15 Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboards

In the past, keyboards were largely seen as mundane computer peripherals. Mechanical keyboards are mainly target products for digital designers, gamers, and coding freelancers.

Nonetheless, office workers, as well as typists, are now appreciating the different advantages that are offered by mechanical keyboards. For instance,  a quiet mechanical keyboard helps in typing fast, accurately, silently and it is less tiring.

Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboards, quiet mechanical keyboard

There are different mechanical keyboards in the market. If you are not sure about what type of mechanical keyboard to use, the article will have a quick buyer’s guide that will help you.

15 Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming and Office

These silent mechanical keyboards are for gaming, work and office typing that will give you the desired quietness that you need.

1. Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The features and functions of the keyboard are necessary if you want a gaming keyboard. It uses the Cherry MX RGB key switches and uses a full key rollover anti-ghosting. It is one of the best gaming keyboards around.

Also, it features an on-board profile storage for profiles in gaming.  It has many dedicated multimedia as well as volume controls that will allow you to adjust the audio and at the same time detach the wrist rest for optimum comfort.

Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard,best quiet mechanical keyboards for gaming

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It is a full-sized keyboard that has dedicated media buttons, Window key lock, scroll bar for volume, and a button for adjusting the brightness of backlight. It also has a specialized button that you can use to go through backlighting profiles that are stored in the memory of the board.

The caps of the keys are covered using a soft-touch material that makes them feel nice on the fingertips. It also has grey topped and textures keycaps. It also comes with a textured wrist rest, which offers comfort for the users.

•    Cherry MX Silent RGB Mechanical switches
•    8MB on-board profile storage
•    Dynamic multicolor per-key backlighting
•    Dedicated volume and multimedia controls
•    Has USB pass through ports
•    Soft touch and detachable wrist rest
•    Full key rollover that is anti-ghosting
•    Corsair iCUE software that can be programmed
•    Windows key lock mode
•    Dedicated multimedia and volume control
•    The software support is impressive
•    Pricey
•    Keycaps can easily pick up grease

2. Fnatic miniSTREAK MX Silent Keyboard

It is the best choice for an overall quiet mechanical keyboard. It has a Cherry MX Silent Red switches that offer a great linear gaming switch with a weight that is not too hard nor too soft. The switches are the best choice in the market and the noiseless feature is what many typists want as they are working.

It is a tenkeyless form factor, but comes with the arrow keys but lacks the number pad that most people do not find useful. The parts of the keyboard are of high quality and are made of top-plate and sturdy stabilizers, that is inclusive of RGB lighting and a wrist rest that is leather.

Fnatic miniSTREAK MX Silent Keyboard,best quiet mechanical keyboard for office

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The ABC keycaps for this keyboard are smooth and provide windowed lettering. However, PBT keycaps ought to be improved in terms of quality.

For the price, it offers good price-performance with high-quality Cherry MX Silent Red switches as well as the tenkeyless form factor, which is a great compromise between full size and 60% styles. It is considered one of the best quiet mechanical keyboards for office, typing, and work.

•    The form factor is tenkeyless
•    Its dimension is 14.8 by 8.5 by 2.8 inches with palm rest dimension of 360 by 194.5 by 36 mm
•    It weighs 704g
•    The MCU and memory is NXP/8MB
•     The lighting is RGB 16.8m Colors
•    The polling rate of 1000Hz
•    The cable is 2.2m and is detachable
•    The switch types are red, silent red, blue and brown
•    It offers 2 years warranty
•    High quality design with aluminum top plate
•    Cherry MX key switches
•    Backlighting is per key
•    Easy to use software
•    The wrist wrest is unique
•    It has a removable Type-C cable
•    The caps indicator is hard to locate

3. Cherry G80-3000 Keyboard

It is a great choice for the office and if you want to avoid flashy gaming style keyboards. It has MX silent black switches that are heavier than the MX silent red switches that avoid accidental key pressing when you are typing. It makes it hard to make clacking noise that people associate with when it comes to most mechanical keyboards.

CHERRY G80-3000 Keyboard,best silent mechanical keyboards

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It does not come with many features that different gamer style keyboards. They are durable as a whole and have durable components. Its form factor is a full size that comes with a number pad, which is an essential tool for those using Excel on a regular basis or those who input numbers in other software.

If you are after a new mechanical keyboard that you want to bring to your office, this is a great choice. It is very quiet and the feel of the MX silent black switches is amazing.

It is great for the price that it comes with. It does not come with additional or fancy features. It does not have macro keys, no media controls, no illumination, and no win lock function. However, it comes with original Cherry MX switches. So, if you looking for best quiet mechanical keyboard for gaming, you should consider the Cherry keyboard.

•    It measures 470 by 195 by 44 mm and weighs 935g
•    Connection is through USB and PS/2
•    No illumination
•    The length of the cable is 175cm
•    Does not have macro keys, no USB pass-through, and no media controls
•    It has a number pad
•    The key rollover is 4KRO
•    The switches are Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Blue, and Cherry MX Brown
•    It is portable
•    Black switches are heavier than red switched to avoid accidents when typing
•    It is quiet
•    No additional features

4. SteelSeries Apex M750 Mechanical Keyboard

The SteelSeries Apex M750 use their own high-end linear offering known as QX2, which is from Gateron. It is very durable and lightweight since it is made from aluminum alloy.

It comes with RGB lighting system that is customizable and can be synced to discord, which is a known gaming message application. Additionally, it can be used to react to in-game events such as low health, low ammo, and in-game killings.

SteelSeries Apex M750 Mechanical Keyboard

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Unlike the Cherry G80-3000, it is made for gamers. The lighting for this keyboard is dazzling, easy to customize, and the build is rugged. It is easy to clean because of the keycaps that are floating.

The dazzling lighting will give an impression that the target market is gamers. It comes with a variety of lighting customization options that come with the keyboard. This is inclusive of the option to choose your own key color.

The keys are reliable and can be used for years even if you are gaming on a daily basis. The bigger keys offer an intentional unique sound that gives users more confidence as they are typing. If the armor has one chink, it might be small guide bumps on some specific keys such as F and J. This can be a bit hard to get used to for different users.

The custom lighting of this keyboard is owed to the SteelSeries Engine software. As a matter of fact, the keyboard has pre-set profiles that are used for popular games. The custom lighting is friendly to the user and also verifies the reputation of the keyboard as being one of the top choices for gamers.

•    It measures 6 by 17.9 by 1.8 inches and weighs 2.2 pounds
•    Ultra-fast QX2 mechanical switches
•    Various customizable colors from Dynamic Prism RGB lighting
•    GameSense lighting
•    SteelSeries Engine software
•    Made from aluminum alloy
•    Durable with a sleek design
•    Customizable colors
•    Easy to use
•    Intuitive
•    Reactive illumination
•    There are small guide bumps on specific keys that some users find hard to get used to

5. Matias Quiet Pro Mechanical Keyboard

It is designed for those who are working in an office and who want an impeccable typing experience. It is a full-sized keyboard and very quiet, which is owed to the quiet click switches. It is one of the best quiet mechanical keyboards for Mac and Windows for office typing.

It is compatible with Windows as well as Mac computers, and the high marks are due to the tactile feedback. The Windows model design is all-black with a glossy finish with a tab key. On the other hand, the Mac version has a black and silver color.

Matias Quiet Pro Mechanical Keyboard

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The keys are quiet and this is the main reason it is a preferred choice for those working in an office. Also, the feel of the keys is impeccable because it is firm and leaves a crisp feeling when you are typing. It offers tactile feedback as well as the response of the keys. It can be pricey for some people, but be sure that it is a great investment.

•    Measures 20 by 8.25 by 2 inches with a weight of 3.65 pounds
•    It comes with a user manual
•    It requires Windows or Linux PC
•    The cable length is 6 feet
•    Has 3 USB 2.0 ports
•    No backlights
•    One year warranty
•    Durable
•    3 USB ports
•    Aesthetically pleasing for a professional
•    Very quiet
•    Unique Alps-inspired switches
•    Good tactile feedback
•    It is pricey
•    The glossy finish attracts fingerprints as well as dust
•    Offer only one year warranty

6. Filco Majestouch 2 Ten-keyless Mechanical Keyboard

It uses the Cherry MX Blue switches under the caps. This is a tactile version in the Cherry switch model, with highlight feature of the switch being on two stages of movement that need minimal pressure for actuation. It also offers the Cherry MX black as well as the Cherry MX brown switches.

It is a keyboard that will cater for you if you are a typist who values customization on your keyboard. The different colors for the switches represent different stages of tactility for the switch.

Filco Majestouch 2 Ten-keyless Mechanical Keyboard

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The browns are not as clicky when touched as the others and they are suitable for enclosed offices when noise can be a problem. On the other hand, the black switches need more pressure for the mechanism below to be engaged.

The Cherry MX blue switches offer a satisfying clicking sound if noise is not an issue in your place of work. There are people who believe that the clicking sound helps to improve typing speed as well as accuracy. The main reason is because of the force of return of the innerspring that bounces against the bottom of the mechanism.

•    Uses ten-keyless form factor
•    Measures 14 by 5.3 by 1.3 inches and weighs 2.16 pounds
•    87 key version
•    True N-key rollover
•    PS/2 port connection
•    Cherry MX blue switch
•    2mm actuation point when keys are pressed
•    Long key press of 4 mm
•    Compact design
•    Durable
•    Customizable options
•    It is easy to use. You will be able to type fast and accurately
•    The feel and the sound requires getting used to
•    Pricey

7. Logitech G513 Mechanical Keyboard

It is a sleek and low-profile chassis that is designed for the satisfaction of your needs if you are a hardcore gamer. It measures 17.5 by 5.3 by 1.4 inches offering a compact gaming keyboard that has keys, which are elevated.

The design of the keyboard is an indication of minimalism and a futuristic look as well as feel. It is simple and lacks discrete media keys.

Logitech G513 Mechanical Keyboard

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It comes with a wrist rest that is equivalent to the length of the keyboard. The wrist rest is 3.2 inches that offer comfort and makes you feel less tired when you are typing. With it, you will be able to put your fingers in the best position that offers quick and accurate tapping of keys.

It uses Romer-G switches from Logitech. These are known to be responsive, quite, tactile, and they are similar to the Cherry MX brown switches. It runs using the Logitech Gaming Software and allows the user to carry out different actions such as RGB illumination adjustment, buttons for reprogramming functions, and creation of profiles that you can link with programs as well as games.

•    Romer-G linear mechanical key switches
•    Tactile mechanical keyboard switches
•    Full spectrum RGB lighting that is customized
•    LIGHTSYNC technology
•    USB ports
•    Aluminum alloy casing and metal finish
•    Memory Foam wrist rest
•    Uses Logitech Gaming Software
•    Sleek design
•    Comes with a wrist rest
•    Comfortable and quiet when you are gaming or typing
•    It has per-key RGB lighting
•    Linear and Tactile switches
•    It is hard to learn the software
•    No macro keys or media control
•    The RBG illumination is subdued

8. Das Keyboard 4 Mechanical Keyboard

The manufacturers are well known and have a good reputation for making basic but very useful mechanical keyboards. The Das Keyboard 4 is primarily made for gamers, however, if you type or work in an office, you will love it because it offers smooth as well as typing experience that is satisfying.

It is a simple design ad has a solid aluminum plate and plastic backing that is essential for preventing scratches. It also has laser-etched keycaps on a black dyed plastic. On the right corner, there is a volume knob that offers sound management functions that are convenient.

Das Keyboard 4 Mechanical Keyboard

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It comes with either Cherry MX Brown or Cherry MX blue switches to ensure that it caters for both gamers as well as those working in an office. The Cherry MX Blue switches offer an experience of luxury when you are typing using their tactile bump.

On the other hand, the Cherry MX browns offer silence and superior feedback. It is a choice for gamers because of the backlights and the responsive action of the keys.

•    Cherry MX blue switches or Cherry MX Brown switches
•    It measures 18.1 by 7.1 by 0.8 inches with a weight of 2.6 pounds
•    Uses Chrome, PC, or Linux hardware platform
•    Laser-etched keycaps
•    Oversized volume knob
•    Sleek design
•    Caters for both gamers and typists because of the Cherry MX Brown and Cherry MX blue switches
•    Oversized volume knob
•    Durable
•    USB 3.0 ports
•    Expensive
•    No macro keys

9. Razer Black Widow Elite Mechanical Keyboard

It is a robust and highly customizable keyboard with quiet response. The market target is gamers since the keyboard is made to excel in gaming. It measures 17.5 by 9.2 by 1.7 inches and weighs 3.69 pounds. The underneath of the keyboard has rubber pads that prevent sliding. It also comes with a padded wrist rest that is detachable, which offers comfort when you are typing or gaming.

It has understated keys that have sharp edges, which help you know if your finger is perched at the center. It has media keys that are located on the right corner of the keyboard and make loud clicks when they are pressed.

Razer Black Widow Elite Mechanical Keyboard

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The manufacturer uses its own switch technology that is incorporated into the mechanical keyboard. It uses orange switches that are well designed and claim to offer 80 million keystrokes. The switches are protected against liquid spills as well as dust. You will be able to customize the lighting and save up to five configurations using the on-board memory as well as the cloud storage.

It has great options for cable management. It comes with cable routing and a USB and audio pass through that helps to prevent clutter on your desk.

•    It measures 17.5 by 9.2 by 1.7 inches and weighs 3.69 pounds
•    Uses Razor Mechanical Switches
•    Multi-functional digital dial
•    USB 2.0 and audio pass through
•    Detachable and ergonomic wrist rest
•    Macro keys that can be customized
•    Sleek design
•    High in-game performance
•    Comfortable and ergonomic wrist rest
•    Smart bells and whistles
•    The software can be wonky occasionally

10. Roccat Vulcan 120 AIMO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

It is a beautiful design that is designed for gaming. It comes with multiple customization options and can also be used if you are a typist. It measures 9.2 by 18.2 by 1.3 inches and weighs 2.54 pounds.

The design of the Vulcan 120 Aimo is elegant and has a brush aluminum body. It has RGB LED lights that serve as backlights when you press the keys. Also, it features designated buttons that are for muting or controlling the volume.

Roccat Vulcan 120 AIMO Mechanical gaming Keyboard

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It also comes with a rigid plastic wrist rest, which may not be as comfortable as the padded one, but it is less tiring when you type. It makes its own titan switches that are compatible with Cherry MX brown.

The outcome is a switch that is tactile and will feel light and fast when you are using the keys. The sound of the switch is muted and this is why the keyboard is noiseless.

•    It measures 9.2 by 18.2 by 1.3 inches and weighs 2.54 pounds
•    Tactile switches
•    Roccat Titan switch that is compatible with Cherry MX brown
•    Brush aluminum body
•    RGB LED lights
•    AIMO illumination
•    Plastic wrist rest
•    Sturdy design
•    Low profile keys
•    Transparent switch casing
•    Offers a great experience when typing
•    Wrist rest is not as comfortable as padded ones
•    Not available in different switches

11. Dell Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard AW768

When it comes to value, this is the best mechanical keyboard. It is relatively cheap, has a sturdy design, and it is primarily designed for gamers. However, if you work in an office, you can also use the keyboard. It is very durable and one of the toughest keyboards on the market for gaming.

It is a full size keyboard that measures 19.54 by 6.93 by 1.32 inches and weighs 3.11 pounds. All the keys have an anti-ghosting as well as an N-key rollover.

Dell Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard AW768

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It delivers tactile and solid feedback with minimal click sounds.  The keys can last up to 50 million keystrokes and thus makes the keyboard durable.

•    It measures 19.54 by 6.93 by 1.32 inches and weighs 3.11 pounds
•    Anti-ghosting keys
•    N-key rollover
•    Can stand up to 50 million keystrokes
•    AlienFX functionality
•    Angular design
•    Switches are good for gaming and typing
•    Volume roller
•    Auto installation for the software
•    AlienFx functionality is limited to Alienware systems

12. Obinslab Anne 2 pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

It is a compact keyboard that lacks the number pad and arrow keys. It offers wireless Bluetooth compatibility, making it a modern keyboard. It has a minimalist set up as well as full Bluetooth compatibility. It uses the Gateron Brown switches that provide a great package of noiselessness and feature set that is fully packed.

Obinslab Anne 2 Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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The switches are tactile and do not have a silencing mechanism that can be found in some silent switches. They are more noiseless than any MX blue switch. It has a 60% form factor and high quality PBT keycaps.

•    Up to 16 groups of offline macros
•    Full RGB lighting
•    Tactile Gateron switches
•    Measures 11.2 by 3. By 0.8 inches with a weight of 1.37 pounds
•    Wireless
•    High quality
•    Polished and sleek design
•    Gateron switches
•    Intuitive software
•    Great set of features
•    Pricey
•    The software lacks some functionalities

13. Biostar Keyboard GK 1 Pro Mechanical Keyboard

It is a silent keyboard with green backlighting that makes it easy to navigate when it is dark. It features the Cherry MX black switches that can withstand up to 50 million keystrokes. You can adjust the sensitivity of the keys using one push on a button.

Biostar keyboard GK 1 Pro Mechanical Keyboard

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The green LED backlights are adjustable to provide four different levels of brightness while the keyboard can be adjusted to 4 key response speeds. It has a steel plate built that makes the backlight to diffuse different reflections.

•    Cherry MX black switches
•    Green backlighting
•    4 key response speeds
•    4 brightness levels
•    Adjustable anti-ghosting features
•    2 USB ports
•    It is a full size keyboard
•    The design is rugged
•    Adjustable lighting
•    Key sensitivity is adjustable
•    USB ports, headphone port
•    Wired connection
•    Only one color of backlights

14. Redragon K552 Mechanical Keyboard

It is primarily designed for gamers and comes with very responsive keys. They use custom switches that offer familiar clicking sound without adding noise.

Redragom K552 Mechanical Keyboard

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It offers moderate resistance because of the custom springs. It contains 87 keys and 12 multimedia buttons. It does not have a number pad, which reduces its footprint. The backlight colors are different.

•    87 keys and 12 multimedia buttons
•    Custom switches
•    Responsive keys
•    Lacks number pad
•    Compact
•    Custom switches
•    Has USB ports
•    Different color backlights
•    Wired connection

15. Code V3 104 Key Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard

It is a simple but very sleek design. The keys are arranged traditionally, making it ideal in an office setting. Every key is backlit and you can use 7 different settings to adjust the white backlight. Uses the Cherry MX blue switches. It is relatively quiet with fold contact for even better performance.

Code V3 104 Key Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard

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•    7 different setting for the white backlight
•    104 Keys
•    Every key is individually lit
•    Cherry MX Blue switch
•    Full size keyboard
•    Adjustable backlights
•    USB cord is detachable
•    Simple but sleek design
•    Wired connection
•    Only white color for the backlight
•    No media buttons

Buyer’s Guide on Quiet Mechanical Keyboards

There are different things that you should factor in before purchasing the best silent mechanical keyboard:

Form factor

The most common layout of a keyboard is the full-size, where you are able to reach all the keys as well as the full number pad. However, the size is a disadvantage, because it can take up significant space on your desktop.

You can opt for ten-keyless (TKL) keyboard, which lacks ten keys. It is mostly referred to as 80% keyboard and does not have several pads and this brings the mouse closer to you. With the TKL, the mouse gets closer to you, making typing easier and efficient.

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However, if you want more efficiency, you should opt for the 60% keyboard that removes dedicated arrow keys, number pad, and the function keys.


It is a very critical factor that you should consider when choosing a mechanical keyboard. This is because it dictates the sound that the board will make when you are typing.

The most commonly used is the cherry brand switches, which is a gold standard by which acts like a benchmark for other keyboards. However, many brands are ditching the Cherry brand and are coming up with their own keyboards.


This refers to the duration of time that the keys will last. The lifespan of standard common membrane keyboard is about 5 million keystrokes.

However, mechanical membranes have a lifespan that ranges from 30 million to 100 million keystrokes. When converted to years, this is approximately 75 years even when you are using the keyboard on a daily basis.

Size and Layout

This is an important factor because it impacts the usability of the keyboard. There are some mechanical keyboards that lack the full-sized keyboard while others may have both media and numerical keys.

For gamers, a full-sized keyboard is not a necessity. The ten-keyless keyboard is sufficient, but it is important to note that these types of keyboards lack the number pad as well as the navigation or keys. Keep in mind that the number can be helpful if you want to remap the commands of the game. Additionally, there are games that may require the use of number keys.

For writers or students, the use of mechanical keyboards is used for typing. Therefore, a full-sized keyboard with numbers is very important. This is referred to as the standard mechanical keyboard.

If you consider size essential, and also if you want something portable and easy to move around with, a compact mechanical keyboard is what you should consider. Compact mechanical keyboards lack both the number pad and the arrow or navigation keys. These are ideal if your working space is limited or if you travel a lot with the keyboard.


Mechanical keyboards are generally known to be noisy. If you type or play games with background noise like music, then the noise from mechanical keyboards may not be a concern.

However, if your work setting is an office or if you use the keyboard when others are around, it is important to choose a mechanical keyboard that is quieter.

The noise of mechanical keyboards is dependent on the material used to make it, the switches used and the distance that the keys have to travel.


As indicated earlier, mechanical keyboards last long. However, there are some that are more durable than others. A good keyboard ought to withstand falling or dropping, and there are those that can even withstand tumbling down the stairs.


There are different design features that mechanical keyboard comes with, such as backlights. These are useful when you are using your computer in a dark room. Backlights can either be single colored or multiple colored. There are some mechanical keyboards that will allow you as the user to program the backlights.

The keyboards that you can program will allow you to choose when the backlights will come on and the keys to backlit. Additionally, they may have flashy lighting modes. If you can type without looking at the keyboard, a backlight is not essential for you.

Also, mechanical keyboards can have keys that are water-resistant. If you love drinking beverages while working or gaming, this will be an essential design feature. It is true that even one drop of water is enough to damage your keyboard keys permanently.

Extra Features

This includes extra keys, keycap materials, and removable cables. Ensure that you consider all these before purchasing a mechanical keyboard.

Additionally, there are mechanical keys that have anti-ghosting features. These are helpful if you are a gamer since there are games that need multiple keys to be pressed simultaneously. A USB port is another additional feature that keyboards may have. These may be 1, 2, 3 or even more USB ports.

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