Gas Oven Making Noise: 9+ Great Tips to Make It Quiet

Is your gas oven making noise that seems to be a cause for concern?. If so, you may be interested in reading this article where I outlined some of the common gas oven noises and tips on how to reduce the noise.

Gas ovens have become more popular than ever. Maybe because they cook fast, evenly, and are portable to move around easily. Many folks are now opting for them for various reasons.

gas oven making noise

Even though gas ovens are relatively quieter, they can sometimes make noise that doesn’t sound normal and may have you wondering what could be wrong.

Well, there are many different gas oven noises you may hear and each sound has its causes and fix.

Here are the common sounds your gas oven may make and tips to solve them is in this guide.

  • Roaring noise
  • Popping noise when heating
  • Blowtorch sounds
  • Puffing Sound
  • Whooshing sound
  • Boom Noise
  • Clicking noise
  • Making noise when off
  • High pitched noise

These problems could be caused by one or more different parts of the gas oven and need to be investigated. Some sounds might just be the normal operation of the oven but some may be an indication that something is wrong.

Problem: Gas Oven Making Roaring Noise

There are several possible reasons why your gas oven is making roaring noise. These include:

Gas oven over gassed: This may be that there is too much gas volume either by the orifice being opened too much, the gas supply supplying to much gas, or and there’s too much gas pressure caused by either the appliance ga regulator or the regulator at the meter.

To fix this problem, unless you are handy in gas control, you should contact your gas equipment company for them to help you with what to do.

Another cause could be there is secondary air supply into the burners venturi tube. You can fix it by simply controlling the adjustment to the air shutter by closing it slightly to allow less air intake but care must be taken to avoid closing it too much. Otherwise, could cause yellow tips on flames.

If there is an odor associated with any of these problems, it may be the smell of unburned gas or carbon monoxide fumes. And this could be caused by

another possible cause of incomplete combustion maybe improper reassemble of some parts of the oven.  This roaring noise can be heard if the burner, venturi tube, and other components have not been realigned correctly when you reassemble them.

If you have recently cleaned and tuned the oven, you might have not realigned the parts properly. If that isn’t the case, it could be there are debris obstructing the orifices, venturi tubes, or other gas passages.

Problem: Gas Oven Making Popping Noises when Heating

Is your gas oven making popping noises when heating?. There many possible causes of gas popping on your gas oven. Popping sounds are noises you should investigate seriously as it could cause an explosion.

Here are some common popping problems and if possible fix them.

  • burner cap is askew
  • wet gas range top burner or burner cap. If you have recently cleaned the stovetop or any liquid boiled over the on the burner, it can cause gas popping. If that is the case, lift off and inspect the burner cap and dry off any liquid and other burner parts.
  • Dirt or blocked gas burner orifices in some parts or all of the burner or burner ring
  • Damaged igniter or igniter wire. If the igniter is old and owner out you might want to replace it with a new one. If there are food or debris fouling the igniter, it can cause it to shut off
  • If there is any water in the gas piping from condensation or from bad gas delivery. But this is a rare condition
  • Improper air mix supplying combustion air to the burner
  • Flashback extinction pop: occurs at the time a burner is turned off or 2-3 seconds later, typically caused by a combination of hot burner components and left-over gas fuel in the supply to the burner
  • Delayed gas ignition at a gas burner – if popping or a small gas explosion occurs once after the burner has been turned on
  • A leak in gas connections at burner – watch for a flame roll-out
  • Contaminants in the gas supply – if at all burners all the time
  • Abnormally-low gas flame – if at all burners every time – check the gas regulator and the regulator vent
  • Cracked gas burner cap or burner ring – inspect closely for damage and replace if the damage is found
  • Blocked gas injector nipple in the appliance – unscrew, clean, replace, taking care not to cross-thread and damage the (usually brass) fitting
  • Damaged gasket or packing – check for damaged, lost, askew packing used at some gas burners
  • Water heater popping noise at gas-fired water heater may be due to scale on the bottom of the water heater tank

gas oven making noise

Problem: Gas Oven Sounds Like a Blowtorch

If your gas oven sounds like a blowtorch when the oven is on, there are a few possible causes.

The first possible cause could be the igniter is damaged. If this is the case, then you need to replace the old igniter with a new one.

It could also be that the FSD(flame supervisory device) is not opening correctly and therefore starving the burner of gas. delayed ignition or igniter not lined up properly can cause blowtorch sounds.

Another possible cause could be the regulator that controls the flow of gas to all burners in case it’s too high. You can check or have a technician check and replace the regulator valve which may not be working properly.

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Problem: Gas Oven Makes Puffing Sound

Gas ovens making puffing sounds when on is another common problem many people have complained about.

Puffing sound is created when there is too much gas escaping from the bake burner before ignition takes place.  This sound is mostly heard from the bake burner ignition under the floor of the oven.

This may be caused by a faulty gas valve, an incorrect air mixture, or may be a weak glow bar bake igniter.

This problem can be fixed by adjusting the air shutter. But in case, adjusting the air shutter doesnt help, you can call a service technician to diagnose and solve the problem for you.

So if your GE gas oven is making puffing sound, you can use these tips.

Problem: Gas Oven Makes Whooshing Sound

Gas oven making whooshing sound when can be caused by glow bar not getting hot enough to ignite before the gas is being released. If the glow bar doesnt get hot enough to ignite the gas before the gas is released then the gas builds up a bit while the glow bar is still heating up.

When the glow bar finally gets hot enough the gas is ignited and you get the Whoosh (basicly a small explosion of the built up gas).

You can solve this problem by replacing the blow bar ignitor in the oven.

Another possible cause of hearing whooshing sound from your gas oven could be from the top burners caused by a worn-out gas regulator. To fix the problem, replace the gas regulator.

You will need a gas technician to replace it because this will require work on some parts of the stove itself and not mostly recommended for business or homeowners to work. If not installed properly could cause leakage and break about an explosion.

Problem: Gas Oven Makes Boom Noise

If you are concerned about the booming noise your gas oven is making while it is preheating,  I understand. This is caused by the delayed ignition of the gas.

The correct process is for the igniter to light a small amount of gas to start the process. But if this process fails, there is a gas build-up and this can cause a small boom of the igniting all at once.

What is causing the build-up is actually the igniter in the oven is dirty; grease and grime possibly build upon the igniter over time.

To fix it, you can clean the ignitor well and place it back correctly.

Problem: Gas Oven Making Clicking Noise

A clicking gas stove is usually not dangerous. The igniter may continue to click even though the gas is shut off. However, if you smell gas or suspect a leak for another reason, shut off the gas supply, exit your home, and call your utility provider.

Below are possible reasons why your gas stove is making a clicking noise.

One of the most common reasons a gas stove starts clicking is because the burner cap is out of alignment.

To fix this, make sure the cooktop is completely cool, then remove the burner grate, the cap, and re-center it on the base again.

another possible cause of your oven clicking is because, there may be excess moisture that might occur after a pot boils over, following a grease spill, or after cleaning the cooktop. There may be moisture still lingering in the burner.

To fix such a problem is simple. try and dry everything thoroughly of any moisture.

Look for burned-on food or debris that might be obstructing the igniter or even the control knobs. Use a metal pin or paperclip to clear the debris away.

If after these tips, your gas stove clicking sounds persists, you may want to replace the spark module, ignition switch, or igniter. This you can get a professional to handle for you.

Wrapping Up on Gas Oven Making Noise

There are several different sounds you can hear from a gas oven. Some of these gas oven noises are just normal and there is no cause for alarm. But some of these sounds are an indication that there is something wrong and something needs to be fixed.

As you have already seen above, each sound requires its own fix and investigation.

Hopefully, these tips were able to help solve your gas oven noise problems.


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