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Soundproof Blinds:Best Noise Reduction Acoustic Blinds

If you are trying to reduce noise coming in through the window, then hanging soundproof blinds is one of the great ways to reduce noise through windows. But you have to also know that if you are dealing with serious noise issues acoustic blinds are not going to 100% soundproof all your window noise. This guide will show you...

How to Soundproof Windows

How to Soundproof Windows-12 DIY Cheap Methods

Perfectly positioned windows in a room can be the best inlet of fresh air into the room. On the other hand, room windows in a noisy environment can be one of your greatest nightmares if you don’t look for solutions as to how to soundproof windows fast. When we bought our new home, everyone was super excited because now...

How to Soundproof a Window in An Apartment

How to Soundproof a Window in An Apartment- 5 Best Ways

Apartment windows are the most vulnerable to noise entering your apartment. If it is not the neighbor having a party or arguing with his wife, then it is the other neighbor driving in or out of the building. Or even the highway close by or your train station. Either way, all these produce unwanted noise. You find it difficult...