2005 Honda Pilot Blower Motor Noise Cause & Fix

If you’re hearing unusual noise from your 2005 honda pilot blower motor, then is an indication that something is wrong.

Honda pilot blower motor noise can come in different forms like clicking, humming, grinding, or even vibrational sounds.

Fixing these sounds is necessary to prevent further issues.

But first of all, you may be wondering what a pilot blower motor is and its function in your car. Let’s have a quick look at this component.

2005 honda pilot blower motor noise

What is a Pilot Blower Motor?

The blower motor is a central component of the air conditioning system in the Honda Pilot. It is responsible for blowing hot or cold air through the AC vents.

It functions like a fan and allows airflow into the car and forces the air to flow out of the car via HVAC.

If the blower motor is making noise, that means it is damaged. Because the blower motor functions without noise. If you are hearing the noise, it means the motor is faulty.

Causes of 2005 Pilot Blower Motor Noise

There are several factors that could cause your Honda Pilot blower motor to make noise and each cause will have to be fixed differently.

It is always best to have the manufacturer’s manual book around if you are doing it yourself to make references to when you are working on fixing the blower motor.

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Below are some of the possible causes of your Pilot blower motor noise.

1). Low Lubricant

If the lubricant applied to the motor is not enough, it will cause the parts to not rotate freely and thereby causing the motor to produce a humming noise.

If you hear a humming noise, then first you will need to switch off the blower motor or disconnect it all together from the power source.

After you have disconnected it, let it sit for a couple of minutes to cool down. When it is done cooling you apply the right amount of the lubricant and inspect the blower motor for any damage.

If there is no damage then, you can properly lubricate the motor and reboot it again to see if the noise is gone.

2). Failing Blower Motor Belt

Sometimes, if you are hearing squealing noise, it could be a result of a failing blower motor belt. If after a careful check you confirm that is the motor belt that is damaged, then you will need to replace the belt with the appropriate belt.

If you aren’t sure of what to do, it is wise to consult the services of a qualified mechanic.

After replacing the blower motor belt, you can lubricate the bearings present in the blower motor. Then reboot the blower motor and switch it on to see if the sound has been fixed.

If after this fix, you still notice the noise, then it will be good to look at the possible causes of the motor noise.

3). Increased Blower Motor Speed

Increased speed on the motor can cause it to make noise. If the number of rotations increases more than the necessary number, it will cause the blower motor to generate an unwanted sound when you are driving your 2005 Honda Pilot.

If you notice a very loud noise from the motor, then it is a good idea to check the blower motor. You can fix this problem by reducing the speed to reduce the loud noise.

The other place to inspect is the blower motor ductwork. damaged ductwork can also cause loud noise. This can be fixed by replacing the old ductwork with new high-quality ductwork.

4). Broken Blower Motor

I didn’t want to go straight to the possibility of a broken blower motor to scare you. If it is possible. After you have checked the above possible causes, if the noise still persists, then there is a high chance that the blower motor is broken.

With a damaged or distorted blower motor, a thumping noise is produced. This is an indication of a problem.

To fix a broken blower motor, you first need to disconnect the motor from the power supply and allow it to cool for some minutes. Check the motor to be sure it is indeed damaged.

If it is confirmed that the motor is damaged, then you will need to replace it with a new blower motor and if you can fix it, get a mechanic to do it for you.

5). Damaged Blower Motor Wheel

Another place to look at when a blower motor is making a sound is the motor wheel. When metal rob against another metal, there is bound to be noise especially if there is friction between them.

Once you notice this, you need to fix the problem immediately to prevent the metals from getting damaged. Such kinds of issues are difficult to handle, especially if you lack adequate skills in metal-against-metal knowledge.

If you experience metal-against-metal noise, contact a skilled mechanic or a skilled HVAC technician to help you troubleshoot the problem.

Once you hear metal-against-metal noise, turn off the blower metal completely and avoid running the blower motor to avoid causing further damage to the blower motor.

The video below shows you how to fix your honda Pilot blower motor noise.

Final Thoughts

There are several signs that could indicate there is a problem with your 2005 Honda Pilot blower motor. These signs include; noise generation, smoke, weak air flowing in and out of the motor, or even a pungent smell production.

Once you have identified that the noise is coming from the blower motor, you should inspect for the possible cause by yourself if you are handy. Otherwise, it is recommended you to the car to a vehicle repairer to fix the noise problem for you.

Always remember your safety first before any other thing.


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