How to Soundproof a Bedroom Ceiling- No Construction Needed

Statistics have shown that, here in America, 2 in every 10 people live in an apartment. That could also mean that 2 in every 10 people you pass by in the street probably didn’t have enough sleep because of noise from neighbors.

Today, we will look at how to soundproof a bedroom Ceiling without construction work involved. These are DIY techniques.

It is almost impossible to have a sound sleep with your ceiling being someone’s floor. Unless there is soundproofing on either side.

The day before yesterday, it was the washing machine and today it is the footsteps.

Today, you are lying down wondering what sound it will be again. All these are running through your head because obviously your sleep is been affected and it’s affecting your productivity at work.

Your job is on the line because your boss has caught you a lot of times dozing off your chair and he said it is unacceptable.

Now, you are wondering how to reduce noise from upstairs neighbors that are giving you these sleepless nights. Well, not to worry much. Thanks there are soundproof solutions that can be used in soundproofing ceiling footsteps or soundproofing ceiling impact noise.

The great part of soundproofing is that you can apply these techniques yourself without any expert help. Soundproofing works in reducing the soundwaves energy caused by either impact noise or airborne noise. The soundproofing material absorbs or reflects the noise.

how to soundproof a bedroom Ceiling

This way, by the time the noise gets to your hearing, its almost not felt at all.

Soundproofing is an affordable, effective procedure for keeping the noise out and maintaining the neighborhood peace.

Types of Noise

There are two main types of noise you will hear in every giving environment. There are impact noise and airborne noise.

Impact Noise

Impact noise as the name suggests is felt when one object impacts another object. A typical example is the footsteps you hear from the neighbor upstairs. To be frank, this type of noise is scarest because they almost seem like the ceiling is about to fall on you.

Airborne Noise

This type of noise is transmitted through the air. examples are the people talking on your neighbor’s TV or the loud conversations they are having upstairs that you can hear and it’s disturbing your sleep.

Depending on which type of these noises you found prevalent in your bedroom, then you will use the right soundproofing technique to reduce the noise.

How to Reduce Noise from Upstairs Neighbors- Soundproofing Ceiling Apartment

Below is the list of items you will be needing in soundproofing your apartment ceiling.

  • Mass Loaded Vinyl
  • Acoustic Foam Panels
  • Adhesive Spray
  • Acoustic Foam Egg Panels
  • Green Glue
  • A ladder to stand on

1 . Mass Loaded Vinyl mat

If you want your room to still have a good appeal after soundproofing your ceiling apartment, then the mass loaded vinyl mat is the way to go compared to the acoustic foam panels.

This is because acoustic foam panels are sometimes heavy and bulky. This might interfere with the appearing of your room which you might not like. Acoustic foams are great and effective soundproofing materials. I will get to them later.

If you are really serious about soundproofing ceiling impact noise, these vinyl mats are the way to go. It’s worth mentioning that these mats also work effectively in soundproofing other areas of the room such as the wall, door, floors, cubicles, etc.

From my experience, I have found the Soundsulate Mass Loaded Vinyl to work well for me. You could use it as well or try the similars ones in the market.

There are different sizes available. Please check for which will fit your ceiling and the thickness you would want.

Mass vinyl offers great absorbing protection. Its installing is simple.

Just measure it based on your room’s ceiling measurements and cut with a sharp knife. It can be easily done without the help of an expert- you just need to get a friend or a neighbor to probably help you get it up the ceiling.

You can staple it or glue it to the ceiling without nailing it. Because nailing it will destroy the ceiling somehow.

The only downside to MLV mats is that they are not cheapest of all soundproofing materials. However, they work really great in soundproofing ceiling apartment.

how to soundproof a bedroom Ceiling

They are easy to put up and can blend well with your room decor. Mass loaded vinyl mats are great for absorbing low to medium frequencies.

2. Use Acoustic Foam Panels

If you are on a tight budget and yet seek an effective way to soundproof your room ceiling, then the acoustic foam panels will be your best choice.
As they are a safe and effective way to soundproof a ceiling.  Acoustic foam panels come in types and for different areas of the room.
In the market, you will find different types. Some are for home walls, others work great for recording studios, and some also work great for the ceiling.

Usually, the more you pay the better quality you will get. Since they will probably last for a really long time, you should probably consider investing a bit more into them.

Don’t go for the cheapest in the market because you want to save some bucks. Rather go for quality that will last longer and also do the work of blocking noise from your noisy neighbor.

Considering that these foam panels come in different colors and sizes, you can choose which color will best compliment your room decor. Here are  Affordable  Acoustic Foam Panels for your ceiling.

3. Install the Foam Panels With Adhesive Spray

Most acoustic foam wedges come with adhesives on them already, but if the one you are ordering doesn’t come with it, then, you will need to get an adhesive spray or some glue to fix and strengthen the panel.

You don’t want foam panels flying down the ceiling on you while you are asleep. That is why anything you place up there must be secure.

Adhesive spray is a common household item that can be also used for different purposes like bonding papers, plastics, etc.

While most benefits go to the panel itself, there are quite a few benefits for the people as well. the other benefits of using adhesive spray are that, when its time to remove the panels, you won’t have a hard time.

Once you seal foam panels on the ceiling with this Adhesive Spray, you will have no worries about them randomly dropping off of the ceiling.

4 . Acoustic Foam Egg Panels

This might sound like I am repeating myself right?. well, Acoustic Foam Egg Panels are also foam panels, just that they are made for soundproofing the ceiling.

As their name suggests, they are panels with egg-like surface. But why will anyone make foams that look like eggs? you may ask.

the reason is egg surface has shown to be extremely effective in noise soundproofing. Nevertheless, the edgier the surface is the better insulation it provides.

Furthermore, these panels are thick, hence, they offer great-quality insulation. Not only will they block noise from noisy upstairs neighbors but they also prevent your noise from been heard by your neighbors. If you will prefer to get these instead, check out These Egg Foam Panels on Amazon.

Acoustic Foam Egg Panels

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How Much Does It Cost to Soundproof a Ceiling?

Well the cost of soundproofing a ceiling yourself could cost you anything between $70 to  $270. Without paying a professional. If you are doing it yourself, all you need is to purchase the soundproofing materials and do it yourself.

Depending on which of the materials I mentioned above, the cost will vary and the level of noise reduction will also vary with each soundproofing material. The highest cost that will be involved here is if you choose the mass loaded vinyl mat which costs more than $100.

The cost will also depend on the size of the ceiling. If it is a larger ceiling then the price will be higher.

Final Thoughts

All that been said on how to soundproof a bedroom ceiling, You will need to spend some money to get the peace and quietness you need in your room.

Soundproofing ceiling impact noise will demand more effort from you than if you were to be soundproofing any other part of the room.

You will need something to stand on to place the soundproofing materials on the ceiling. But if you are able to do it, then you will have the sound sleep and rest you desire.

That all been said, depending on whichever floor you find yourself, also try to be a good upstairs neighbor who doesn’t disturb someone sleeps downstairs.

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