How to Stop Refrigerator From Buzzing

A refrigerator can make different types of noise. Most refrigerators make some amount of noise when running. But can you know that the noise coming from your refrigerator maybe indicating potential problems.?.

Buzzing noise is one of the potential noise that a refrigerator can make. The question is how to stop refrigerator from buzzing.

Well, let’s look at why your refrigerator may be making the buzzing noise.

How to Stop Refrigerator From Buzzing



Why is My Refrigerator Making Buzzing Noise?

You may be wondering why your refrigerator is making buzzing noise anytime you walk into the kitchen. Well, some level of noise is expected for your refrigerator to function normally.

However, you have a cause to be worried if it is making an overly loud noise. This might imply that your appliance needs a repair or a service.

Some refrigerator noises are easily fixed by you if you are willing to investigate more into the possible causes of the loud noise.

Some noise problems too might need a professional to handle them for you.

Let’s look at some possible causes of buzzing noise and how to fix them.

  • Condenser Fan Motor Coils

When the condenser fan motor coils are covered in dust, it will overwork itself trying to cool down the inside of the refrigerator, this will result in creating a buzzing noise.

Basic maintenance of a refrigerator or freezer involves cleaning the condenser coils on the back of the appliance.

To clean the dust on the condenser coils, switch off the refrigerator and remove the rear panel. Now dust and vacuum the coils and ensure they are clean of dust and dirt. This will allow for better airflow and efficiency.

If you are faced with inaccessible coils or after cleaning the condenser coils the noise still continues, then you might need a professional repairer.

  • Loose Panels 

Buzzing on the outside of the unit can come from many sources. Panels can be loose and vibrate or buzz when the unit is running.

Things stacked or placed on the top can buzz, and magnets holding things on the side can buzz when the refrigerator is running.

You can press on the sides of the fridge to see if the buzzing stops, or remove everything off the top and the sides to see if that eliminates buzzing.

  • Improperly Balanced Fridge

If you are hearing the buzzing near the bottom of the fridge it could be caused by an improperly balanced fridge. If one of the refrigerator legs is to touching the floor when the fridge is running, the leg touching the floor might cause vibration or buzzes against the floor.

To determine if balance is the problem. slightly tip the refrigerator to lift the weight from one side to the other. If the buzzing stops, then the refrigerator legs need to be adjusted.

  • Buzzing  Noise Inside Refrigerator

Refrigerators with ice makers and self-defrost models will make buzz sounds during their respective cycles, when water valves open to refill the ice maker, the appliance will buzz, when the water drips down onto the heated coils on the self-defrost model, there will also be a buzzing sound.

These are normal buzzing noise and will only last as long as the cycle last. They happen at intermittent internals and not constantly.  If there is a constant buzzing noise, then you need to investigate it and get a repairer to fix any issues.

  • Drip Pan Noise

The drip pan is located directly beneath the refrigerator. It is usually mounted on foam rubber so that it does not vibrate when the fridge is running.

However, when for some reason the drip pan can move to the side and make a slight touch with the cooling line or radiator fin. When this happens when the refrigerator is running, it will vibrate so fast that it makes a buzzing noise.

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To fix this problem, you will need to kneel on your needs down and listen underneath the fridge. If you hear the buzzing, the chances are its cause by the drip pan.

Simply shift the drip pan into place to stop the refrigerator buzzing noise.

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