How to Stop Stairs Creaking From Above

Although creaky stairs are not necessarily a problem, they can be a pain in the neck. It can create extremely annoying noise, especially when someone walks up and down the stairs late at night or very early in the morning. 

The common reason why your stairs may start to creak is the wear and tear of some parts. This usually occurs due to the high level of foot traffic that walks up and down the stairs on daily basis. 

Some of the simplest ways to fix your creaky stairs above are; to reinforce the joints, screw metal brackets into the angles, and inspect the treads.

Luckily enough the creaky noise in your stairs can easily be fixed with the right tools and approach. In this article, we will walk you through some of the best techniques to help you fix creaky stairs from above. 

Effective Tips to Help Stop Stairs Creaking from Above

Inspect the Tread

One of the easiest ways to fix your creaky stairs from below is to, first inspect and find out if the tread is loose from the riser. To do this you need to figure out where the creaky is coming from and lift the tread If the tread makes noise while you lift it may be loose.

To remedy this problem, simply screw the front of the tread into the riser to make it more steady. Make sure it is done safely and befitting so as to store the beautiful appearance of your staircases.

Begin by drilling clearance holes for the thick part of the screws or the shank. The clearance holes should pass through the tread, the pilot holes, and up to the riser. 

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Drill Clearance Holes

Use countersink screws to drill the clearance holes. Make sure the screws are put underneath the surface when screwed into place. For more strength get some PVA glue and put it into the holes and then fasten the screws in firmly. In case your stairs are completely wood or don’t have a carpet. Then the best option is to cover up the exposed screws with the wood file so that it won’t hurt anyone that walks up and down the stairs barefooted.

Reinforce Loose Joints

Sometimes you may realize that the loose joint is situated a little bit far away from the end of the tread. In that case, you can simply use a triangular mold to reinforce the loose joint.

The triangular molding should be be be be fitted to both the tread and the riser at a 45-degree angle.  However, the molding should be about 12mm x12mm. Ensure that the narrowness of the tread is not more than 220mm as that is the regulated size.

Screw Metal Brackets into the Angle

Another to get rid of the creaky noise on your above stairs is to screw in two metal brackets into the section between the tread and the riser or the angle of your stairs. This bands the riser and the tread together, thus stopping your wooden stairs from creaking.

To make the surface as flat as possible, use a hammer or chisel to cut out a space for the brackets. However this is a complex task, so you need to research how to fit the brackets properly before you undertake the task. 


What is the Best Type of Carpet for Stairs?

Synthetic nylons are the best options you should consider as they will ensure your safety and are also durable. On the other hand, wool is also a good alternative as its fibers can repel stains and dirt.  However, the wool is a little bit more expensive. 

How Do I Fix My Creaky Stairs from Above?

One of the simple ways to fix your creaky stairs from above is to screw the front of the end onto the riser. You can this done by drilling clearance holes for the shank or the thick part of the screws. The holes should pass through the tread, thinner pilot holes, and into the top of the riser.

How to Fix Squeaky Carpeted Stairs from Above?

Apply wood glue on the two long sides of the triangles and below them. Ensure to push the blocks into the right angle between the treads and risers of your staircases. After that wiggle the blocks a little bit to remove any air and make sure the blocks are firmly fitted in.

How Do I Make My Stairs Stop Creaking?

In dealing with creaky stairs, here are a few simple DIY procedures to get you going:

  • Tighten loose screws on the treads
  • Nail down any loose threads
  • Use quadrant for additional support 

How to Fix Creaky Stairs from Below?

  • Locate loose steps and mark them with chalk.
  • Take out wedges from the marked steps 
  • Cut out new wedges and replace the old ones with them.
  • Squeeze out a considerable amount of wood adhesive onto the wedges joints to keep it steady.
  • Use sandpaper to rub out the excess glue

Do Carpeted Stairs Reduce the Risk of Falls?

It is important to place carpets on your stairs to help reduce the risk of falls. Even though the carpet won’t prevent falls, it will give people and pets more traction when they walk up and down the stairs. However, the carpet also gives a cushion layout out, which is safer than wood if someone falls.


Many people will agree with me that, creaky stairs can be very annoying. However, you don’t have to compromise when you can easily fix this problem with some simple DIY procedures. The article above has some of the best methods to help you fix your creaky stairs from above. Read the article carefully and stick to procedures to help you achieve better results. 


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