How to Make Heels Quieter: 9 Hacks for Noisy Heels

As ladies, we like high heels. They make us feel more confident, classy, and elegant. We love to grace the occasion in our heels and enjoy the admiration of onlookers.

But no lady wants to be seen because her noisy heels are drawing attention to her. This can be embarrassing and cause the lady to even lose confidence in whatever she is doing.

This is more evident when you are wearing such heels on hardwood, concrete, tile, or any hard surface floor.

How to make heels quieter,hacks for noisy heels

It’s even more undesirable in places where noise is controlled. such as hospitals, conference rooms, and others.

I am sure you are here because you are wondering how to make heels quieter. Well, here, we will look at how to stop heels from making noise. A silent heel is possible. These days you can easily find heel silencers, high heel silencers,s or heel noise stopper.

What Causes Noisy High Heels?

There are many factors that can contribute to making your heels noisy. That could be how you walk on heels and the impact they make on the floor.

Before getting a heel gettings a high heel silencer or heel noise stopper, you need to look at how you walk on heels firsts.

Otherwise, even if you get the quick fix and the problem is from your walking style, it won’t take long before the problem emerges again.

  • Walking in Oversized High Heels

knowing the size of heels that fit your feet is important. This you can do by going to a shoe shop and trying a couple of them out to see which size of heels fits you comfortably.

Oversized heels can amplify the click-clack noise because instead of you lifting your legs you turn o drag them. Before you order another shoe online, ensure you are selecting the right size.

If the shoe is too tight, it will hurt your feet and even give you foot bruises.

So to avoid worsening the click-clack noise, get shoes that fit you snuggly and comfortably.

If you are not comfortable in very high heels, it’s better to get a shorter heel shoe you can confidently walk with.

  • Type of heel Sole

Some heel soles are softer than others, Depending on the make of the sole of the heel you are wearing, it might be making more noise than usual.

I remember buying some office shoes from Wools, the shoes were low heels but the noise they made any time I wear them to the office, made me stop wearing them.

The shoe sole was very hard, anytime I work on a hard floor. They make too much noise and draw unnecessary attention.

You can correct these types of shoes though with some of the methods I will be outlining below.

  • Worn Out Heels

A heel sole can easily get worn out if you walk with it on the Stoney floor or on rough surfaces. When this happens, the metallic tip is exposed. When that tip makes contact with any hard floor, it makes a lot of noise.

It is even dangerous to wear such heels because the chances of slipping are high since the metallic tip can easily slide on any smooth surface. Make sure to inspect your shoes before putting them on.

How to Stop Heels from Making Noise

Having pointed out what could be causing your heels or shoes to make noise, I have also got a number of recommended solutions that will help you stop the embarrassment of walking around in noisy shoes.

every problem has a solution if only we will look hard enough for it. I am sure you will find a solution to how to stop heels from clicking with these heel silencer ideas here.

1.  Fix High Heels Caps

Using a high-heel cap is one of the common ways of fixing noisy stiletto heels. Many of these heels types have metallic bits in them to mainly make them more stable and sturdy.

However, this causes the stiletto heels to now become noisier when the sole hits the hard floor. That is why there are now high heel caps to carb this situation.

High heel caps will reduce the noise up to about 80% and people won’t even notice the caps anyway. These high heel caps fit well on the

These heel caps are an instant repair to worn heel tips.  The cap covers the exposed metal nail to help prevent the clicking noise and minimizes slipping.

If you are looking at how to stop heels from clicking. These high heels repair caps will come in handy. They are a quick alternative for those who don’t live near the shoe repair shop.

One good thing about this high heel silencer is discrete in the sense that it blends with the heel shape and is durable. They are designed to cover the exposed metal nail in the sole of the heels.

They are available in 4 sizes for you to select(7-15mm) and fit all heel shapes. Whether your heel shape is round, triangle, square, or even U-shaped.

Now you can walk in your heels in comfort. Although this is not 100% soundproof, it will help you walk around without disturbing others.

For better results combine these heel tips with the foot foam. Let’s look at what is afoot foam and how it will make your feet more comfortable.

2. Use  Gel Cushions

The good thing about these foot gel cushions is that they are hidden and cannot be seen unless you show someone.

It is always a good thing to get heels or shoes that fit your feet. But sometimes we as ladies can still make the mistake of thinking because the shoe is so nice and we like it, even if it is oversized small we can still manage it.

This is where some of our problems start. How many times have you purchased heels or shoes because you could just pass them by and only to get home and have to give them out to sisters or friends.?. I have done it and I can bet many ladies do it.

Well, these gel cushions are able to help you keep a grip on your shoe from the inside.  You don’t have to give them out unwillingly.

They also keep your feet from sliding forward and the liquid-filled pad is meant to provide comfort for your feet. If you wear heels or shoes a lot, then you might find these gel foams very handy.

These cushions have adhesives that can adhere firmly onto your heels and then do the job. You might be wondering what is the difference between the heel pads and the gel cushions.

They both absorb sound but the gel foams are placed inside the heel while the heel caps go to the heel tips.

The gel pad can also be peeled and pasted anywhere on the heel inside or even use on different shoes, unlike the heel cap. This way you can still were those slightly oversized shoes.

3. Add Anti-slip Sole to the Heel

These anti-slip soles are effective in giving you a silent heel. They are also made of rubber just like the heel caps we talked about above.

How to make heels quieter,hacks for noisy heels

They equally perform the same function of absorbing impact and shock.

Maybe you are thinking where could you possibly get rubber sole if not from the cobbler. You can get these anti-slip sole grips on Amazon. Unlike the rubber caps which you can fix yourself, the anti-slip sole is expensive and has to be fixed by someone who knows what they are doing.

But if you are also crafty and want to do it yourself, you can cut the labor cost.

Once you install the rubber sole underneath your heel, it will absorb the noise while you walk confidently down the hallway.

If you’re wearing Stiletto heels with heel tips, it would be great if you have both the rubber soles and the caps for a complete solution in noise reduction.

A rubber sole on a heel tip may not last that long, but a rubber cap does.

4. Use Foot Foam

The main purpose of all these heel noise stoppers is to absorb the impact of the noise the heel or shoe is making. The foot foam does the same thing as well.

The foam is easier to install as compared to the cushions. After buying your foot foam, peel off the adhesive. Paste the foam on the shoe.

Made with shock-absorbing rubber, the foam is effective in reducing all noises coming from your heels.

However, avoid walking on wet or slippery floors. The foot foam can be slippery.

You may get this pre-cut foot foam or a huge portion that you have to cut according to the size of your high heels.

If you do not find the right size you can buy the larger portion and cut it to your customized sizes.

How to Make heels Quieter DIY Ideas

Looking for DIY tips to help make your heels quieter?.  These ideas might be of help to you.

5. Try Duct Tape Method

If you chose to try the DIY method. I guess you might want to try the duct or gaffer tape method. These are common types in many households. You can make use of them today.

if you have both types of tapes, I will suggest you use the gaffer tape as that one is non-reflective and is made of fabric as opposed to vinyl.

Other advantages of gaff tape over duct tape are the more heat resistant and are easily removed without damaging the surface it is used on. Because it is a textile take, it might also give you better sound dampening results.

To apply the tape, first, start by cleaning the tips of the heels. This will cause the adhesive to stick. The same goes for any of the ideas mentioned above.

Now, cut the tape into small pieces and placed them at the bottom of the heel. Depending on the thickness you want, cut and stick to your desired thickness. The thicker the more effective it will be.

You can also cut and stick some of the tapes to the front of the sole. This will dampen sound more. In case you don’t have the gaffer tape, you can get gaffer tape here.

6. Glue Felt Fabric on Your Shoe

Cut felt fabric and adhere felt fabric on your heels. Buy a strong and durable felt, then cut it well well with scissors and fix it on your heel with super glue.

Cut the felt fabric according to the size of your shoe and fix it. Alternatively, apply super glue on your heel, place the felt on it, and wait until it dries. Once the felt sticks firmly on the shoe use scissors to cut the felt that is not attached to the heel.

There you have it. Another effective DIY heel silencer. If you already have a felt fabric and glue at home. You can make good use of them without spending money again.

When your feeling wears off, reapply it. Follow the same procedure.

The felt fabric absorbs shock and deadens all the noise coming from your shoe. Instead of using the heel cap, you can try this simple technique on your shoe, and it will eliminate most of the noise produced when walking.

7. Use Sandpaper on Heels

Do your heels have rubber soles yet still clicking?. The rubber soles are meant to reduce the sound made on the floor and to avoid falling.

However, your high heels may have rubber soles and you are still wondering how to make heels not click when walking.

You probably have some sandpaper in the garage or can easily get some in the carpenter shop. Well, that should do the trick. Rub the sandpaper on the underside of the heel.

The sandpaper will change the texture of the heel, undoubtedly. This will ultimately help make your heels quieter.

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8. Buy Quiet Heels

After you have tried these ideas and products get a silent heel if you feel as though your heels are still making noise. then it is time to change shoes to quieter heels.

Buying quieter heels from the start is a good way to save yourself all the hassle of going through these recommendations.

some manufacturers have realized the pain women go through while using noisy heels and therefore have gone the extra mile to make silent heels and shoes.

Quiet heels are manufactured with rubber soles. As discussed, the rubber sole can absorb noise created by heels when they come into contact with solid ground. You may check out these rubber heels on Amazon.

These are some tips to guide you when you are buying quiet heels.

Sole: The sole is the part f your heels that makes contact with the floor. Therefore, it must be soundproof as much as possible. You should look out for rubber soles. They are the best quiet shoes.

Size: Get shoes that fit well. They should not be oversized and should not be smaller either. Try a couple of similar shoes on and get the size you are comfortable walking in.

Design: Do you prefer open or closed heels? Consider buying heels that are comfortable for you. Don’t buy a design that will make you feel uncomfortable. You need to walk with confidence if you need to make your noisy heels quieter.

Budget: Your budget will dictate which shoes you can buy. Luckily, there are many silent shoes you can get for decent prices. They won’t break your bank account. So you get to rock your silent heels in confidence.

9. Walk Confidently in Your Heels

Your walking style can impact the noise you make on the floor. Even with the silent heels with your walk with them incorrectly, they will make a sound.

Here are some tips to help you walk with more confidence in your high heels.

  • Walk in an Upright Posture: Your body posture while you walk is important, especially in high heels. To do this get heels that you are comfortable walking in.  If you are still learning how to walk in high heels, remember it will take persistence and patience. But as you learn to walk in an upright position, your heels will make less sound.
  • Involve Your Entire body in Walking: Walk with head held high, pelvis in neutral, abdomen muscles pulled in, chest pressed down, and maintain Y-step.
  • Mind Your Steps:  Always lead with your foot and not the heel when walking in heels. Leading with a heel is a recipe for disaster. You can collapse the shoe and fall.
  • Practice Walking in Heels as much as Possible: As they say, practice makes perfect. Those who you see walking elegantly in heels, especially your favorite movie stars have practiced lots of times and have endued the pain that comes with walking in heels for the beginner.

Final Thoughts on Making Noisy Heels Quieter

Shoes that make a sound when walking might be tolerated in some places and events like weddings but not everywhere. Following these hacks for noisy heels on how to make heels quiet, you will be able to fix your heels with any of these heel silencers.

Whether it’s fixing your heel cap or gel cushion, there are affordable techniques that you can fix yourself. All these soundproofing techniques discussed above at cheap to implement. With as little as $10, you can fix that click-clack on your heels and shoes.


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