Baby Swing Making Noise:7 Great Tips to Make it Quiet

Is your baby swing making noise?. Well, don’t worry, I have got your back. In this guide, you will be able to find tips that will help you fix the noise.

Whether your baby swing is making a grinding noise, clicking noise, or squeaking(cleaning) sounds. I am sure you will be able to find a way to fix it at home by yourself.

Baby swings are mommy’s second hands if you don’t have anyone around to help you out. They help soothe and comfort your little one to sleep or feel safe while you get some time to yourself or get some house chores done.

baby swing making noise

These baby swings come in various sizes and types. Some can swing and rock while others can swing, glide, and rock.

Baby swing making noise is a problem that many moms are faced with once in a while.

Baby swings are not complicated devices. So, it is quite easy to identify the part that is responsible for the noise.

Most often than not, you can easily lessen the noise by making a few adjustments to the legs or base of the baby swing or by adding weight to the swing. This is because sometimes the swings are louder when swinging empty. If the noise persists after these tweaks, then it may be better to get a  quiet baby swing or replace the noise parts.

If you are interested in knowing some of the quietest baby swings, then check our recent post on the best swings with quiet mode In this article.

Let’s look at each type of swing noise and how to fix it. Listed below are the common baby swing noise.

  • Baby swing making a grinding noise
  • Baby swing making a squeaking noise
  • Swing making clicking noise

Now, let’s look at each in detail.

Problems with Baby Swing Making Grinding Noise and How to Fix It

Baby swing grinding noise is not something that you want to take likely. This could be signaling that there is something wrong with the swing motor. Grinding noise happens when there is friction between two objects.

That means there are performance issues with the motor. Something inside (maybe the gears) is misaligned and malfunctioning. This is not normal sound.

There could also be the possibility that when there is no weight on the swing seat, there’s not enough tension on the gear and motor mechanisms, and that could cause some trouble starting and/or grinding noises in certain swing models.

Possible Fix

With the possibility that there is no weight on the swing seat, you can try putting your baby in the swing to weight down the lever arms to see if the noise could improve.

But if you are not comfortable with using your baby as an experimental fix, well, do not worry. It is perfectly understandable. Babies are very fragile.

You can use household items like medicine ball which may weigh similar to your baby and put it in the swing as a test to see if the noise will reduce in order to straighten the gears out.

This worked for some people. However, if it doesn’t, there may be a serious problem with the motor.

Get a replacement swing or parts

Baby swings are not the quietest baby appliance in the house. So, you will hear some sounds here and there with the motor. However, a sound that is unbearable is not acceptable.

You may need to ask for parts replacements from the swing manufacturer or simply log a complaint and see if there is a warranty or you need to replace some parts. If anything they will let you know the way forward.

Problem with Baby Swing Making Clicking Noise

Baby swing making clicking noise seems to be the common problem many parents complain about. This sound starts when you turn your baby swing on. It occurs usually at the top of the swing’s arc.

What Could Be the Possible Cause?

Problem with Baby Swing Making Squeaking or Creaking Noise

Since I have already discussed the above grinding and clicking noise above, Now it is left with the third common noise that swings make.

The squeaking or creaking noise.

Possible cause

If a baby swing is making squeaking noise, it could be from the baby is too heavy for the swing. All baby swings have a maximum weight limit and it should not be exceeded for the safety of the baby.

30 pounds is usually about the top end weight limit for most baby swings.

Though many models really cap out around 15-20 pounds.

If your baby is pushing these limits, they could simply be putting too much strain on the swing and its motor mechanisms.

Hence, the creaking sound!

The other possible cause of swing squeaking noise is; Swing is getting old.

May you are using the old swing you bought long ago for the older baby or you got a used one from someone, it probably has been exhausted and it’s worn out from the years of use.

The parts could be loose and start rubbing against each other or even slightly rusted.

Poor assembly

Not assembling the swing properly may cause loose ends at some parts such as screws, bolts, and fasteners.

If your brand news swing is squeaking, poor assembly could be the culprit.

How to fix the Squeaking noise

Baby being too heavy for the swing.

The answer is simple. Get a new baby swing that can carry his or her weight. Babies grow up so fast and it can be hard to admit it the baby weight that is the problem here.

But getting a new swing will help keep your baby safe, or you can stop using the swings all together.

If the swing is too old, you can use WD40 on the joints. Just be sure to keep the spray away from the actual seat.

For the loose parts, just check to make sure the parts are not wobbling and tighten all screws and nuts as much as possible. Ensure the parts are properly separated and well-balanced.

You can move it to a different flooring or make adjustments as needed, which should help with some of the noise.

Related FAQs

Mamaroo Baby Swing Grinding Noise, How to Fix It?

Mamaroo’s are great swings, but they can be prone to all the same problems as the swings above.

Double-check that:

  • Your Mamaroo is on balance
  • Your Mamaroo is assembled properly (tighten loose screws!)
  • Your Mamaroo isn’t bearing too heavy a load

Otherwise, I’d be very careful about disassembling it on your own unless you’re quite handy.

Call Mamaroo customer service at 1-888-614-6667.

Fisher-Price Swing Making Grinding and Clicking Noise, How to Fix It

If your Fisher-Price swing is making grinding noise, then you may want to check and be sure:

  • Is on balance
  • Is assembled properly
  • Isn’t bearing too heavy a load

Outside of that, I’d call Fisher-Price customer service at 1-800-432-5437

Final Words on Baby Swing Making Noise

Baby swing making small noise here and there is normal and can be tolerated. For instance, the common clicking noise that you hear when the swing is running at the top of the swing’s arc. As long as it’s not disturbing the baby, you should be fine too.

However, grinding or squeaking noise is not usually normal sounds and should be fixed. I can be a sign that the parts are rubbing against each other or the motor gears are not functioning properly and all that.

Simply by making sure the baby is within the swing weight, all the screws, bolts, and fasteners are tightened, or also making sure the base and legs are properly spread apart.

If all the suggested solutions don’t seem to work out, maybe it is time to get a handyman or get a new quieter baby swing all together.


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