square footage to BTU calculations.

Hopper Size (Between 20 And 60 LBS)

Hopper is basically a basket where to put pellets that are going to be feed into the stove. Hopper size – 20 to 60 lbs – determines how often you’ll have to restock (with pellets) the stove.

The hopper size is important. It is the place where all the pellets that are going to be fed into the pellet stove are located. The hopper has to be restocked with pellets from time to time.

How often you have to put pellets into the hopper depends on:

  • Size of the hopper.
  • Speed of burning.

The burning rate of the pellets is set and monitored via a thermostat. It is good to buy a pellet stove with a bigger hopper. The bigger the hopper, the longer the stock of the pellets in it will last and you will enjoy the heat for long hours before having to restock again.

Pellet Stove Energy Efficiency (Between 70% and 84%)

When a unit is energy efficient, it always requires only fewer energy input to produce higher output energy. So it ideal to have a pellet stove with the highest energy efficiency.

The good thing is that pellet stoves are energy efficient and most are EPA certified to guarantee high energy efficiency.

The most common quoted energy efficiencies are 70% – 84%.  The higher the percentage, the more efficient it is.

High energy-efficiency stoves don’t only mean you’ll have to use fewer pellets to get more energy. The other part of the equation is the gas emission rates.

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