How to Fix a Squeaky Gaming Chair (Quick & Easy Tips)

Gaming chairs are comfortable and allow you to enjoy a better gaming experience. But the sad reality is that these chairs can become squeaky after a while. Hearing squeaky noises from your chair can be extremely annoying as it can shatter your concentration and reduce your ability to enjoy the game.

As luck would have it, the squeaky noise in you does mean you should replace your chair with a new one.  When your chair is diagnosed properly you can simply fix the problem with some doable DIY procedures. 

Some of the easiest ways to get rid of the squeaky noise in your gaming chair are; to lubricate the moving parts, inspect the screws, nuts, and bolts, fix the springs, and inspect the wheels. 

In this article, we will discuss this in detail and a few other approaches to help you fix your squeaky gaming chair. 

How to Fix a Squeaky Gaming Chair

How to Fix a Squeaky Gaming Chair

1). Identify the Squeaky Areas

Before you begin to fix the squeaky noise issue in your office chair, first you need to figure out exactly where the noise is coming from. A good way to determine this is to sit on and off your chair many times and move it around. You can also adjust the brackets many times and consciously listen to where the noise is coming from.

However, you can also try moving your gaming chair back and forth and sliding it around the room to determine if the noise is coming from the wheels.

Moreover, you can adjust the height of your chair to determine if the issue is coming from the gas lift. In most cases, the squeaky noise usually comes from one or more of the above-mentioned parts. 

In most instances the squeaky noise may come from these parts;

  • The backrest area
  • The gas lift mechanism 
  • Bolts and screws 
  • The wheels

2). Consult the Manual Provided with the Seat

Review your user manual after you have figured out the source of the noise. This way you can figure out if there was an oversight of some parts during its manufacturing. It is very important to stick to the guide step by step. Once you have confirmed everything is in its appropriate place, then you can move to the next step. 

3). Lubricate Moving Parts 

The presence of moisture in the air can cause rust, as most components of your gaming chair are made of steel. To remedy this problem, you need to apply a considerable amount of grease or spray oil onto the squeaky spots.

Make sure to dab everything dry before using your chair again. To make things less messy you can put the oil on a soft material and use it to rub onto the squeaky spots.

This will help make the joints smoother and loose. As you know, friction is one of the major causes of squeaky noise. This usually occurs when various components of your chair rub hard against each other, the friction will not only make annoying noises but it will also cause your chair to crack and wear down quickly. 

4). Inspect the Screws, Nuts, and Bolts

One of the first things you need to do when your gaming chair is squeaky is to turn your chair upside down and look at its hardware. If you have ever assembled your chair before you will probably know its critical components.

You use a screwdriver or a wrench to tighten all the loose bolts, screws, and nuts. You can even try tightening parts that don’t appear loose.  Sometimes too much sitting can put a lot of pressure on the tiny items which is why it is important to check your chair regularly and do a little work. Once you are done, turn your chair to its normal position and sit to find out if the noise has stopped. 

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5). Remove Bolts and Screws 

If the squeaking noise persists, then the lubricant needs to be applied deeper into the seat. we, therefore, recommend you completely take out the nuts and bolts before applying the lubricant deeper. You can also remove bolts and nuts and lubricate them with light machine oil before you reinstall them in your chair. 

6). Fix the Springs

There are three tactics you can use to fix the springs. First, you use a screwdriver to remove the screws. Get at the springs and put a seal thread tape. To do this, simply rub the tape on the springs to decrease the pressure between them which is causing the squeaky noise.

If this doesn’t stop the noise, try this second approach. Apply a considerable amount of oil to the seat tension spring which is located inside the turn-knob housing. To do this, loosen the seat tension turn-knob and take out the turn-knob and spray a lubricant inside the housing.

In some cases, the two approaches don’t stop the noise. The last solution to consider is to call up an upholster to come and slip the chair of its upholstery and probably replace the springs. 

7). Lubricate the Backrest 

Most gaming chair owners complain that the squeaking or crackling noise usually occurs when they lean back on their gaming chair. This occurs when there is too much tension in the back area or point where the spring ends touch the housing ends.

Set up your lubricating agents (oil) and put a significant amount of the oil onto the seat tension spring found inside the turn-knob housing of your gaming chair. 

Simply loosen up the seat tension spring, take it out and spray oil directly into the housing.

8). Inspect the Wheels

If you suspect the wheels are the cause of the squeaky noise in your gaming chair. Then you need to lubricate it. Most standard gaming chairs have their wheels inserted into the chair through a metal post fitted to the top of your wheel. 

With the constant use of the chair over a long period, the metal post can wear out and become loose. Since gaming chairs mostly move a lot, the wheel axle may undergo friction and eventually lead to squeaky noise. 

  • Roll the chair back and forth to inspect the wheels. 
  • Turn your chair upside down 
  • Put your chair on a paper towel and apply a considerable amount of silicone spray on it.
  • Spout a significant amount of the silicone spray on the metal post. Make sure to spray inside the post housing as well.
  • Roll the chair around for some time to allow the silicone spray to seep into the entire wheels properly. 

9). Inspect the Casters 

Sometimes the casters may be covered with grime. To fix this problem, turn the chair upside down and pull out any visible clumps or hair on the casters. You can also use a vacuum cleaner or compressed air to drive out the remaining dirt.

Apply a spray lubricant on the wheel to ensure they roll quietly and smoothly as much as possible. 

10). Replace Rusted Parts

If the parts are too rusty to the extent that cleaning them won’t work, then the best line of action is to replace those parts. However, you can also apply a rust deterrent on the metal parts every once in a while. In case you don’t want to change the existing hardware, you can add reinforcement with more brackets hinges to make your chair sturdier. 


A quiet gaming chair is necessary for you to enjoy a better gaming experience. If you are sick and tired of your squeaky gaming chair. In the article above we have some of the best procedures to help you get rid of the squeaky noise in your gaming chair. Carefully read the article and stick to the methods to help you achieve better results. 


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