Quiet Coffee Grinders – Our Best 10 Picks

Coffee is very important as it helps you clear your thoughts in the morning. I know a lot of people that can’t function with a cup of coffee in a day. The love for coffee is deep!. With these quiet coffee grinders, you can enjoy your coffee anytime.

quiet coffee grinders

There is nothing that beats a fine cup of freshly grounded coffee with the best flavor and the beautiful aroma in the house. However, many grinders produce too much noise in the kitchen making them a problem, especially for individuals who are sensitive to noise.

The sound produced by coffee grinders can make grinding of coffee beans to be more of a chore. You don’t want your love for coffee to be a source of noise to others around you.

To prevent this, ensure that you get quiet coffee grinders to help you enjoy your coffee each morning. Here are some of the best quiet coffee grinders that can be helpful for coffee lovers.

List of Our Top Rated Quiet Coffee Grinders

Short on time? We understand. Check out this quick overview of our favorite quiet coffee grinder picks.

  1. Baratza Virtuoso Coffee Grinder

  2. Mueller Ultra-Grind Burr Coffee Grinder

  3. Breville Smart Coffee Bean Grinder

  4. Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Grinder

  5. Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

  6. Rancilio Rocky  Quiet Espresso Coffee Grinder

  7. QcoQce Mini Travel Coffee Grinder

  8. KINGTOP Quiet Electric Coffee Grinder

  9. Handground Precision Manual Coffee Grinder

  10. Javapresse Manual Coffee Grinder

Types of Best Quiet Coffee Grinders

There are different grinders in the market that can fit your needs. There are three types of grinders, which include manual/hand grinders, electric blade grinders, and electric burr grinders

Manual/Hand Grinders

These are quiet grinders compared to the rest since they lack a motor. They are also economical and they do not require power to function.

Even though the process is tedious and inconvenient, many European countries use manual grinders as a ritual way of grinding coffee.

The main reason is that hand grinders offer a personal experience for you to grind the required amount of beans for your coffee.

Hand grinders are more reliable than electronic grinders. You can count on them when there is a power fail although they have a simple design that is prone to failing.

Moreover, hand grinders offer a more uniform and consistent grind compared to the most expensive electronic grinder.

Hand grinders use ceramic or stainless steel burrs to grind your coffee beans. Also, the top quality manual grinders are encased in wood or glass.

Electric Blade Grinders

These are very popular. They are similar to small blenders that can rotate the blades at high RPMs. The high speed rotating action allows the coffee beans to ground faster.

Heat from the friction can be created from the grinding action, even though it saves times. Heat leads to oxidation, which later affects the flavor of the coffee.

Additionally, electric blade grinders lack uniformity in their grinding. The reason is that the blade contacts a small portion of the bowl while it is grinding.

The lack of uniform grinding also affects the flavor of the coffee. Nonetheless, an electric blade grinder is fast when grinding your coffee and is available in different stores and online at an affordable price.

Electric Burr Grinders

These grinders use burrs to crush coffee beans. They are regarded as the best coffee grinders that use plate-like objects to grind coffee beans. They are the most expensive in the market, with the largest class and several features.

Burr grinders use a separate bean container (hopper) for grinding, which is an air-tight compartment for the storage of coffee beans during the grinding process. Also, burr grinders transport the coffee into a chute, and later into the filter holders.

You are able to adjust the coarseness of the grind using the settings. The size of the grind is determined by a modification of the size between the two burrs. A tip is that, the closer the togetherness of the burrs, the finer the grind.

Quick Buyer Guide on Coffee Grinders

Price: There are cheap and expensive grinders in the market. Buy a grinder that is within your budget. However, if you want a grinder that is of high quality, you may need to save extra cash to get the best.

Ease of use: This involves cleaning, maintenance, and when used in grinding. Spending too much time cleaning your grinder can affect the fun that comes with enjoying a fine cup of coffee.

Type of grinder: Ensure that you find the grinder that will fit your preference. As discussed above, the different grinders offer different functions and have different features.

Capacity of beans: This refers to the amount of beans that be grounded at a go by a grinder. The capacity of beans for blenders is also determined by the type of grinder that you have. For instance, burr grinders will grind more coffee compared to blade grinders. Capacity of beans is very important for commercial coffee makers.

Variations of the grind: People prefer different grind to make the perfect coffee. It is important to note that electric blade grinders do not offer grind variation because the duration of grinding is what will determine the coarseness. On the other hand, electric burr grinders or manual burr grinders offer varying levels of coarseness depending on the settings used.

Grinding components: The standard of all types of grinders is that they should be stainless steel because it offers room to avoid corrosion in the grinder, which can be added to your coffee. An option to stainless steel is ceramic, which is only limited to burr grinders.

Other settings and multiple speeds: Different coffee brans require different treatments.

10 Best Quiet Coffee Grinders

1. Baratza Virtuoso Coffee Grinder

The name, feel, and the sight of the product oozes class. It does not produce loud rumbling noise and it will fit perfectly in your kitchen and provides the best grinds. It is one of the quietest coffee maker with grinder.

It is very easy to use and comes with a timer and a pulse button that is set for up to 60 seconds. It has 40 presets that offer different variations for your grind to fit your preference.

baratza coffee grinder

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All the parts of the Baratza Virtuoso are manufactured in Europe. It reliable and will satisfy your needs even after many years of use.

It maintains the flavor and the aroma in your grind and is quiet enough to a point of not being heard by the person in the next room when it is grinding.

•    Very quiet
•    Easy to use
•    Has 40 different grinding settings
•    Reliable
•    Finding spare parts can be a task since it is manufactured in Europe

2. Mueller Ultra-Grind Burr Coffee Grinder

Its hardened alloy steel conical burr coffee grinder gives you the perfect control over the grind size and uniform grinding for full coffee flavor. It is one of the quiet burr coffee grinders available.

It is light, small, and very convenient to move with it. it comes with many grinding presets that help you decide what grind variation you want.

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With this grinder, you will be able to effortlessly turn the knob. It has two serrated places on the inside of the case crush beans that look like they are made out of jelly.

This feature helps to maintain the flavors of the coffee beans.

Mueller ultra-grind is made of stainless steel, which means that the product is durable. It has the ability to withstand any condition without rusting.

The only parts that are not stainless steel are the knob, the serrated plates, and the grinding screw. The plates are made of high-quality ceramic, ensuring that they are able to be sharp for long.

It is a durable grinder that has guaranteed good service to you.

It is quiet compared to electric grinders. It is most convenient if you prefer grinding a small amount of coffee every morning.

It is also convenient for trips because of its weight and size. This guarantees a great cup of coffee everywhere you go.

If you are looking for a quiet coffee maker with grinder that has a combination of, a quiet espresso grinder or french press, then this Mueller burr grinder is a good choice.

3. Breville Smart Coffee Bean Grinder

This is a smart model with a nearly futuristic design that helps in perfect grinding. It is one of the best appliances for coffee lovers.

It has 60 different presets and thus can give various coarseness for the perfect consistent end product.

It is made up of stainless steel conical burrs. This material is critical in the process of grinding because it helps in minimizing the heat that is caused by friction.

Therefore, the aroma and flavor of your coffee will still be intact.

It also has an LCD display making it possible to access different controls as well as settings. It has a concise design that makes it easier for you to use the product with no experience.

The grinder comes with air-tight container that helps in keeping the coffee fresh and for long.

breville coffee grinder

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The company produces high-quality and reliable products. The grinder is no exception as it will serve you well without any issues.

Ensure that you are handling it carefully and it is cleaned on a regular basis. Additionally, the stainless steel burrs will withstand years of use. It is an amazing product that offers different grinding options.

•    It is also quiet and reliable
•    High-quality
•    It offers automated experience
•    Consumes electricity

4. Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Grinder

It has an interesting design. It is very quiet mostly because it is a manual grinder. It can grind different types of coffee from Turkish to regular Drip coffee.

It maintains the consistency of the grind as well as the flavors no matter the variation of the grind.

It has burrs rather than blades. This feature makes it easier to use ad quieter as well. The burrs are cone-shaped to allow you to get the most out of the coffee beans.

It has an adjustable screw that helps you choose the grind variation that you prefer. Additionally, it has a lid that prevents the beans from spilling when you turn the knob.

With Khaw-Fee, you will be able to clean it quickly. The silicone base can be removed easily together with the other parts.

It does not require batteries or electricity for its operation, so it can be washed easily without worrying about its functionality.

quiet manual coffee grinder

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Although the design might not look so sturdy, the grinder is very durable. The bottom part is made of silicone, which is coated with high quality rubber.

Additionally, you are able to handle the grinding chamber with care because of the thick glass. The grinder will serve you for many years if it is maintained properly and regularly.

It is an awesome coffee grinder that is easy to use and maintain. The components of Khaw-Fee are assembled to produce minimal noise when the knob is turned fast. It is one of the best manual grinders in the market.

5. Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

It is one of the powerful and larger grinders available. However, it does not make much noise when operated using the slow grinding process, which incorporates burrs and low static build-up. It is efficient if you want to grind a lot of coffee at once.

It contains 4 ounces of ground coffee. The container for holding beans can hold up to 8.8 ounces. However, for better results, ensure that you do not fill it to the brim.

Slow grinding speed will make sure that there is less production of heat, thus, all flavors will be contained because of the less friction.

capresso burr grinder

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The shape of the burrs is conical and is controlled by a computer. This ensures that the grinding process is precise and the consistent will hold the aroma within.

Additionally, Capresso is easy to use once it is filled with beans and the container is closed. The requirement is to set the indicator in the setting that you prefer.

You can choose from sixteen presets and the grinding process takes between 5 and 60 seconds.

The cleaning process is easy because of the detachable burr, which offers you the ability to access the inner parts easily.

It is a competitor because it offers high-quality grinding with low noise. It saves time since the fine grinding for up to 60 seconds

6. Rancilio Rocky  Quiet Espresso Coffee Grinder

It uses high-quality 50mm burrs to offer the consistency of the grind. It has multiple presents giving you an option for different coarseness.

It does not produce any noise at all. It has incorporated burrs that grind the coffee beans directly into the portafilter. It is one of the best quiet coffee grinders for espresso.

It can be filled with 0.65 pounds of beans although it is always prudent to leave some space to get better results. It works best with 16W motor, which is what makes it produce no noise at all.

The cleaning process is very easy and can be done in a matter of seconds. A simple brush can be used to clean the grinder.

quiet coffee grinders for espresso,quiet espresso grinder

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It is a quiet espresso grinder made out of high quality materials and can withstand prolonged use without wearing off. The material used for making the burr prevents it from deteriorating after years of use. It is a good grinder that will allow you to grind the beans to the preferred coarseness.

•    Easy to use
•    Easy to clean
•    Offers multiple presents providing options for different coarseness
•    Can only grind dry non-oily beans

7. QcoQce Mini Travel Coffee Grinder

It is one of the easiest grinders to use. It has a large opening on top to make it easy for you to pour your beans without spilling.

It has burrs that are made of high quality ceramic and the shape is that of a cone. Therefore, the option of producing sour taste is limited because the beans will be grounded evenly. It is very stable because of the crank that offers balance.

QcoQce offers 16 different settings making sure that you will be able to enjoy any grind variation without making noise in the process.

The plastic is big to fit good bean capacity for up to five regular size coffee cups. The cleaning of the product is also easy since you can dismantle it in a matter of seconds.

You should ensure that the parts are well dried before assembling it.

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It is made partially using stainless steel, meaning that is it durable. The quality of the ceramic burrs also helps in increasing its durability since it will not wear off after a prolonged period of use. The container glass should be handled with care to maintain its durability.

It is an efficient, quiet, and durable product. It will grind your coffee providing 16 different outcomes and at the same time maintains the aroma as well as the flavors.

You are likely to choose this grinder because it is compact and has the ability to grind enough coffee at once.

8. KINGTOP Quiet Electric Coffee Grinder

It uses blades instead of burrs for grinding. Although it is an electric grinder, it is reasonably quiet.

It is a small grinder making it convenient and it will not take much of your kitchen space. Also, I can be carried around easily when you are on the move.

It works using a 200W electric motor. It has enough power for fast grinding that is also quiet. It is easy to use and can save a lot of time since the process of grinding is very simple.

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Once you are able to understand the product, you will be able to produce different types of grind easily. When it comes to cleaning, you will be required to get a brush that is designed for Kingtop.

The product does not require the use of water, only slight dusting and the grinder will be clean.

The main material for the product’s components is stainless steel. This makes the product very durable and the aspect of rusting is greatly minimized.

It is also shock resistant and can take a lot when it comes to usage. All the components will stay in place once it falls from a high place.

•    Shock resistant
•    Durable
•    Portable

•    It does not offer an option of coarseness for the grind. You will be required to grind manually.

9. Handground Precision Manual Coffee Grinder

It is a well-thought-out grinder. It is believed that the manufacturer interviewed different professional baristas and coffee enthusiasts to get the best feedback about their needs in terms of grinding.

The product is very satisfying because Handground Precision is durable and easy to maintain and use the product.

It is a manual grinder that has ceramic burrs. The triple mounted axle helps in eliminating any burr wobble, thus ensuring that the consistency of the grind is maintained.

The opening is large to help you fill it with coffee beans of up to 100g. It is important to note that the cap has locks that help in preventing spillage when grinding.

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The burrs are 40mm long and in the shape of a cone. This helps to secure compact and evenly ground coffee.

It comes with 15 presets that you can choose from to make a great cup of coffee as per your preference. The maintenance of the product is easy since it can be dismantled in a matter of seconds.

Therefore, you will have no problem when cleaning since every part is water friendly.

The axle of Handground Precision Manual Coffee Grinder is made of stainless steel making it able to withstand indefinite turns.

The body is made of plastic making it light and convenient to move with to different places. The burrs are made of ceramic that prevents it from wearing off easily and thus can stay sharp after prolonged use.

It is a balanced grinder. All its features are an indication of a high-quality grinder, proving to be reliable and durable. It ensures that it will meet all your needs on a professional level.

10. Javapresse Manual Coffee Grinder

It is a quiet and attractive coffee grinder that offers a tasty coffee that is good for everyone.

It is a manual grinder that is constructed from stainless steel and a durable frame that will resist wearing off from grinding of regular coffee.

It uses ceramic burrs than have proven to last five times longer than steel blades.

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It is an excellent option for hiking or camping because it is small and does not rely on electricity to function. It uses a hand crank mechanism that runs silently.

It has an integration with 18 presets that help you regulate the coarseness of the coffee to fit your needs.

It is also one of the quiet coffee grinders for the french press. Plus, It comes with a manual and a one year guarantee.

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Final words on the Quiet Coffee Grinders

Depending on your preferred type of coffee grinder, these are some of the quietest coffee grinders. you can use them for espresso and French press cover as well.

You can choose a manual and burr if you like moving around and prefer a coffee grinder that does not require electricity. Quiet Electric coffee grinders are a good option for a house with stable electricity.

whether you are looking for a portable grinder and a small one for your needs. You can select from these best quiet coffee grinders to suit your needs and capacity.

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