How to Get Rid of Static Noise in Headphones

It can be very infuriating when all you want to do is enjoy some great music with your prized pair of headphones but unexpectedly you start hearing buzzing static noises.

The static noise will hinder you from the quality listening experience you deserve. 

Some of the easiest ways to fix the static noise issue in your headphone are; to change audio settings, check out the auxiliary port, inspect your headphone speakers, and check-out wireless connections

In this article, we will discuss in detail a few other causes and proven methods to help you fix the noise problems in your headphone. Knowing this will plausibly help you save money and time.

how to get rid of static noise in headphones

Potential Causes of the Static Noise  in Your Headphone 

Auxiliary Port Problems

The auxiliary chord plays a critical role when it comes to the transferral of sound signals from your phone, laptop, or any other audio device to your headphone speakers.

However, the inner components of the port can become dirty or oxidized. In extreme cases, the interior components of the ports may be damaged. When this happens your audio playback may induce static noise and thus affect the quality of sound in your headphone. In most instances issue usually happens at the delicate junction between the 3.5m audio jack and the cable.

Defective Headphone Speakers

One of the first things you need to check out when your headphones start to make static noise is your headphone’s hardware. This will help you know whether your speakers are working properly or not. However, headphones made of brittle may begin to rattle when they cannot handle the consistent energy they receive. A damaged cone will cause your headphone to make a buzzing noise anytime they vibrate. 

To determine if damaged headphone speakers are the cause of the static noise in your headphone, simply plug your headphone into a reliable audio playback device, one that you trust is working properly, and observe if the static cab still is heard. 

If the static noise continues, then there may be a hardware problem with your headphone. 

Incorrect Audio Settings 

Sometimes the reason for the static noise in your headphone may not be caused by your headphone themselves but by the incorrect audio settings of your playback audio device.

 If you are sure there is nothing wrong with your headphone then you need to adjust the settings of your audio device, to see if that will get rid of the static noise. 

Wireless Headset Issues 

Is not surprising that you can also hear static noise from your wireless headphones just like the wired headphones. Is no big deal that using wireless headphones can make you more susceptible to hearing static noise due to the interference from other devices within your area.

Loose Wires

Although most of the headphones produced these days are constructed well about quality, there is still the likelihood that the interior wiring of these headphones may be defective, loose, or disconnected. All of these issues can bring about the static noise you hear from your headphone. Usually, the wires inside your headphone are mostly the weakest in terms of their connection, with its audio jack about 3.5mm.

Sometimes there is the possibility that some owners may twitch their headphones in the area beneath the jack plastic case. Doing this anytime you try to use your headphone may result in putting too much stress on the internal wire causing them to disconnect or become loose. It is always advisable to hold your headphone by the audio when trying to connect or disconnect them instead of holding and pulling wires.

How to Fix the Static Noise in Your Headphone 

Inspect Your Headphone Speakers 

The best way to solve the static noise problem in your headphone is to first check out if your headphones speakers are damaged or not. Damaged headphone speakers will induce static or buzzing noise anytime it vibrates.

To determine if your headphone speakers are damaged or not, simply plug your headphones speakers into your laptop, phone, or any other reliable audio device. Then observe if the static noise disappears.

But if the static noise continues then there is probably a problem with your headphone hardware. You can mitigate this problem by repairing them by just replacing the earcups.

You can also utilize your warranty if it’s still valid. 

Check Out the Auxiliary Port

The auxiliary port is responsible for transferring sound signals from your phone, laptop, or any other audio device to your headphone speakers. The headset may not be connected properly due to the accumulation of dust covering the port.

To mitigate this problem you only need to clean the auxiliary port. cleaning up the auxiliary port will get rid of the dirt and prevent static noise. 

Also, check out to see if any of the wires by the junction is frayed, and weld them together to stop the static noise in your headphone. 

Sometimes cleaning the audio jack could be as simple as blowing air into it to remove the dust particles. However if you want clean it thoroughly, you can rub the inside of the jack with isopropyl alcohol. It is best to always ensure to switch off the device before you use the isopropyl alcohol and rub it with a dry towel.

Change Your Audio Settings 

If you’re not happy with the audio device you can alter the enhancement and create your custom settings. However incorrect audio settings can degrade the sound quality. This makes it important to have the actual settings as default on your audio device. Before you start fiddling with cables and ports find the cause of the noise. Altering the audio configuration will save you time and trouble. You can start by altering your audio factory settings and try your headphone out.

To do this you need to go to the audio settings on your android and click on the device tab or accessibility. Once that is done go under the hearing option and click on sound balance and adjust the left or right volume balance. Finally, click on, enable mono audio to finish the process. 

However, you can also disable all the sound enhancement on your windows. Navigate to the control panel and click on hardware, then click on sound. Below the playback click on speakers. You can also remedy this issue by navigating the enhancement tab below the system effect, once that is done disable the sound effects and click on OK.

Check Out Your Wireless Connection 

It is common to hear static noise even when you are using a wireless device. This is usually due to the closeness of other wireless devices that interferes with your connection and cause noise.

Anytime a wifi and Bluetooth connections lap over each they tend to wipe out each other and this usually affects the audio quality. To solve this problem you need to disconnect other wireless signals that may hinder you of enjoy quality sound. You can also eliminate any metallic obstruction to ensure uninterrupted connectivity.

Use a Different Connector for Your Headphone 

One of the easiest ways to fix the static noise in your headphone is to try connecting your headphone to a different port. If the noise persists then the problem is from your headphone but if the static noise stops then it means there is a problem with the ports. 

Check Out the App You are Using 

The static you hear in your headphone may cause the app to play the music, especially if it has been recently updated. Another sign is that you may hear robotic noise which will impede the listening experience. 

To remedy this problem, simply restart the app completely. 

Check Out for Corrupt Drivers on the PC

If you have heard static in your headphone since your last update. This indicates there is a problem with your audio drivers.

Here are a few steps to help you fix that problem. 

  • Click on the volume mixer in your computer and choose the speak icon
  • Click on ‘properties’ below the controller information 
  • Then choose ‘change settings ‘
  • Finally, click on ‘roll back driver’ in the driver tab.

Replace Your Headphone 

It is time to replace your headphone after trying all these methods and the static noise hasn’t disappeared. In most instances, cables are usually the cause of the noise as they easily get broken if they are mishandled. However, if your headphones produce quality sound when at low volume but make static noise when you increase the volume then it is time to upgrade your headphone to a better one.


Hearing the buzzing of static noise in your headphone can be annoying, especially if you have fiddled with your device but still can’t get rid of the noise. Luckily enough the procedures above will help you fix the static noise problem in your headphone. However, static can be avoided if maintain your headphone properly. Such as taking good care of the cables and wires when plugging and unplugging. And keeping your headphone clean.


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