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Nissan Murano Won’t Start and Makes Clicking Noise (Fixed)

Nissan Murano Won’t Start and Clicking Noise

It can be very frustrating when you’re in a hurry to get to work, but your vehicle won’t start and only makes some annoying clicking sound. You don’t have to live with this anymore. In this article, you will discover the potential causes and how to effortlessly fix this problem. 

The easiest and most practical way to fix clicking noise and no-start issues in your Nissan Murano is to jump-start the vehicle. Another technique to handle this issue is by inspecting the wiring and battery cables.

This article will elaborate more on these and a few other techniques to fix the no-start and clicking noise issue in your automobile. 

Now let’s look into the common causes of the clicking noise and no-start issues in your vehicle before jumping to the solutions.

Nissan Murano Won’t Start and Clicking Noise

Nissan Murano Makes Clicking Noise and Won’t Start- Some Causes and How to Fix It 

1. Poor Connection of the Battery

The battery cables in the car operate in a certain way. As you drive the vibration of the car can make some cables lose their connection. A small mistake in the connection can lead to the failure of the car’s electrical system.

The electrical systems supply power to everything in the car including the AC system, car lights, monitoring system and even starting off the car. Without the flow of electricity into the electrical systems, you can’t start the car. Your battery might be in good health but the flow of current is broken due to poor connection. 

Corrosion of the Battery’s Terminals 

Battery corrosion is a common problem in automobiles these days. Particularly when your battery has been installed for more than two years. Corrosion takes place when the battery acid reacts with the metal terminal.

This can lead to loss of contact between cables and reduce current flow to other components of the vehicle’s electrical systems. When there isn’t adequate power to crank the engine, you will only hear a  clicking sound from the starter solenoid  when you attempt to start the engine  

2. Weak Battery

This is the primary cause of the clicking noise and no start in your Nissan Murano. When you try to start a vehicle and hear a clicking noise from the engine compartment then it means there is sufficient power to spark the solenoid (origin of clicking noise)but there is no adequate charge to power the starter motor.

A high electric current is needed for the starter motor to overturn the engine. Unlike the wipers and lights that take up little current to operate. The basic function of the battery is to start the car engine. When the battery is weak it won’t be able to perform this function. 

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How to Test a Nissan Murano Battery

The simplest way to check up on the Murano 12V is by using a multimeter to measure the voltage. A  battery that is of good health should be about 12.6V or more when it’s fully charged.

Always bear in mind that the voltmeter will only give you an informed guess on the status of your battery. At times a battery with over 12.4V might not be able to supply enough power to crank the engine. 

Signs of a Weak Battery

Dim Headlights

When your car battery is getting weaker, it won’t be able to fully power the vehicle’s electrical components -including the headlights. Take note when you notice your headlights appear dimmer than usual. It can mean your battery is about to kaput. 

You Hear a Clicking Noise When You Turns the Key.

When you turn the key in the ignition, the battery sends current to an electrical component called the solenoid to get things done. A weak battery can’t perform this function properly. So when the battery receives deficient power from the battery it often makes the clicking you hear.

The Vehicle Cranks Slowly

If you notice your car engine crank more slowly than usual when turning the key then your battery is approaching death. Don’t avoid this red flag. 

3.  Starter Motor Problem

If your battery is healthy with the headlights,  stereo, and other accessories working but you only hear a click sound when you try to start your vehicle.

Then it is likely the problem is from the starter motor or the solenoid. The solenoid is the ignition switch that goes in for the starter motor to turn the flywheel and  start the engine

4 . A Bad Alternator

Another possible cause of your Nissan Murano not starting and making a clicking noise is the alternator which is responsible for generating power to recharge the battery might not be doing its job. The activation of the starter motor depletes much of the battery’s stored power and the alternator is obliged to replenish that lost power. 

5. Failure of the Engine 

In a few cases, an engine seizure can bring about a clicking noise and no start in your Nissan Murano. In instances like this, the engine will not crank but you will hear a click from the starter solenoid when you attempt to start the engine. 

6. Poor Ground Connection 

All You Need to Know About the Ground Connection 

A ground connection is when the negative terminal of the battery is connected to the body or chassis of your Nissan Murano. The ground connection is needed for the engine to function. 

But the engine does not allow the flow of current between the body and engine. Because of non-conductive rubbers used in the engine mount.

What Happens When Your Ground Connection is Poor? 

When the ground connection between the chassis and the engine gets bad as a result of rust, it leads to many electrical problems including the clicking noise and no start issue.

Both the starter motor and the solenoid depend on the ground connection of the engine to function effectively.

So when the ground connection is not good the starter solenoid might still work and make a clicking noise because it doesn’t require much power. But the starter motor won’t be able to overturn the engine to start the vehicle. As it requires a high current to operate. 

How to Fix Clicking Noise and No Start Issues in Your Nissan Murano

Now you know what causes clicking noise and no start problems with your vehicle.

Here are simple and easy ways to fix such issues.

Jumpstart the Nissan Murano Battery 

 One of the easiest ways to rule out a dead battery is to use the jumpstart method. A set of Murano jumper cables and a good battery from another automobile should get you up and running in no time. You can also use a battery booster if it’s getable. 

It’s important to ensure that both the engine and the automobile are off. With the transmission in park mode.Before you start the jump start process 

  1. Attach the end of the red cable to the positive terminal of the dead battery 
  2. Hook the other end of the red cable to the positive terminal of the healthy battery in the donor car.
  3. Attach the black cable to the negative terminal of the donor vehicle. 
  4. Hook the other end of the black cable to the Murano engine or any unpainted metal part of the vehicle’s body.


Attaching a black cable directly to the negative terminal of your Murano battery can evoke flammable gases from your battery due to the sparks.

  1. Start your Nissan Murano 
  2. Remove the connected cable in a reversal order. 

Warning about Jump Start

Invariably there is always the risk of the alternator or other components of the donor’s vehicle burning up if the engine is left running during the jumpstart process. 

Inspection of the Vehicle’s ground Connection 

Check over the ground connection in your Nissan Murano. Examine connectors of ground cables that are body to engine and battery to body. lookout for any sign of corrosion. Clean places with signs of corrosion with sandpaper. 

Clean the Terminals of the Battery 

If corrosion has accumulated on the terminals, you need to disconnect the cables and pour hot water on the terminals and the muck will melt away. Always do one terminal at a time and ensure  the water does not touch both at the same, as it can hurt battery health 

How Temporary Fix a Starter Motor 

There is an old proven method to start an engine with a failing starter motor. Use a hammer to mildly hit the starter motor while a friend tries to start the engine from inside the automobile. This hack works effectively when the internal parts of the starter are stuck together or the gears are not in alignment.

Final Thoughts

There can be several reasons for your Nissan Murano not being able to start and making a clicking noise. But when examining the causes, always look out for the obvious ones, like drained batteries and poor connection of electrical systems. 

In any instance, it is better for people who are not conversant with mechanical stuff to visit a workshop.

You will get a quick fix from a professional mechanic.


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