Jeep Cherokee Makes Noise When Turning (Causes & Fix)

A vehicle’s steering and suspension system are very complex and it’s interconnected in one way or the other.

When you steer the wheel, it engages the power steering rack, which requires both the belt and the pump to be in good condition. It also requires that there is plenty of fluid in the system. The suspension system also gets affected.

Under normal circumstances, when turning the wheel, it should direct you in the direction you are going without any unusual noise.

However, there are many different parts that affect these physical turns and if you are hearing sounds like creaking noise, binding noise, grinding noise, whining noise, or other unusual noise, this could be an indication of something serious.

This noise can be both continuous and non-continuous. If the sound is continuous, then it gets louder as you take many turns and could even get worse in the cold weather.

Jeep Cherokee Makes Noise When Turning

These sounds won’t stop your Jeep Cherokee SUV from working properly. Instead, it will only indicate how severe the problem is and if you don’t fix the problem, then it could cause internal damage to the vehicle.

Here in this post, you will discover the possible causes and how to fix this issue.

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Cause of Noise in Jeep Cherokee When Turning and Fix

There are a couple of causes that could be potentially responsible for the turning noise. Below are some potential causes of these sounds.

1). Low Fluid of the Power Steering Pump

If the fluid of the pump gets low and the empty part gets airy, then you will hear a sudden noise when you start your vehicle. This problem is likely with the power steering pump. You will likely see some bubbles in the fluid. This is an indication of a problem.

This problem at the initial stage may seem small but if you don’t address the problem, it can potentially damage the power steering pump.

The low level of the fluid could be a result of leakage in the pulley.  If there is leakage in the pulley, then the belt will also get wet as a result.

How  to Fix Low fluid in the Power Steering Pump

If you hear popping sounds, then check the fluid level of the power steering pump. If it shows that their fluid level is low, then you will need to fill it up. If the low fluid in the power steering was the issue, then the sound should go away.

2). Leakage in the Power Steering Seal

If the problem is from the power steering pump, then there is a likelihood of the fluid leaking.  So it is wise to check the power steering seal for any leakage.  The fluid can leak through this seal and come out.

When this happens, there will be noise when turning your Jeep Cherokee whether right or left.

To check this, you need to check the rubber protection outside the power seal.  This seal can be uncovered to see if there is any fluid or not.

If any fluid is around the seal, then you have a leakage problem at hand.

How to Fix Leakage in Power Steering Seal

If you face this problem, you will need to check to replace the power steering rack to solve the leakage problem with your power steering seal.

Besides the seal, also check for any leak in the line of the pump, then you will need to also replace it.

3). Worn Out Power Steering Rack

The steering rack is used to turn the tire from the inside to the outside of the car. That is why is obvious to have friction there.

But as the steering power rack gets older or gets worn out as a result of wear and tear, it might not run smoothly. This can cause noise.

The way to fix this issue is to replace the power steering rack.

4). Low Oil Supply in the Suspension System

With cars, a suspension system is needed in order to reduce the shaking level. But sometimes, this suspension can create some problems.

If the system is not properly lubricated, it can cause friction in the suspension system. This friction can cause some creaking noise.

How to Fix It

The way to fix this is to the suspension system and if the lubricant is not enough, you put enough suspension oil on it. This will solve the creaking problem and to prevent such occurrences, you will need to check the suspension oil often and oil them often.

5). Damaged or Broken Axle

The axle is an essential component that helps your vehicle to turn smoothly. Present in the axle is a CV joint and there is a six-ball bearing that helps the wheel to move freely.

However, if there is not enough lubricant in the bearing, then the friction will increase and cause some noise.

Also, this component can even be broken from the joint. The bearing can also be broken as well.

How to Fix the Axle or Bad Bearing

After the inspecting of the axle, if you notice the six-ball bearing of the CV joint is experiencing moving difficulty, then there is not enough lubricant and it needs to be oiled to quiet the noise.

However, if you see the bearing joint is not good enough, then the broken bearing assembly with the wheel hub should be changed.

6). worn Out Rubber Bushings

Rubber bushings are used to separate two parts of a car to reduce vibration. When a car runs on a rough road for some time, these rubber bushings cannot handle the vibrations anymore.

With worn-out or damaged rubber bushings, the steering can be loosened or you will be hearing rattling noise. This is not a critical problem but you still need to get it fixed before it causes other problems.

To fix the rubber bushings, the best way is to replace them with new ones and this will hopefully solve the problem.

Below is a video explaining the causes and fix of binding, grinding, etc noise in a Jeep or truck.

How Long Can a Jeep Cherokee Go With a Bad Axle?

It will depend on the condition of the axle. It can go for days to even years. But if you want your Jeep in great condition, then you will have to replace it immediately you notice you’ve got a bad axle.

Why Does My SUV make a Louder Sound in the Winter?

When winter comes, it can have a negative effect on many parts of your vehicle that might cause it not to work properly. The engine belt or power steering pump can be the cause of noise you are hearing or maybe the air conditioning system.

Final Thoughts

Jeep Cherokee is a great car that is loved by many because of it somewhat affordability and low maintenance costs compared to other SUVs of similar price.

There are several reasons why your car could be making those noises. Those are the ones I listed above with these potential solutions to eliminate the noise.

The fixes that you can try yourself will help you cut down the cost of repairs. But if you know you have no idea how to fix it, then you should let a qualified mechanic fix it for you. Because your safety is important than saving some couple of bucks.

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