How to Make Portable Air Conditioner Quieter

Air conditioning system is almost a must during summer, especially in those really hot days. These cooling appliances help in keeping your body cool down.

Portable air conditioners are advantageous in many ways, however, it is also a known fact that some air conditioner’s noise can be like you are sleeping in a room with a helicopter inside.

That is not a good thing for any sleeper. Even worst, this can be like a mini hell for light sleepers. That is why we will be looking at how to make portable air conditioner quieter.

how to make portable air conditioner quieter

This way, you can quiet your portable air conditioner noise. Just like the many people who have been wondering; how do I reduce noise in my portable air conditioner.?. Below are some ways to soundproof portable air conditioner.

  1. Wrap it with Blanket

If your portable air conditioner is making noise, use a blanket and wrap it around the portable air conditioning unit. Blankets are thick and are good noise absorbers.

The vibrations coming from the air conditioner can be absorbed if you wrap a series of blankets around it to reduce the vibration from the motor.

Care should be taken when wrapping the blanket not obstruct the airway. You can do this by leaving the air space open to enable the airflow out freely.

This method is meant to reduce the noise level but not to completely soundproof it. If your portable air conditioner is old and it’s making too much noise, maybe it is time to replace it with a new quiet portable air conditioner that is already soundproofed.

2. Place the Air Conditioner  on a Large Rug

The main cause of your portable air conditioner noise is the internal vibrations coming from the motor that drives the fan.

These vibrations can be reduced by placing a sound-absorbing material like a heavy rug under the unit. This will reduce the level of vibration. You can also wrap it like the blanket method by wrapping a rug around it while leaving the airflow area open.

3.  Place the Unit on an Anti-Slip Vibrational Mat

Anti-Slip Vibrational Mats are used mostly to absorb vibrations from noise making appliances like washing machines, speakers or the dishwasher.

You can get one of these mats and place the portable air conditioning unit on it. This is also a noise absorbing mat that will help in absorbing the sound of the vibrations from the motor.


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4. Pass the Cool Air through Vents by Ducting

This method is often seen in offices and public places. The air conditioning unit is placed outside and the air is channel with hose into the room.

This way the noise is not head much in the intended cooling room. This will require you to get a duct reducer and a flexible duct hose.

You will need a reducer that has a big enough diameter to be able to cover the cold air vent on the portable air conditioner and the hose to fit the smaller diameter of the reducer

Once you have these items, using duct tape, you can start by attaching reducer to the portable air conditioner and seal all the holes around.

The cold air is now forced through the funnel and through the hose. Now you can take the hose to the room you desire to cool.

You can place the air conditioning unit close to a window to allow the hot air to pass out

Once the air the noisy portable air conditioner is not in the same room with you, the noise will be greatly reduced and possibly not be heard.

Now, there you have it, I hope this article was able to help you quiet your air conditioning unit.

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