Motorcycle Clicking, Rattling and Whining  Noise When Accelerating Fix

The noise from your motorcycle when accelerating is a huge part of what makes it iconic. However, if your motorcycle makes irritating weird noises such as whining, clicking, and rattling noises when accelerating. Then you should be worried as some things are not right with your motorcycle.

What’s even more worrisome is that these noises indicate underlying problems with your motorcycle.

Some of the effective ways to get rid of strange noise in your motorcycle are; Inspect the drive chain, replace the bearings and inspect the clutch.

In this article, we will discuss this in detail and other procedures to help stop the noises in your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Clicking, Rattling and Whining  Noise When Accelerating Fix

What Causes a Clicking Noise When I Accelerate My Motorcycle?

Clicking in your motorbike when accelerating can be due to low oil levels, sticking valves, loose cam chains, and other valve train issues. clicking may 

Why Does My Motorcycle make a Rattling Noise When Accelerating 

Hearing a rattling noise when accelerating your motorcycle can be due to low-octane fuel. The rattling noise(pre-ignition or denotation) can also be induced by carbon deposits, overheating, bad knock sensors, or wrong ignition timing.

Causes of Whining Noise in Your Motorcycle 

Disruption of the Cooling System

A blown air pocket, gasket, or leaking seal can also induce intermittent whining noise in your motorcycle. Usually, the liquid-cooled motorcycle doesn’t make noise. The circulation occurs in a silent rhythm, so if you begin to hear whining then it’s time to check up on the cooling system. 

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Gearbox Problems 

If you hear whining from the transmission gearbox when accelerating, particularly when the gearbox is under underload then it is a signal that there is a problem with your motorbike’s gearbox.

If your motorcycle makes noise in a specific gear, there is some wear and tear that has damaged those particular gears. If pulling the clutch lever in and out or changing to different gears brings about the whining noise then the gearbox transmission is the culprit. 

However, if pulling the clutch does not cause any whining noise, then it is likely the transmission isn’t the issue as loading and unloading the transmission should somehow affect the whining noise. 

Irregular Cam Chain Tensioner

A squeaky whine along with clattering on your motorcycle is due to an irregular cam chain. If you notice the clattering anytime you let down the throttle, then the cam chain tension is the culprit behind the whining noise; this can be a result of the cam chain tensioner being too loose or too tight. 

However, the chain slap noise may tend to get worse over time as your motorcycle warms up and the cam chain metal expands. If you adjust the cam chain and get rid of the noise then you have solved the issue. Sometimes it may just need an adjustment according to the spec of the user manual. 

In other instances, the noise may stop for a while and come back again. When this occurs you need to check the cam chain adjustment and the tensioner. This may be a result of a worn-out chain or a bad chain tensioner.

Faulty Wheel Bearings

The whining noise emanating from the wheels of your motorbike could be due to worn-out bearings. However, Hearing noise from the wheel area may not necessarily mean faulty bearings. For instance, a humming noise from bearings could be induced by the cv joints or the tires. The sound you should look out for when trying to troubleshoot the issue is a growling whine noise.   The whining noise may become louder as your motorcycle moves faster. 

Having said this worn-out bearings may induce a whining noise as they are not properly interacting with your motorcycle’s transmission gearbox as they ought to. In other cases, the whining noises come along with a rumble when you turn the motorcycle. 

Riding a motorcycle with a worn-out bearing is incredibly dangerous as it stops the wheel from moving especially when you are cruising at high-speed downtown as it can make you slue on the road.

Damaged Drive Chain

A healthy drive chain may make noise but a damaged drive chain may induce a  whining noise even louder than the engine when riding. If the drive is not solved, over time it may not only cause 

whining but it will also induce vibrations in the footpegs while you’re riding. The vibrations indicate stiff chain links or tight spots in the drive chain.

How to Fix the Noise in Your Motorcycle When Accelerating 

Inspect the Drive Chain 

You can begin by cleaning up the drive chain. In the process of cleaning up the drive the chain checks for loose rollers, and sticky chain links and pays attention to any extra stretch or play in the chain.

Next, adjust the drive chain by following the specs of the user manual and ensure it’s properly adjusted and aligned. 

After you have cleaned, inspected, and realigned the drive chain, apply premium lubricant on the chain to help lubricate it.

Check Out the Level of Your Coolant 

If you notice there is a decline in the level of coolant, then it is a sign that the coolant system is the cause of the whining noise in your motorcycle. If air pockets develop as a result of the low level of coolant, the system pump can’t circulate the coolant through the engine adequately. However if the coolant back down it may have the potential to bunch up around hot spots.

However if the coolant gathers up around the engine hot spots, it may begin to boil and induce a whining hiss noise.

Top up the coolant and observe if the noise has stopped. If the noise hasn’t stopped, it may be due to a leaking coolant seal or a  blown gasket. If this is the case then you need to visit a mechanic.

Replace the Bearings

A worn-out wheel bearing may induce a whining noise when accelerating. Replacing the wheel bearing is the best solution. the wheel is relatively cheap and easy to get and replace.

Before you start, try and turn the wheel to find out if you hear anything but smooth rotation. If you notice the clicking noise then you need to replace the wheel bearings.

Check Out the Level of the Oil

Check the oil and replenish it’s low, you can also change the oil entirely if you notice that oil is dirty. Inspect the filter and oil pan for the metal in the pan in the course of changing the oil.

Inspect the Clutch 

The clutch could be the reason behind the rattling noise in your motorcycle. This can be a result of a broken dog or bents on some of the gears. To remedy this problem take out the clutch cover and look out for broken pieces. sometimes a broken clutch spring in your motorbike can also induce noise. However, if the clutch spring is broken you need to replace it.

Replace the Spark Plug Holder or Wire

There are two things you can do to remedy the bad plug from causing the clicking noise. It depends on the source of the problem either the plug holder or the wire.  However, if the plug is the culprit, replace it but if the wire is the cause then you need to take it out and install a new one.

Take Your Motorcycle to a Professional Mechanic

If you have tried all the solutions and the noise doesn’t stop then it’s time to visit a mechanic.To your bike to its official servicing company. You can also take your motorcycle to a professional motorbike mechanic.

Adjust the Cam Chains Spring 

One component critical to solving the noise from the cam chain is the fork between the rubber brush. However, when the chain wears out a gap a created between the forks.

To get things done you need to adjust the chains, especially the cam chains springs. To do this, remove the cam chain spring and stretch it out properly. Reinstall the cam chain spring to its original place. Once this is done the noise disappears as time goes by.

Can Low Levels of Oil Induce Rattling Noise? 

When the engine oil becomes low it will cause the oil pump to collect air and mix it with the oil. This will result in friction between moving components of the engine hence creating the rattling noise. 

What Causes the Rattling Noise in the Transmission 

The issue of transmission rattling noise in the course of acceleration can be due to low fluid levels in the A/T.The torque converter is usually situated within the transmission that transfers power to drive the wheels. So if you hear noise when accelerating it is a sign of a faulty torque converter. 


Riding a motorcycle with all kind of weird noises and not knowing what problems that noise indicate, can result in huge repair cost, seized engine, and even a crash. We have discussed some causes and methods in the above article, to help help you fix the noise issue in motorcycles when accelerating. Inspecting and servicing your motorcycle regularly as outlined in the user manual will help avoid these weird noises and other problems.


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