How to Fix the Random Gurgling Noise from Your Kitchen Sink 

It can be incredibly irritating to hear your sink gurgle anytime you use it or when water goes down the drain. To make the situation worse the gurgling noise can be too loud to be heard by visitors in the living room.

The gurgling noise from your sink is not only infuriating but it is also worrisome because it is a sign that something isn’t right with your  plumbing system 

Some of the easiest and most effective ways to fix the gurgle noise issues from your sink are to; troubleshoot the Vents and main vents, flush your sink, use a plunge and remove blockages within the pipe. 

In this article, we will discuss this in detail, the causes, and a few other methods to solve the gurgle noise issue in your sink. 

Causes of Random Gurgles Kitchen Sink

Clogged Drain Pipes

In most cases, the pipe usually gets clotted with food scraps washed off from plates, oil, soap scum, and hair. These things and other waste can get stuck within the walls of the pipe.

The partly blocked drain will still allow water to run out but the air trapped by the blockage will induce the gurgling noise. It is important to know how to dispose of your garbage since they are primary agents forming clogs inside the pipes. For example, these agents may include grease, egg shells, bones, and hot oil.

Blockage of the Vent Pipe 

The drain has a vent pipe that allows sewer gas to escape outside and prevent the formation of a vacuum which may otherwise restrict the flow of water through the drain. Usually, the vent pipe sticks out of the roof and this makes it liable to getting easily blocked by leaves, bird’s nest materials, and other debris.

A Blocked Sewer Line

The sewer line is the pipe responsible for carrying all your wastewater to the municipal sewer system. Just like any other pipe, the pipe in your sewer line can also get clogged. The blockage of the sewer line will affect your entire house, so if you notice many sinks gurgling coincidentally then it’s a sign of sewer line blockage and not just a clog.

Improper Installation of Drain Pipes 

If you realize your newly installed kitchen sink makes a gurgling noise then it’s likely the drain pipe was wrongly installed. Sometimes inexperienced professionals underestimate the importance of routing the pipe, the p-trap, and hook-up of the vent pipe. Not paying attention to these things can induce noise if they are not properly installed.

Damaged P-Traps

Usually found under your kitchen sink at a lower place in the cabinet. There is a trap that prevents debris from getting into the plumbing system to cause clogs and this is known as the p-trap. However anytime the sink p-trap breaks or gets damaged, blockages can form in the drain hence creating the random gurgling noise. 

What to Do When Your Sink Gurgles and Smells 

Since your sink is one of the busiest objects in your extra cleaning keep it in good shape. Once you notice there is a partial blockage in your sink you fix it urgently before it develops into the full blockage. 

A smelling sink can be extremely annoying especially if it interferes with the freshness of your interior atmosphere. There are two common causes of sink smell; Stack up of junk food within the drain pipes and the smell from gases that escape or leak from the vent pipe.

Here are some methods to help get rid of the disgusting smell from your sink.

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Use a Bio-Enzyme Drain Cleaner 

This is a natural substance that contains enzymes that dissolve all the food particles within the drain without causing any harm to the pipes. If wondering what to use as a bio-enzyme drain cleaner, you try out the grease and drain trap cleaner.

Use Vinegar and Baking Soda

Get a half cup of baking and sprinkle it down the drain pipe. Once that is done pour a cup full of vinegar into the drain Wait for some time as the foam occurs and then clear out the drain by pouring hot water in it.

Put Lemon Slices into the Sink Disposal 

Introducing a citrus solution into the sink disposal will help restore a pleasant smell.

The Sewer Gas Smell

If there is an obstruction in the vent, you need to get a professional to help you out if you can’t handle it alone. Removing the obstruction will get rid of the leaking sewer gas and restore a pleasant smell to your house. 

How to Fix the Gurgling Noise in Your  Kitchen Sink 

Figure Out the Cause of the Problem 

There can be several reasons why your sink may make a gurgling noise. You may have heard the saying that knowing the problem is half the solution. We are going to apply the same principle here. To Fix the gurgling noise from your sink, the wisest thing to do is first to find the root cause of the noise.

Troubleshoot Your Sink Vent 

If you hear gurgling noise anytime water is drawn off your kitchen sink then it indicates the problem is from the vents. There is the possibility that there is a blockage or that the vents weren’t fixed correctly from the p-trap.

In case you are using a 1.5-inch drainage pipe, ensure your vent is fitted at 3.5 feet in the lower part of the trap. Doing this will help do away with the vacuum inside the vents, hence stopping the gurgling noise.

On the other hand, if your drain uses a valve instead of a vent to admit air, you need to check out if it got stuck. The valve is usually below or at the back of the sink.

Remove Blockages Inside the Drainage Pipes

Obstructions inside the pipe can induce gurgling noise, as a result of the drainage pipes not receiving enough air. The best way to mitigate this problem is to clean up the p-trap. To do this first you need to disassemble the p-trap. Place a bucket under it.

Then use a plier to remove the nuts connecting the p-trap to the tailpiece of the sink and the adjacent wall fittings.

Finally, take away the p-trap but if the nuts move rapidly apart when you try to move then you need to replace the trap. Use a straightened wire coat hanger to clean inside the p-trap and remove the debris. Make sure both the inside and outside of the p-trappers are spotless, then reassemble it

Check Out for External Waste in Your Sink Vent

Vents that extend to the outside of your house tend to help in the accumulation of external waste matter from bird nest materials and leaves. With time the waste will finally cascade down the vents and wind up being stacked up in the jointing points. Clearing out the vents will help remedy the gurgling noise. You can do this by simply flushing water through the vents opening.

Draining the vents may demand a considerable amount of water pressure to get rid of the garbage stacked within the vent. You can get a plumbing auger to help handle the problem easily. Use the auger to push inside the drains as deep as you until you can feel the obstruction. The plumbing auger will help you pull out the debris and create space in the vents and thus stopping the gurgling noise. 

Flush Your Sink 

Sometimes the solution can be very obvious. To fix the gurgling noise from your sink all you need to do is simply give your sink a real flush. This will ensure most of the debris in the plumbing system goes into the main sewer pipe. Allow the water to run overly for some minutes to get rid of the blockage entirely. The enormous pressure from the water will push out the waste from the drainage pipes into the sewer pipe.

Trouble-Shoot the Main Vent 

Anytime, the central vent is blocked, draining your bathtub or flushing your toilet can induce gurgling noise in the kitchen sink. When this occurs you need to clean the vent until the vacuum is capable of draining the trap.

Another way to clear out the vent is you need to begin from the roof as it is usually fitted above the bathroom. You can either spray water in the vent opening to clear out the blockage or use an auger long enough to push the obstruction into the sewer.

Use a Plunge

You can also plunge to have a blockage issue in your sink. Use a longer plunger to suck out the pipe and relax the plunger to allow the same back in. The plunger will help unclog the obstruction and get rid of the gurgling noise. 

Remove the U-bend and Clean the Pipe

One way to remove blockages from your pipe is to take out the u-bend and get rid of e  debris. This is what you will need to get going:

  • A wire  coat hanger  
  • A plumbers tape
  • A bucket 

First, put a bucket under the u-bend while you unscrew the pipe.

Unloosen the ends of the u-bend while you collect the water from the impending water in the bucket. Next, use the wire to clean inside the pipe. Then use warm water to push down the debris. Once you’re done with clean- up exercise ensure to reinstall the U-bend and make it watertight using the plumber’s tape.


A gurgling sink is a common problem among many households today. But luckily enough we put together some of the best and simplest methods to help you fix the gurgling noise in your sink. Read the article clearly and stick to the procedures to achieve better results. In case you try all the procedures and the noise hasn’t stopped, call up a professional for a quick fix.

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