How to Soundproof Dog Crate or Kennel-Easy Ideas

looking for How to soundproof dog crate?. I understand your plight. There are many reasons why your friend could be barking or getting frightened. It could be fireworks or even thunderstorms.

Soundproofing a dog crate is one of the best ways to calm your dog down. Luckily, there are many ways to soundproof your dog crate and the good part is that you can easily do it yourself and any budget.

How to Soundproof Dog Crate


You can get different soundproofing materials at any price to help reduce the barking noise of your dog and also to keep them safe from other loud sounds that can frighten or cause them anxiety.

soundproof blankets are one of the many best ways to soundproof dog crate. By getting a couple of these sound deadening material and covering the dog crate with it will help muffle the noise.

What is a Soundproof Dog Crate?

A soundproof dog crate is created using soundproof materials that can absorb sounds. This works in reducing the amount of sound entering it and the level of noise leaving it, especially when the dog is barking.

The noise levels are greatly reduced but not completely science. But it’s reduced to the levels that is no irritating to you or the dog.

The materials used in soundproofing dog crates can reduce echoes, reverberation, and muffle dog barking noise in the background. To accomplish that, there are many ways to soundproof a dog crate for barking or other noise.

Benefits of Soundproofing a Dog Crate

There are reasons to soundproof a dog kennel or crate that will benefit you and your dog. Dogs have more sensitivity than humans. Therefore, the little noise that might not disturb you could be unbearable for your friend.

So soundproofing your dog crate will only make both you and your pet happy.  Loud sounds such as thunderstorms, fireworks, and other loud sounds can create anxiety in your dog.

They could cause the dog to hide in fear or bark out of anxiety. This is because your little friend cant makes anything out of those loud sounds.

Your dog is much less likely to bark if they feel relaxed and a soundproof crate can help to achieve this.

Here are some reasons why you should soundproof a dog crate or Kennel: A soundproof dog crate will:

  • Create a peaceful environment
  • Protect your dog against scary noises such as fireworks
  • Help your pet to feel safe and relaxed
  • Reduce barking and whining
  • Reduce noise for you and your neighbors

How to Soundproof Dog Crate or Kennel

Finally, we have gotten to some of the ways to soundproof dog crates or kennels. You can implement any of these techniques to create a quiet dog crate for your pet to have to calm and peace it needs.

Below are ways you can quiet your dog kennel, cage, or crate.

1. Use a Soundproof Dog Crate Cover

Soundproof dog crate cover is an easy way to reduce noise levels inside your dog crate. These are available online to purchase and they are affordable.

It is important to get the right size that will fit your pet crate and the right material that is soundproofing yet breathable to ensure the crate doesn’t get too hot during hot weather.

You just have to ensure that you get a soundproof dog crate cover that is thick and heavy-duty. When it comes to soundproofing mass and Isolation are the main principles.

So the thicker the material, the better it will be at reducing noise inside the dog house.

This Pet Dreams crate cover is a great quiet cover for dog crates that will help reduce the sounds getting in and out of the crate.

Soundproof Dog Crate Cover

It is perfectly designed to work in both winter and summer. during summer, you can reverse the crate pads to keep the crate cooler for the dog. Plus, it’s easy to maintain. You can easily remove it and wash and put it back.

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This crate cover comes in three parts, allowing interior and exterior coverage for the crate.

The key features include an exterior cover and blocking sound before it reaches the crate. As well as, an interior floor pad that provides a soft comfortable space for your nervous pet. It also has a foam bumper, which protects disgruntled or frantic pets from the metal exterior of the crate. So if you would like a soundproof crate for dogs, this is a good option.

Here are some tips to guide you when choosing a dog crate cover.

  • Ensure it will be comfortable for your dog. You know your pet more than anyone else, so you will be able to tell the materials that it is comfortable.
  • it is important to choose breathable material because you don’t want it to be too hot or suffocating for your friend.
  • Easy-to-maintain dog crate covers are better than something that you will be struggling to wash.
  • It should have ways to open to let in light if need be. It should completely blackout the crate.

2.  Use Acoustic Panels to Pad the Space

Acoustic panels are effective soundproofing products that work in reducing echoes and airborne noise effectively. You wouldn’t be needing plenty of these panels to soundproof your dog crate if unless you have a big crate than the usual ones.

You won’t be spending that much money to get these crates soundproofed.

The soundproof acoustic foam panels will help reduce some of the loud sounds like fireworks and thunderstorms. If the dog is barking inside it, some of the noise will be absorbed.

soundproof foam panels

You may also be wondering how you use these panels to soundproof the crate. Here is how you can soundproof the dog crate using acoustic panels.

Firstly, determine how many panels and sizes you will need. You have to measure the dimensions of your dog crate or kennel. Begin by measuring the sides, top, and bottom walls. With this measure, you will be able to purchase the right size and the number of acoustic panels that will cover up the crate efficiently.

There are different colors of these panels. You have to buy colors that your dog like.

Now it is time to soundproof our crate. You can use different ways to attach the panels to the crate. But this method is one of the easy ones.

With this method, you will need a medium to large binder clips. The clips will help you attach the panels to the crate securely. Plus, they are affordable.

Once you have acquired all of the necessary hardware, you are ready to soundproof your pet’s crate. You may need to cut the panels to size, so it is suggested that you also grab a pair of scissors.

You can start from the bottom working your way up. But you choose where you want to start that will work for you.

3. Use Soundproof Blankets

Soundproof blankets are usually thick and heavy. They are able to absorb a lot of sound energy. Blankets like moving blankets that are used to wrap up items when relocating are also effective. They are also affordable.

sound absorbing blanket
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Just a side note, moving or soundproof blankets are different from the ordinary blankets in your home.

What makes these moving blankets unique is the padded construction. Moving blankets are constructed in layers, with the exterior layers being made from soft fabric and the internal layer being constructed of a thin layer of padding.

This design makes moving blankets great material for absorbing and blocking sound energy. The other good thing about these blankets is that they can easily be washed when dirty.

These blankets come in different sizes as well. When selecting, choose the blanket that will cover the crate adequately.

To use the blanket to soundproof the crate, begin by wrapping the exterior of the crate with the blanket.

working your way round to cover it up. Leave the door area open.

4. Soundproof the Entire Room or House

This option is great if you can afford it in combination with the above soundproofing techniques. But first, try the above methods if soundproofing your dog crate is the aim here.

However, some of the large dog breeds like the Great Dane can be so loud that they might be annoying to your neighbors. So, in that case, it is better to soundproof the house.

The way you can do this is to soundproof your walls and ceiling with acoustic panels to absorb the echoes and reverberations.

well, soundproofing a room might involve more money and time but it is worth the investment. Because you will enjoy your peace of mind and have happy neighbors as well.

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How to soundproof Dog Kennel

Soundproofing a kennel will require different methods from the crate methods described above. Why is it because a dog kennel is generally made of hard surfaces that rather cause a lot of noise and reverberations and echoes?

So the way to reduce these noises is to soundproof your dog’s kennel. Here are some soundproofing materials that will reduce noise in kennels.

  • Soundproof Panels

Acoustic panels have proven to be good at reducing echos and reverberations. They come in a variety of colors and sizes for you to choose from. They are also affordable. So you don’t have to spend a fortune to build a soundproof kennel for your dog.

Acoustic panels are often used in spaces such as sound recording studios because of their sound absorption capabilities and can be effectively used in kennels too!

These panels offer effective sound absorption, particularly with absorbing sounds of mid to high frequencies.

  • Acoustic Tiles


Acoustic tiles are also a  good soundproof material for dog kennels. These tiles are often used on walls and ceilings. Due to the noisy nature of kennels, these tiles can also be used to absorb some of the noise.

The acoustic tiles are mostly made from recycled cotton and come in many colors and designs to select from. They are able to reduce the intensity of the noise coming in or leaving the kennel.

Downsides of Soundproofing Dog Crate

Creating a quiet environment is good and it comes with benefits to you. But other problems also come with soundproofing a dog crate. The disadvantages include:

  • Poor Ventilation: Sound can pass through the air into any space, so when you are trying to soundproof your dog crate, you will be trying to block sound as much as possible from entering it. This can cause the crate to be airtightly resulting in poor ventilation.
  • Temperature: If you use materials that are not breathable, but put the crate away from sunlight or radiator, it could cause the crate to be hot very quickly. This can cause discomfort or even sickness to your dog.
  • Blackout: Your dog needs a darker, quieter area for them to spend time in. but what you do not want to do is black the crate out completely. A completely blacked-out crate can cause stress and confusion for your dog.

How to Stop Your Dog From Barking in the Crate

Dogs often bark when they feel frightened. It is important for you to make your friend feel safe whenever you leave them in a crate. these tips here will help you keep your dog calm in their crate.

  • Use a Bark Control Device

The bark control device works in controlling excessive barking noise from your dog. When the device works in three different levels: high, medium, and low. Level 1: 15Khz / Range: 15feet. Level 2: 20Khz / Range: 30feet. Level 3: 30Khz / Range: 50feet. You can easily adjust the frequency by the knob of this bark control. It is safe for all dogs and people.

bark control device
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  • Avoid Emotional Farewell

Avoid giving your puppy emotional farewells as this will leave them distressed. This could make them bark for hours when you are gone.

To prevent this, leave quietly without hugs and your dog will learn to get customed to this without taking it hard.

  • ​Don’t Leave the Dog in the Bathroom

If you like leaving your dog in the bathroom like most dog owners do when they are leaving for work. Please avoid it if possible. If your bathroom is not soundproof when your dog barks the sound will still travel out.

  • Get Your Dog a Toy

Comfort toys for dogs make them less anxious and less likely to bark. Instead, they can focus on it to keep them distracted from anything that can make them bark. So if your dog is not having a toy already, try and get it one.

This snuggle Puppy toy is a great option for soothing your puppy.

  • Get a Dog Sitter

A dog sitter will be a great option. You can find someone around your neighborhood who loves to walk and play with dogs. But you have to pay for the person.

when they are with someone, they feel less lonely and would bark. If you can find a  pet sitter, then you should try and talk to a friend or a family member who is free to look after your dog.

  • Train Your Dog to Stay in the Crate

Training your dog to be disciplined to be able to stay in the crate is important. There are a lot of online resources to assist you in that.

Most dog owners will argue that they cannot discipline their dogs as it seems so cruel.

However, you will have to train your dog to stay in the crate and be comfortable.

To accomplish this, you need to be firm in the training you’ll notice that with time, they will be able to stay in the crate without causing too much trouble.

Final Words on Soundproofing Dog Crate

If your dog likes barking or is anxious when loud sounds are made, then it is time to get a quiet or soundproof dog crate cover or look into these soundproofing tips shared here above.

These soundproofing materials are meant to reduce the level of noise that your dog will hear like thunderstorms, fireworks, and loud music, and also reduce their barking noise so as to not disturb your neighbors.

Whether it is to reduce the intensity of your dog’s barking or to help relax your anxious dog, whatever the reason there are several options available.

It is all up to you how much budget you have set for this project. The better the soundproofing material, the better your noise reduction will get.


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