How to Stop Door Hinges from Squeaking- 8 Effective Tips

Except for noise from smoke detectors and low battery alarms, the squeaking noise from your door hinges is one of the most annoying things to deal with around the house. Especially when some opens and close a door to a room late at night or very early in the morning. 

The squeaking noise from your door hinges indicates there is a problem. But you don’t need to worry about it as fixing a squeaking door hinge door is one of the easiest DIY jobs. This article is all about treating squeaky door hinges and making them work as they should. Read on to see if we will get things done.

Some of the simplest ways to stop the squeaking noise in your door hinges are; to use bar soap on the hinge pin, replace your door hinges, use hairspray, use paraffin candles, and apply lithium grease or silicone spray on your door hinges. 

In this article, we will discuss this in detail and a few other methods to help you fix the squeaking noise in your door hinges. 

How to Stop Door Hinges from Squeaking

Tips to Stop Door Hinges from Squeaking

Use Bar Soap on the Hinge Pin

Something as easy as using bar soap on your door hinges can be very essential for lubricating the hinges and getting rid of the squeaky noise. A sufficient amount of bar soap can effectively get rid of any squeaky hinges. 

To do this,  simply rub a bar of soap in and your door hinges are uniformly coated. Adding a small amount of water to the soap will make using it easier than going straight on.  Be careful not to put too much water on the bar soap as it will become too liquid and work sloppy.

However, there will be a risk of the wood warping around the area if an excessive amount of water is added to the bar soap. 

Tighten Up the Screws

Another way to get rid of the squeaky noise in your door hinges is to tighten up the screws that keep the hinges steady. Most people feel shocked when they hear how often they tighten up the screws to keep things working normally. 

If you have been using your door often for a long period then is possible they need to be fastened securely by tightening the screws.

One of the main reasons why the screws become loose is that they are mostly not tightened up properly in the first place.  Tightening up the screws once you realize this will get rid of the noise,  keep your door upright, and decrease the chances of this becoming an ongoing problem. 

If you notice some screws don’t seem to stay in properly,  then it’s time you consider replacing the screws.

Use Petroleum Jelly on the Hinges

The best way to use petroleum jelly to get rid of the squeaky noise in your door hinges is to remove the hinge pin and coat it with the jelly.  However you don’t need tons of oleum jelly on the hinge, just coating the entire surface of the hinge with it, is enough to keep the pin lubricated.

To achieve better results you can apply a considerable amount of oleum jelly to the pin from the hinge to keep them effectively lubricated.

Petroleum jelly works well just like other lubricant options especially using household products, so it depends on what is available in your home. 

Put Olive Oil Inside the Hinge and on the Hinge Pin

Another way to get rid of the squeaky noise in your door hinges is to apply olive oil n your door hinges. Since it will be messy to pour the olive oil onto the hinge,  simply get a cotton swab or paper towel and slightly put some olive oil n it. Then apply it on top of the hinge and allow it to soak in it a little. 

Olive is not only a natural product that most people have it is also very affordable. However this is not a permanent solution, so you may need to reapply the olive oil onto the hinges at another time. Many people that it would last a while. 

Put Paraffin Candles on the Hinge Pin

The paraffin candles work the same way as the petroleum jelly when handling noisy door hinges. 

All need to do is microwave your paraffin candles to become liquid. Then coat the entire surface of the hinge pin with the paraffin candle. People who already have the paraffin wax will be amazed to see how much of a difference the wax has made on their door hinges. 

Use Hair Spray

One of the easiest ways to stop the squeaking noise in your door hinges is to hairspray inside the hinge and on the hinge. Bear in mind that this is not a permanent solution and you may need to reapply the hairspray when the squeaky noise returns. However, some hairspray polymers can seal around standard door hinges. The seal will decrease the chances of your door becoming squeaky again. 

Use Silicone Spray or Lithium Grease

Even though the two options aren’t the same, they get lumped together because they are both premium lubricant options that can handle squeaky door hinges. 

The silicone spray can be found in online stores and stores. The absence of mineral oil and grease in the silicone spray allows it to work effectively on different surfaces. The silicone spray has several uses, it works perfectly on plastics, rubbers, and metals.

To achieve better results, we recommend you take out the hinge pin and apply the silicone spray inside the hinge. Also, ensure to apply a considerable amount of the silicone spray onto the entire surface of the pin and use a paper towel to rub out any excess. 

The lithium grease works the same as the silicone spray, generally, most stores have the lithium grease and not the silicone spray. One thing about lithium is that it is a bit messy. 

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Replace Your Door Hinges

If your door hinges still make squeaky noise after trying all these approaches, then it’s time to replace your door hinges. You can purchase your needed door hinges at your local store or online.

Ensure to get the right size and type of door hinge since some doors are slightly different. Unfasten the screws on the old hinge, set the new hinge, and screw it in. Make sure to replace one hinge at a time to prevent your door from falling off.


What is the Lubricant Best for My Door Hinge?

Generally, the two overall best options are either silicone spray or lithium grease. Both lubricants are low-priced and buy it can last longer and be used several times. HHoweversilicone spray is a lot cheaper and it is very easy to apply. This is the reason why most people usually start with silicone spray first to find out if it works perfectly for them.

Even though lithium grease is a bit more expensive people still spend extra bucks for it because it lasts a bit longer. 

Which Household Product can I Use to Fix My Squeaky Hinges?

We recommend you use olive oil. This will help get rid of the noise with both speed and durability. In case you only want to tackle the annoying squeaky noise right now and nothing else, then you can simply apply hairspray onto the door hinge for a quick x.

What Causes Doors to Squeak?

The squeaking noise in your door hinges is usually due to a lack of lubrication between the hinge pin and the hinge knuckles. when the surfaces of these parts become dry the metal-to-metal contact between their surfaces creates a squeaky noise. Simple lubricating the hinges with any lubricate will stop the squeaky noise.


People will agree to the fact that squeaky door hinges are extremely annoying. But the good thing is that this problem is easy to fix. As it only requires you to have the right tools and a little of your time to get things done.

We have some of the simplest doable DIY procedures to help you get rid of the squeaking noise in your door hinges. Read the article carefully and stick to the procedures to achieve better results. 


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