Do Car Alarms Stop on Their Own? All You Need to Know 

Your car alarm is one of the most important components of your car, as it doesn’t only protect your car from vandals but also from thieves looking to steal your vehicle or the belongings, you usually leave inside it. Due to this vital function most vehicles today are equipped with these alarms. 

However, a vehicle alarm can sometimes go off automatically in the middle of the night which can be pretty infuriating and cause sudden panic. If the alarm system stops, do they go off on their own? If you like to find out stick around and keep reading 

A car alarm can stop on its own after a certain period. However, the alarms in older cars can go off for a while unless the owner turns them off. The alarms in most modern cars can turn off after 20 minutes of blaring. This car has in-built timers that automatically turn off the alarm after a specified period. Car owners can adjust their alarm settings to how long they should go off and what should activate them.

Do Car Alarms Stop on Their Own

Do Vehicles Alarms Stop on Their Own?

Once your car alarm is triggered off it can go on for about 20 minutes depending on the settings of your alarm and ultimately goes off on its own. However, most alarms usually go off for about 15 to 30 seconds over 20 minutes. 

Why Do Car Alarms Stop?

The alarms used in most modern cars usually stop for short intervals within 20 minutes. These settings differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and can be changed if there is a need to. 

After the set period the alarm will stop by itself. Older vehicles do not have this kind of setting and they will continue going off until the battery completely drains or the alarm is switched off.

What to Do if Your Vehicle’s Alarm Keeps Going Off

  • If your car alarm keeps going off on its own, here are a few things you can do to stop it.
  • The first and simplest way to stop your alarm from going off is to press the FOB key on your remote.
  • In case your fob key doesn’t work for some reason. Try switching your car on and off. This approach should stop your car alarm from going off.
  • If the above method doesn’t work for you, you can take out your car’s alarm fuse from the fuse box.
  • Your next alternative is to disconnect the battery. Nearly all car alarms will stop working and cut off their power source. However, most modern alarms have a backup power source that will continue going off even when the battery is disconnected. 
  • The last option is to reset your alarm system. This can be tricky as different manufacturers have various ways to reset their alarm systems. Make sure you check out your user manual and follow the instructions to reset your alarm system properly. 

Common Reasons Why Your Vehicle’s Alarm Keeps Going Off

Very Sensitive Shock Sensors

In some instances, the sensitivity of your sensors can be too responsive, particularly if it shocks sensors. In other words, your car alarm can go off anytime even though there is no dangerous situation as the sensor can not figure out the context exactly as a human brain.

It might signal a  danger, when very loud music is played, an accidental bump in the parking lot, and light collision shock from two pets. This thing may consequently lead to a force alarm.

However, proximity sensors often create a  misunderstanding. The proximity sensor operates based on your distance settings. So when an object is very close to it, it records it as an unusual activity hence making your alarm keep going off.

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Key Fob Problems 

One of the most reasons why a vehicle alarm keeps going off is a broken key fob. The fob key is a little remote control for unlocking your car door, which has been developed into the unlocking mechanism of your vehicle. Pressing a button on the key fob is all that is needed to operate the device. 

In other cases, a broken key fob can send wrong signals to the auto computer system even when you haven’t touched the button. Due to this your car alarm will go off because it has received a warning signal unexpectedly. Sometimes a weak battery level of your key fob can result in a mistaken activity which can cause your car alarm to go off. However, it’s difficult to figure out this cause as your key weak energy levels are usually not displayed on the screen. 

Damaged Electrical Wires 

If you are using an old car is possible the connection between wires has become weak. The protective case of the battery can also be eroded. This can affect the voltage transmission hence making the sensor trigger off to any potentially dangerous warnings. Generally, a sudden voltage drop can occur when a thief tries to cut off any electrical wire that is linked to unlocking your vehicle. 

Low Vehicle Battery 

Your car alarm can be activated if your battery is dead. Sometimes the frequent sounding of your vehicle alarm is a result of a dead battery. When your battery runs out completely the sensors will record the situation as a sudden drop in voltage. 

Due to this, the computer recognizes the signal from the sensors and in turn gives out warning sounds the vehicle battery fails. You can use a voltmeter to determine whether or not your battery is the cause.  For instance, if your voltmeter measures your battery charge level below 12.6 volts, then you can conclude the battery is the cause of your vehicle’s alarm activation. 

Other reasons include;

  • A damaged bonnet latch sensors 
  • An incorrectly installed car alarm 
  • Bad  connections in the control unit 
  • A defective door lock sensor

What to Do If Your Vehicle’s Alarm Keeps Going Off

If your vehicle alarm keeps going off you can follow these few steps to stop it.

Push the button on your fob key to stop the speaker.

If your remote control key doesn’t work due to some reason, then switch the ignition of your vehicle on/off.

How to Turn Off Your Car Alarm Without the Key Fob

If your vehicle alarm doesn’t stop on its own, you can simply push down the key fob alarm button to switch it off. However, if your key fob doesn’t work. Here are a few methods to help you stop the loud noise.

Check Out Your Car’s Manual

Before trying out any of these methods you need to consult the owner’s manual for ideas on how to switch off the alarm. 

Turn on Your Car

If the key fob is not working, turn the ignition on to start the car and stop the alarm.

Lock and Unlock the Entry Doors 

You can go into your car and manually lock the doors with the key if you are using electric doors. This should turn off the alarm. 

Take Out the Alarm Fuse

Check out the owner’s manual to figure out the location of the fuse, particularly if you know your car’s wiring properly. Disconnecting the fuse will cut off the supply to the arms hence stopping the noise. 

Reset Your Vehicle Alarm System 

To reset the alarm, you need to consult your vehicle owner’s manual as it has information about resetting the alarm system. Once the reset is done your car alarm will automatically turn off.

Disconnect Your Vehicle’s Battery 

When all the above approaches fail you can try disconnecting the primary and backup batteries of your car. However, you should only do it when you are confident you can take out the battery safely without causing any problem because you have taken out the battery the alarm will automatically turn off. En sure to re-establish your power connection to your car.


A malfunctioning car alarm can be considered a statutory nuisance by your local authority particularly if you live in a built-up area.  When this happens you can be given a warning notice and you can even have your vehicle impounded. To avoid these problems you need to fix your car alarm, so it can stop by itself. Luckily enough we have discussed some of the causes and solutions to help you stop your alarm from going off. Read the article clearly and stick to procedures to achieve better results. 



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