Jeep Grand Cherokee Humming Noise When Accelerating

The Jeep Grand Cherokee continues to set the standard for full-size SUVs. But nothing gets your attention more inside your SUV than hearing unfamiliar sounds coming from your vehicle.

Sounds such as humming, rattling, thumping, etc can really get you worried about whether you are safe or your safety is been compromised.

And of course, your next thought will be on how much it will cost to fix it. Well, there are a couple of potential causes of such sounds in your vehicle.

We will look into each potential cause and see how best you can fix it at a low cost. Keep reading to find out more…

jeep grand cherokee making humming sound when accelerating

Potential Cause and Fix of Humming Noise in Jeep Grand Cherokee When Accelerating

The noise coming from your Jeep Grand Cherokee can be a result of different issues such as worn bearings, bad differential, improper tire alignment, exhaust system leakage, loose steering belts, bad transmission gear, etc.

To diagnose the problem,  we will need to run different tests to ensure that you get the possible fix for the noise.

Here, I will look at each potential cause of humming sound when accelerating your Jeep Grand Cherokee when accelerating and how to fix it.

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1). Worn Tires

As you plow the road often, your tires are bound to get worn out. This can be a potential cause of the humming sound. What you will need to do when hearing the sound is to park the vehicle and have a careful inspection of each tire.

Worn tires are not only slippery in rain but they can also perform poorly in snow and ice. They can also blow out when care is not taken and possibly cause an accident.

If worn tires are the issue, you will need to get them changed to new tires.

2).  Improper Vehicle Alignment

Improper tire alignment can cause your Jeep tires to wear unevenly. Unevenly worn tires can cause humming noise when you are accelerating at higher speeds.

How do you detect this?. There are two possible ways to find this out. The first method is to have a visual inspection of all four tires. With this, you can detect any uneven wearing on the tire.

The other way of checking if you have unevenly worn tires is when you leave your steering wheel on a straight highway stretch. If you feel the vehicle is pulling itself to the left or right, this is an indication that your Jeep is in alignment.

Vehicle alignment can be done by your local mechanic at a good price.

3). Exhaust System Leaks

Hearing humming noise from your Jeep Grand Cherokee at speed can also possibly be caused by a leaking exhaust system.

This issue will be difficult to determine on your own unless you are a mechanic. It’s recommended that you have a professional have a look at the vehicle to determine the possible cause.

4). Low Transmission Fluid

If the transmission fluid is low, you can tell by checking the transmission fluid pipe under the hood.  If you weren’t sure of where to find it, cross-check with your Jeep owner’s manual.

If the transmission fluid is well below the “full” demarcation line on the dipstick, then you’ll need to add the appropriate amount.

5). Loose Steering Belt

A possible loose steering belt can also cause the Jeep to have a pesky humming sound when you speed up. If the steering wheel is loose or getting loose, then it’s time to get a professional mechanic to have a look at it and tighten it up.

If you don’t tackle it, it may cause other issues.

6). Bad Transmission System Gears

Bad transmission system gears will also cause your vehicle to make a humming sound when you accelerate.

If your transmission system is worn out, it can cause the old gears to make the humming sound at a higher speed because they may be grinding against each other.

When this is the problem, the transmission may be struggling or slipping to a higher gear when you accelerate. Bad transmission system gears can also cause your Jeep Grand Cherokee to make a buzzing sound when you accelerate.

This will require a professional who knows what they are doing to properly diagnose it.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Humming Noise at Front End

If the humming noise is coming from the front of your Jeep, there are a few possible causes. If it’s coming from the right or left side, it may be an indication of faulty wheel bearings.

To determine if that is the case, you need to get the car lifted using jacks or hydraulic lifts. If you use jacks, make sure that your car is on an even concrete surface for your safety.

The way to check this is to do a shake test on the wheels. The way you do it is that you will need to shake the wheel holding 12 o clock 6 o clock positions then also do 9 o clock and 3o clock positions.

Then give each a small shake, this test is to find any free play in them. If the isn’t any free play then you can do the spin test.

The spin test is done to hear the humming sound that you noticed when accelerating. if the wheel is quiet, then the fault might not be with the bearings.

To do the spin test, give the wheel a good spin to the direction with the most momentum. Do this test for both wheels. Also, to be sure, you can run the same test for the rear wheels as well.

Besides, this test, also lets a mechanic have a look at it.

If the wheels are all fine, you need to check the transfer case. The problem here may be a faulty one that needs to be replaced but in most cases, all you need is to change the oil and the problem is fixed.

Final Thoughts

Over the years, Jeep Grand Cherokee has remained one of the most popular new and used SUVs. To be honest, it has also had its own issues but it’s still one of the top SUVs among SUV owners because of its higher-than-average safety ratings and affordability.

Just like any vehicle, the Jeep Cherokee can also develop problems with continued use over time. These problems are usually indicated by unfamiliar sounds such as humming, rattling, buzzing, growling, or even whining sounds.

The tips above can help you to easily determine the cause of the humming noise when you accelerate and how to possibly remedy the issue yourself.

Most Jeep Grand Cherokee owners have stated that the vast majority of the issues that arise from the vehicle are easy and inexpensive to fix. Hence their reason to stick with this SUV model.

However, if after inspection the problem is beyond your knowledge, it’s best to seek professional help from a mechanic because your safety is paramount.

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