Honda Civic Clicking Noise When Starting Issue (Solved)

Honda Civic is a strong and powerful car. One thing I like about them is that they economical and hardly develop problems. But just like any other vehicle, there comes a time you might be hearing some sounds that need your attention.

So, if your Honda Civic is making a clicking noise when starting, then it means that there is something going on that you have to attend to.

the Honda Civic’s clicking sound is also known as the “ticking sound”. Some people even sometimes hear the sound before the engine even starts.

These sounds can be continuous or a non-continuous problem. Either way, you need to fix the noise issue before your car gets damaged internally.

Luckily, today we will be looking at the possible causes of these clicking noises and how best you can get them fixed.

honda civic making clicking noise when starting

Causes of Honda Civic Clicking Noise When Starting and How to Fix It

With vehicles, it is always best to investigate any unfamiliar sound that might be coming from them. Before it generates a bigger problem.

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So here, we will look at some of the possible causes of your Honda Civic clicking or ticking noise when you are starting it and the possible solutions to them.

1). Disconnected Ground Wire

As it is with electronics a complete electrical circuit must be made for electricity to make things work. If the circuit is incomplete the current won’t flow.

With cars, there is a ground wire that comes with the thermostat housing. The ground wire is connected there with a 10-millimeter bolt. If this bolt is disconnected or partially connected at some point. it can cause clicking or ticking sounds.

Driving on an untired road can cause this bolt to loosen up and if the ground wire is disconnected somehow, it might be hearing the clicking noise from the car and this sound comes from behind the glovebox.

The main relay is there and if there is a disconnection from the engine it can cause the main relay to make a noise.

How to Fix It

If after investigating you found this is the cause of the sounds, you simply need to connect the ground wire in its place properly.

Tighten the bolt in place. Before doing that make sure the power is disconnected to avoid shocking yourself.  You can you tools like a wrench to tighten the bolt.

2). Low Voltage Battery

My Honda Civic is making a clicking noise and won’t start. I have seen this question being asked a lot of time of times by people online.

When the car starts making this sound when you try to start your engine or you are unable to start the engine, then there might be a battery issue. To verify this, try and switch on the headlight.

If the headlights are able to turn on, then there is power but if not, then you either have a drained battery or you have a faulty alternator.

You test the battery strength by measuring the voltage on it. If it’s below 12V, then there is not enough battery strength to power the engine.

How to Fix Low Battery in Honda Civic

If it is confirmed that there is a low battery, then you need to change it. Check the battery and get a new one or better still a more durable battery.

Provided everything is fine,  it is advisable to change the battery within 4 years. If the battery is working fine, then change the alternator to a new one.

3). Corroded Battery Terminals

The battery terminals can sometimes get corroded or dirty even though the battery is still working fine. This can cause the car to make a clicking sound.

How to Fix It: Clean the Corroded Area

In such a case, you will need to clean the corroded area. Use baking soda and then add some water to it. The mixture will react and clean the corroded area. If it’s dirty too, simply clean the dust off it.

4). Faulty Starter

A faulty starter can also cause a clicking noise and will not allow the car to start. Once the above possible causes are ruled out, you should check the starter and if is faulty, then you need to um start the car.

Jumping is a process in which you have to connect your engine with another car’s battery. If your starter is good, your car will start.

Otherwise, your car will show the same problem as before. Besides, the solenoid in the starter often shows a problem. It gets sticky or sometimes it gets worn out. In both cases, the solenoid does not work properly.

How to Fix Faulty Starter

Once the fault is narrowed down to the starter, then you can tap it with a heavy object like a hammer and then try to start the car again.

Hitting or tapping the starter helps to loosen up the solenoid from the starter. When this substance is loose, it works freely. But if the starter still doesn’t work, it means you have a faulty starter and it needs to be fixed.

You have two choices here. One is to buy a new starter and the other is to rebuild the old starter.

Below is a video about a Honda Civic that won’t start but makes a clicking noise and how the issue was solved.

5). Bad Ignition Switch

A faulty ignition switch can also be the cause of the sound in the vehicle. If in the process of finding a faulty starter if the car still makes the clicking noise, the ignition switch is working well. But if the noise stops, it shows that the ignition switch is bad.

If this device is not able to send the power to the engine, that means the engine won’t start. To fix it will require you to change the ignition switch to a new one.

Final Thoughts

There are many possible causes of the clicking or ticking noise in your Honda Civic. You’ll have to troubleshoot the problem step by step in order to rule out some and find the one that is causing the problem.

If you are handy, you can find the problem and fix it. This will save you mechanic workmanship costs. Otherwise, going to a qualified mechanic to identify and fix it for you is the best way to go.

These tips above will help you identify the source of the noise and get it fixed.


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