How to Fix Squeaky Stairs Without Removing Carpet

A squeaky floorboard is an indication that the subfloor separated a little bit from the joist. And due to this the woods are rubbing together and creating that squeaky noise.

However, if your carpeted stairs are squeaking, you don’t need to remove the carpet to fix the squeaky noise. You do not have to ruin your beautiful carpet installation. There are simple doable DIY techniques to fix the squeak yourself.

Some of the easiest ways to fix squeaky stairs without removing the carpet are; locate the floor joist, insert screws into the floor and snap off exposed screws. 

 In this article, we will help you discover some of the simplest methods to repair your carpeted stairs by going through the hell of removing the carpet. 

How to Fix Squeaky Stairs Without Removing Carpet

Locate the Floor Joist

Here are a few tools you will need to get things done.

  • A screwdriver attachment 
  • A joist finding drill bit 
  • Scored screws 
  • A tripod tool
  • A hammer 
  • A drill
  • Tape 

The first thing you will want to do is to locate each joist near the squeaks before you start with the necessary repairs. Use a hammer to tap on the floor gently and listen attentively to the difference between a hollow sound and a firm sound. The firm sound pinpoints the location of a floor joist.  The joist is usually centered around the step. To locate the joists simply tap along the edges of the squeaky step and move toward the center till you locate the joist.

Drill on the Floor Above

Use a joist-finding drill bit to drill into the floor above the joist. The drill has a long pole with thread on its tips. Continue driving the drill bit till the drill bit sticks into the floor joist. However, the drill bit will slip in and out of the floor if you miss out on the joist.

Stretch the tape along the back of the step to the front covering the entire location in which the drill bit has been positioned. The tape helps you figure out the position of the joist. Once you are done take out the drill bit. 

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Insert Screws into the Floor

Place a tripod on top of the tap near the back of the step and fasten the drill bit to drill. The drill bit and the tripod come along with scored screws for easy application. 

Install the scored screw into the drill bit. Then stand over the tripod and drive the screw into the joist and floor via the tape. However, the tripod will prevent the screws when about one inch of it is exposed above the carpet. 

Drive in the second screw closer to the front step across the tape line. 

Snap Off Exposed Screws

Inset the head of the exposed screws into the T-shaped groove alongside the tripod.  Next, bend the screws to one side to snap off the head of the screws. This will ensure that none of the screws is left exposed above the carpet. 

Repeat the Process

Repeat the whole process for any extra squeaky steps. If the notice the squeaking step is wide, it may have many joists running beneath it. If that is the case, then you need to repeat the process for each joist. 


How Do I Fix My Squeaky Stairs Without Removing the Carpet?

If you notice your carpeted stairs are squeaky, you don’t have to take your beautiful carpeted installation to repair the squeak. The simplest way to repair the squeak is to, first locate the squeaky floorboards close to the floor joist and drive a screw into each joist near the squeak through the carpet. 

How Do I Stop My Stairs from Squeaking?

One of the simplest ways to stop squeaky noise emanating from the back or sides of the treads is to fill the cracks. Simply fill the cracks between the tread and rise on top of it with lubricants such as talcum powder or graphite powder. 

Can Squeaky Stairs be Fixed?

Squeaky stairs can easily be fixed from below them if only they are exposed. Simply tap shims into the voids treads between the tread and stringers.  Next, add some glue to it and screw the stringer to each stud respectively. Most stairs are polished with drywall or plaster on the underside. 

Can I Use Baby Powder to Stop Squeaky Stairs?

Applying talcum or baby powder onto your stairs will stop the squeaky noise temporarily. Putting the powder or lubricant inside the floor will significantly reduce the friction, hence decreasing the squeaky noise. 

How Much Will It Cost to Fix My Squeaky Stairs?

Between  $100 and 450 dollars. 

To professionally repair your squeaky stairs, you should budget around $100 and $450.Normally squeaky stairs are mostly made of wood and the squeaky noise occurs due to wear out of some components. 

Why Do Stairs Start to Squeak All of a Sudden?

In most instances, it is either the tread rubbing or knocking against the riser board. It could also be that the treads have loosened from one or more of its stringers or both.

Is It Normal for Stairs to Squeak?

Even though this may sound a bit serious, squeaky stairs are pretty normal. Squeaky stairs usually occur due to the movement of the staircase fittings and it’s becoming loose over time. 

Can WD40 Stop the Squeaks in My Stairs?

Applying a slight amount of the WD40 spray lubricant onto the seams and joints with reduce the friction and stop the squeaky noise. The WD40 is one of the easiest and cheapest to quiet down your squeaky stairs. 


Squeaky carpeted stairs can extremely annoying, especially when someone walks up and down the stairs late at night or early in the morning. But fixing this problem shouldn’t be a struggle when you can easily repair your squeaky carpeted floor without removing the carpet. Read the article carefully and get the right tools to repair your squeaky carpeted stairs. 



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