Jeep Grand Cherokee Transfer Case Noise (Causes and Fix)

The transfer case which is also known as T-cases can be found on four-wheel-drive vehicles and are responsible for dividing the power to all four wheels.

Without transfer cases, off-roading would be difficult. Because the transfer cases are the ones that help the vehicle gain traction in slippery situations or give you enough torque to crawl over rocks at a slow speed.

They are responsible for dividing the power from transmission to both the front and rear wheels, transfer case disperses engine power in order to enhance traction or provided more torque.

Now, let’s talk of the Jeep Grand Cherokee transfer case noise. Sometimes, the transfer case can fail to function and also make some sounds such as humming, clicking, or grinding noise.

Here, we will discuss some of the common causes of transfer case noise and some recommended steps for troubleshooting the problems.

jeep grand cherokee transfer case noise

Causes of Transfer Cases Noise

The transfer case noise is signs that indicate there are issues such as damaged or failing transfer cases. Once your vehicle is experiencing transfer case noise, you should fix it immediately to avoid it being damaged. Here are some of the reasons why your  T-cases may be making sounds.

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1).  Less Transfer Case Fluid

Low fluid is one of the common causes of transfer case noise. It can result in unwanted noise that also indicates a failing case. Decrease fluid level in the transfer case can hinder the normal lubrication of transfer case components.

Friction on the low lubricated metals of the transfer cases can cause them to start producing unwanted sound. If the situation is not addressed immediately, it can cause damage to the cases and cost you a lot to repair.

How to fix It

To troubleshoot the problem, you will need to refill the transfer case with the recommended fluid. Just make sure the fluid does not overflow or leak.

To test if the problem is solved, start the engine and see if there is any sound still being produced. If not, great!. But if the sound is still coming, you’ll need to investigate further.

2). Damaged or Improperly Installed Vehicle Gears

If the gears are improperly installed such as the side gears, it can cause transfer case noise. This is because some components won’t be able to move freely because of restrictions.

Therefore, the gears box is another place to check if there is transfer case noise.

How to Fix It

Inspect the vehicle gears to see if the gears are improperly installed.  If that is the case you will need to replace the damaged gears with new ones.

Get quality gears that will last longer without starting another noise-making problem. You can get them at a licensed seller or local mechanic shop.

The gears will need to match the year and model of the Jeep to make them work properly.

3). Loosely Attached Transfer Case Chains

Sometimes, Jeep Grand Cherokee transfer case problems can be a result of loose chains installed in or near the transfer case.

If the chains are loose, they can produce a lot of noise when in operation.

How to Fix Loose Chains in Transfer Case

To fix this issue, you will need to get a couple of tools. These include; a screwdriver, new chain, wrench, lubricant, etc.  Lubricants when applied to metals prevent them from creating friction. That’s why is necessary.

The screwdriver and wrench enable you to tighten the chains to prevent the noise and the wrench helps you to tighten the screwdriver.

Tightening the screws and the proper lubricant on the chains will prevent the chains from making any clicking noise.

However, take caution to not apply too much lubricant and also do not tighten the chains too tight to prevent them from breaking. Also, too tight chains can restrict movement and prevent the proper functioning of the transfer case.

Make sure to get the correct lubricant to prevent a negative reaction between them. If you are not sure consult a professional mechanic.

4). Dirty Fluid

Let’s take it that you have enough fluid but are dirty and sluggish.  It will cause clogging of the pipes that will prevent the straight movement of the fluid to the proper destination.

The clogging can cause the fluid to fail to move and result in transfer case noise.

How to Fix Dirty Fluid

To determine if this is the cause of the noise, it’s important to inspect the lubricant and fluid for dirt and sludge accumulation.

Also, changing the fluid regularly and also the fluid filter will solve this problem. The proper fluid will also prevent things like corrosion to the metal components in the transfer case.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Transfer Problems

There are Jeep Grand Cherokee transfer case problems that can hinder the proper movement of your vehicle. Here I will outline them below just in case you face such problems you will know what to do.

1). Gear Shifting Issues

The fluid levels can affect the gear shift especially if the fluid level is low. It can generate grinding noise while shifting gears.
You will need to refill the fluid every now and then, especially in case you have done about 30,000 miles.

2). Chain Stretch

The transfer case chain helps you to drive easily. It faces a lot of stress because of that and if its a lot of stress on it, it will start losing or skipping teeth.

Generally, you can identify this issue by hearing popping or banging sounds.  Also, it creates obstacles to moving quickly while operating in four-wheel drive. If the issue occurs, you need to replace the transfer case or rebuild it.

3). Broken Housing

The housing of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is made of a soft metal magnesium compound and if the rocks or something hard hit the housing, the outer shell can break easily. This mostly happens when you drive through off roads.

This can create holes or cracks causing massive fluid leaks or loss. When this happens, you will need to swap the entire transfer case.

4). Bad Vacuum

First of all, not all Jeep Grand Cherokees have this problem. If yours doesn’t great!. However, a few Jeep Grand Cherokee use vacuum pressure to shift the transfer case into 4×4 mode.

Over time the vacuum can crack or break. For this, it will fail to get into the four-while mode. You need to check the liner and fix it if you have any issues.

Final Thoughts

To prolong the lifespan of your vehicle transfer case, you will need regular checkups and servicing.  Take your vehicle for regular servicing by a  professional auto mechanic to detect all problems and fix them for you before they degenerate into major problems that will cost you a lot of money.

If in the meantime, if you experience any transfer case noise problems and you are handy, you can follow the steps above to detect and solve the problem yourself. Otherwise, consult a licensed mechanic to help you out.

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