How To Soundproof a Hot Tub Motor (Easy DIY Guide)

A hot tub is a place you can enjoy and have a wonderful experience with your family. However, the hot tub can produce noise that may frustrate and ruin your mood. The noise can even be a nuisance to those around you. The noise may signal a fault or the motor is simply loud.

How Do  You Soundproof a Hot Tub Motor?.  One of the efficient ways to cut down noise from your hot tub motor is to cover it with a sound-deadening mat. Another option is to construct an enclosure for the hot tub motor. The solid surface will reduce noise amplification due to vibrations.

This method and many other ways to soundproof a noisy hot tub will be discussed thoroughly in this article.

In this article, we will help your hot sounds unusual, what they mean, and soundproof your hot tub motor.

How To Soundproof A Hot Tub Motor

Why is Your Hot Hub Motor too Noisy?

The motor is the most essential part of the hot tub structure. The motor provides the energy needed for the pump to circulate the water alongside the heater and air jets. Consequently, the motor does a lot of work for the overall operation of the hot tub.

Surprisingly, the motor does not make noise. Even though it does a lot of work for the hot tub to function efficiently, it doesn’t depend on a big circuit to work.

More often than not,  the problem with the hot tub motor is that it vibrates a lot when it’s working, which causes a loud noise. The vibrations of moving components of the pump create the noise you hear when the hot tub is running. 

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Things to Check Out Before Soundproofing Your Hot Tub

It is normal for your hot tub motor to make noise. Just like any other motor, your hot tub motor should make a gentle ticking noise, like that of an idle lawn mower. 

But before attempting to soundproof your hot tub ensure to examine whether the noise indicates a problem or not. If you block up the noise before inspecting things then you will have  to prepare for bigger issues and cost in the future when it breaks down 

Keep your ears open for these sounds, humming,  buzzing, screeching, and grinding.

All these sounds indicate an underlying problem.

The Buzzing or Humming Noise 

The buzzing or humming sounds indicate that your hot tub pump has seized. You should try to find out why water isn’t heated or going around the tub.

The best way to handle this problem is to replace the motor.

The Screeching or Grinding Noise 

Your hot tub motor can screech or grind sounds due to a faulty bearing in the motor. This is a common problem no matter how you keep the system checked.  The more you use your hot tub the faster this problem will occur. The easiest way to overcome this problem is to replace the entire motor. Because changing the bearing alone usually costs more.

How to Soundproof a Hot Tub Motor

1). Use a Sound-Deadening Mat 

One of the plausibly best solutions you can use to soundproof a hot tub is to use a sound-deadening mat because is easy and fast to do and at the same time conveys excellent results, the sound-deadening mat is made of butyl rubber which is a good sonic insulator. It is used in vehicles to reduce the noise coming from the cabin.

Place the sound-deadening mat on the bottom line housing of the motor. In case the motor housing isn’t rooted to the floor, then sit the motor on the mat.

You can also align the housing of the motor with the sound deadening mat, this will help reduce the amount of noise that breaks loose through the housing.

The sound-deadening mat can be used as a thermal insulator since it has a reflective foil backing. This makes it a good idea to the material on the outside of the hot tub.

2). Place Your Hot Tub on a Solid Base 

The surface materials around the motor have a tremendous effect in amplifying vibrations hence causing the noise. Having a more solid underlying surface reduces the amount of noise amplified.

Check out for loose metal slats and unstable wooden floors.  When the base of your hot tub motor is made of concrete or brick it will help reduce unwanted noise and vibrations. A wooden decking might also help reduce the noise.

You can also consider setting your hot tub motor on an anti-vibration mat.

Steps to make your hot tub sit on an anti-vibration mate

  • Move the hot tub aside and check for a level off ground.
  • Bring out the anti-vibration mat and place it where you intend to set the hot tub.
  • Next, place your hot tub on the anti-vibration mat.

3). Enclose the Hot Tub to the Fullest 

One of the effective ways to do away with sound coming from a hot tub is to enclose it. This could be something like surrounding the entire hot tub with a sound-blocking enclosure. 

Many different things can help reduce the noise.

Some prefer to plant bushes around the hot tub to serve as a barrier. You can also dig a hole in the ground and place your hot tub there as it will considerably absorb most of the sounds.

All the same, you can also build a brick or a wooden enclosure. It best also line the enclosure with a mass-loaded vinyl to soundproof the enclosure. When trying to enclose your hot tub only do it on the side where the motor sits.

The barriers that do not only help reduce the sound but also help to  control the temperature of your hot tub

Steps to enclose your hot tub

  • Put up the enclosure
  • Put the mass-loaded vinyl sheet within the enclosure. Nail the sheets directly on the surface of the wall.

The anti-vibration mats don’t only cut down sounds from noisy motors but also help reduce noise from the heat, air jets, and pump.

4). Construct a Soundproof Enclosure for the Hot Tub Motor

It is advisable to construct an enclosure for your hot tub motor when it is separate from the main body and doesn’t have housing. 

It is easy and simple to do when you need tools and materials. Here are some things to get going;

  • Acoustic foam
  • Acoustic soda
  • Glue and nails
  • MDF(medium density fiberboard)
  • A sound-deadening material, preferably mass-loaded vinyl

Steps to Set Up the Motor Enclosure

  • Take measurements of your hot tub motor and add a few inches to the measurement to make up for the materials and ventilation space.
  • Cut the MDF board in various sizes. You will use one piece for the side and one for the lid.
  • Cut holes on the boards for ventilation. One hole will be used for the lid and the other for the back.
  • Glue the layer of the sound-deadening material down and seal the edges with acoustic caulk.
  • Put glue on the layer of the acoustic foam and seal the edges with acoustic caulk.
  • Construct the box one at a time, while nailing it together. By any means seal the joint with the acoustic caulk.

5). Fill Up Noise-Leaking Openings with Spray Foam

The spray foam is another effective option to soundproof your hot tub motor. The spray foam works just like the soundproof deadening mat. The spray foam has been well-tried to seal deep cracks. Hence the foam will deaden and insulate the motor pump.

Do not spray parts of the machine that are too hot and components of the ventilation ducts.

Step to use spray on your hot tub

  • Make sure the hot tub box is free from debris and rust.
  • Attach the smart dispenser to the insulation can and spray uniformly.
  • Countercheck and avoid copper or metal ventilation and other components of your hot tub.
  • When you finish spraying, you should allow them to foam inflate.
  • Finally, place the noise panels back on the casing.

Final Thoughts

Soundproofing your hot tub becomes necessary especially when it produces irritating noise to you and your neighbors. Soundproofing your hot tub motor is the surest to get rid of the noise. However, if you’re confident there is no fault and simply a loud motor. Then the few methods listed above will help you cut down the noise. 

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