Fridge Making Rattling Noise-Causes and Fixes

First of all, a refrigerator is not one of the quietest appliances you will ever find in a home. A fridge can make several different noises at different time intervals.

Many of these sounds are normal and shouldn’t be taken seriously. However, when does a fridge making rattling noise begin to get you worried?.

A  rattling noise that is continuous and very loud should be looked into and possibly get repaired.

Below are some of the possible causes of your fridge making rattle noises.

Fridge Making Rattling Noise

  • Drain Pan

The drain pan which is located underneath the fridge can become loose after many years of gentle vibration caused by the fridge while running.

The drain pan is where the melted frost in the freezer runs down to through the cool coil. Once the frosting drip down into the pan, it then evaporates.

so, if the drain pain moves out of place a bit and touches the other side of the fridge, it could cause rattling noise when the freeze is running.

To check if it is the drain pan, go down on your knees and check under the fridge to ensure the drain pan is in place, if is not, gently move it into place and tape it with a heavy-duty duct tape.

  • Dirty Condenser Fan Blades

Mostly located at either the rear or bottom of the fridge.  The purpose of the condenser fan is to blow air on the condenser coil and just like any fan blades, the condenser fan blades accumulate dust and debris.

If there are too much dirt and dust on the condenser fan, this could cause the fan to make a rattling or buzzing noise which can be unpleasant to anyone. The other bad effect the dirty condenser fan could cause affect the cooling efficiency of the refrigerator.

To fix this problem, both the condenser fan and the condenser coil should be cleaned at regular intervals t avoid dust or dirt build-up that can cause these annoying sounds.

  • Faulty Defrost Timer

The defrost timer is one of the components of the automatic defrost system in a freezer compartment of a fridge. This defrost timer can be located in different places of the fridge depending on the model and make of the refrigerator. it’s a small plastic unit that is often white in color and has four terminals extending from it on one side.

some common places a defrost timer can be found are behind the fridge on the back wall, behind the kickplate, or in the fridge control.

The function of the defrost timer lets the fridge system know how long it runs the heater to melt frost before returning to the normal mode.

If there is rattling noise coming from the defrost timer, it is possible the motor of the defrost timer that has malfunctioned and possibly needs a replacement. It is inexpensive. You can easily purchase one and replace it.

  • Compressor Rattle Noise

The fridge compressor is basically one of the components a refrigerator can not do without. Because of that, it is expensive to replace it.

Usually, the compressor is located on the bottom or backside of the fridge. Once in a while the compressor will make a rattling noise as it turns on or off during the day and night. The noise coming from the compressor during these intervals is normal.

However, if the rattle is annoying and is constant, there might be a problem with the compressor.

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The fix to this problem is to either tolerate the noise for some time and replace the compressor when you have the budget to do so. Otherwise, you may need to rather purchase a new refrigerator.

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